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Being naughty in nylons...
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When I was a boy this pin-up hung in my family's basement. I'd go down there and stare at it and really get turned on. I thought how sexy it would be for me to be her! Yes, an All American boy from Chicago getting all giddy over being a cute young lady in distress...well, no, that's not quite right. I wanted to be dressed like her in sheer nylon stockings, high heels, a naughty garter belt, and of course,delicious white nylon pantie with oodles of lace! And,of course, a pure white sun dress that was just flirty enough for a summer breeze to lift just enough to sow a flash of pantie to the boys.

i knew how wonderful nylons and panties felt, having "borrowed" my little sister's on occasions, as well as mom's lingerie. But there's more...a boy named Jimmy. I had a crush on him and I thought that maybe he'd...you now, like me too if I were "all girl" and sexy and feminine, and especially if I were weak and helpless, a silly little girl who got catsup on her pretty dress. 

"Oh, Jimmy, I'm so silly. Look what I did!!" innocently holding my skirt and showing off my legs and more than a hint of girlish pantie. Jimmy and I were in the same school, i am ashamed to admit it but sometimes i picked on Jimmy. nothing too bad, but you know how boys tease girls they like? Well,, I would tease Jimmy, calling him a "baby" and a pantie waist. Little did he know that I was the "pantie waist" and (whisper) sometime "very little" girl. How little? Well,that's a story for another time, I guess...but maybe you already know all about that?
But I wanted to be his girlfriend...in big girl panties and nylons (blush).  So I looked at the pin-up and dreamed: "Jimmy, I'm such a silly goose, can you help me clean my pretty dress?"  I'd blush and have a tear in my eye and he'd comfort me and tell me i was pretty and everything would be fine. Today I'm not John, I'm Robyn-Anne.

"If you'd kiss me Jimmy, I'd feel a lot better." And he's give me a passionate kiss and I'd feel my tinkie tent my pantie. And he'd lay me down and gently hike my skit up to my waist. "My pretty little sissy is excited! Look at you! You made a tiny tent in your pantie!'" And the boy I bullied touched me and made me wiggle and squirm. "Shall I tell everyone what a silly little fairy girl you really are? Shall I tell about your secret little girl dreams? 

Jimmy would make me confess all...panties, my crush on him, and that business about the "baby girl sissy."

 Thoughts? Should Robyn-Anne share his confessions with everyone here?

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I wish we could rub our panty tents together! Teehee I love the story! 
@ Little_Noelle
  We'd have to change each other's wet panties, then the baby powder, and another panty or diaper! Would it look too silly to wear a diaper with nylon stockings and high heels?
@ Robyn
  ummmmmm no!! If we keep having accidents, it doesn't matter what we wear because it will always have diapers underneath! Teehee! But don't worry I'll powder and change that little bottom of yours after all the accidents! As long as you change mine.... 
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