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How to force an accident!

Is your baby too stubborn or shy to use their diapers? Lucky for you, there’s a couple tricks that you can use to get them in the habit of having accidents!

-Put locks on all the bathrooms in the house so that they can’t get in. If they’re playing along in headspace you can get the childproof covers for the knobs and put their hands in mittens so that they can’t grip the handles.

-Mandatory bottle feedings are a good way to load a little up with future tinkles, a pint of water every hour in your lap gives you time to bond with your little one, and eventually it’ll be too much for them to handle holding it in!

-Diuretics, like coffee or tea, are great beverages to feed a little too, and are low calorie like water so no need to worry about the harms of over indulging calories from liquids.

-Some littles are very ticklish, so if you’re feeling extra devious, tie your little to the changing table and then tickle them until they have an accident. Then they’re already on the table and you can praise them for being a good baby while you change their diaper!

-In fact, you can tie a little down just about anywhere until they have an accident, they can’t hold it forever! Be sure to always stay in the same room as them though, you can’t leave them unsupervised! You can use a pacifier gag to keep them docile if they complain too much.

-Punishments can work too if that’s what your little responds best to! A bare bottom spanking every hour they don’t have an accident, or making them write an extra 50 lines of “I am a baby and babies make pee pees and poo poos in their diapies” for every diaper check that comes out clean is motivation to wet sooner rather than later.

-Praise them with rewards too! Tell them if they have an accident in the next 30 minutes that they can have ice cream, or watch a movie that they love, or can have an orgasm during their diaper change.

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lil sissie's Mummy
These are all great ideas 
Baby Puss
And if all else fails, a diaper can always be loaded artificially, by pouring water, (or other liquids) into the diaper while being worn. This would also go, with extra punishments for holding back.
I love the Disney Princess pull ups.  Unfortunately i can't fit into them. I have made my own in the past.  I should make some more and wet them of course
Baby Butch
All of these are good ways to "force an accident". I bet you experienced many of them! LOL
@ Baby Butch
  So embarrassing, especially when the burp me and I'm a lil gassy baby.
lovely ideas and great pictures. 
Some very good ideas there I like the last one the best most sissy babies like having there little stifies played with. I personal have no problem wetting my nappies in fact i enjoy it.  
Adult Babies
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