PG 13 Sissy's First Day (Starring Candice Michelle)
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Andy was a bad boy. He always got thrown out of school. He ha just got kicked out school for the 5th time. His mother was fed up. She decided that he was too much of a misfit to learn how to behave as a boy. So she decided to send him to an all girl school. Andy's face was filled with excitement when he heard the news.

Andy: Oh yeah, I can pick any girl I want to go out with and im there only option. This is going to be sweet.

Mother: Oh I wouldent be too excited if I was you. Yes, you are going to an all girl school, but you are going there to learn how to be a proper lady, you are no longer going to be a boy!

Andy: Whaaat?! You cant do this to me thats too far

Mother: Its too late, you've had your chance, the bus will take you there any minute, its a boarding school too, and I've already packed your suitcase.

Andy: D:

At that moment, Andy's mother literally kicked him out the door, and locked it behind him. Soon the bus came, and too large women grabbed him and threw him on the bus. He was soon at his new school where he met the head mistress.

Head MIstress: How funny ladies, a boy wants to be a girl. Lucky for you, you get to have an extra 45 minutes of masculintiy, cause you have gym. Put on your gym uniform you little bitch. Welcome to your new life missy. Now get to it!!

Andy started becoming weaker in class. Once an all star player, he began to shoot like a girl, airballing most of his shots. He met a girl named Candice who was absolutely stunning. She was so beautiful, Andy thought of her as a typical girly girl. He was embarrassed by her on the court, she shut him out 11-0. At the end of the period, the girls went to change back in their schoolgirl outfits, a fresh uniform was waitng for Andy. As he was putting it on, Candice approached him. His woody was extremely stiff:

Soon Candice helped Andy make the transition from blue to pink, and Andy soon became Emily. Candice even adopted him as her baby sissy sister and renamed him Emily Michelle. Soon he become more of a woman, and they even fund matchin g prom dates. and they lived happily ever after.

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Please continue the story


Thanks, you won't believe this but I'm trying to get Candice MIichelle to look at this via twitter. If I get SK to tweet this to her we may succeed :)
This is a very nice story. Please continue.

- Sissy Desiree
- Sissy Desiree

i love the captions
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