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Hello fellow sissies, I am a long time lurker and very shy sissy. Some time ago I was strolling thru the internet with my fingers on my clitty and looking for some new material to get myself off to, and I got an exciting idea, to look for some sissy video games. But... the results were very dissapointing, just some interactive stories with the abillity to choose a few paragraphs of text my character says, sometimes with pictures :/. But luckily this sissy knows hot to make her own video games! So I started working on a secret project of mine, an interactive sissy school game for myself. So recently I thought why not share it with other sissies and finaly give back to the people that helped me enjoy myself sooo much over the years. So I want to know if the rest of you sissies would be excited about something like that as much as it excites me. If enough of you show interest I will show you some work in progress let you in on some more details and eventually make the game available to all of you for free! .

I attached a very much work in progress screenshot of the gym class with a nice caption for you :). just to give you a general idea
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I hate it, video games are for boys!
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I love it a game for sissies sounds great keep up the great work, now if someone could work on a game for sissy furries to that make my life
Sounds like it would be fun it would be great if you could included something about sissy babies 
Sarah Marina
You have my support!

If you were referring to the "Peach Princess X-Change" video game series, I understand your disappointment. It was kinda the best of "not that great." I think the problem with video games for sissies is that "girls" want to "experience" things, and they don't care if they win or lose a game as long as they end up being a girl forever - LOL.

That said, I do believe that VR has the best promise of capturing the attention of part-time girls like myself. Anyhow, I have programming and 3D modeling skills, so PM/Friend me if you are serious. I can't commit to any fixed amount of effort, but would love to offer whatever I can to the cause.

Well let's see where this goes first,before giving any ratings. 
what kind of game would it be and what would be in it? 
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