Please help me decide! Even more!
I'm getting a new dress, but I can't decide which one!
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Simply enough, I'm getting a new dress. The problem is, I can't decide which dress I want!

The first is the Prissy Sissy Gemima dress, although if I get it I'll order her pink with white lace:

The second is the Mimi Satin Sissy Dress:

The main problem comes from the fact I want dress which won't be ruined by the my belly, which I have, while not a huge fat stomach, enough to make it...less nice, I suppose. And the Prissy petticoat that comes with Gemima is a type I really want, with over the shoulder straps.

But the Mimi Satin Sissy Dress is so cute, not to mention cheaper. And I've liked to have skirts which swish about closer to my legs!

Now that I've got so much help, here's something else I might ask your help on. I can't decide between these two bonnets.

The first is the "Extreme Prissy Bonnet", which is so lovely and I like it, but it doesn't seem to have the complete "framing" of the face that I want, surrounding every side with frills/lace and girlish sissyness! I'd get it pink, of course!

The second, the Meekie Baby Bonnet does provide the wonderful all around, hugging shape and framing, not to mention being so frilly and girly! It is also easier to wear without making my head really big!

With all this, I'll also be getting a Pink Satin Sailor Suit from Cosy n' Dry:

As well as both Little Love Panties and Elena Sissy Panties :

...oh, another thing to ask! I just love hearing what you all think, its so interesting.

I'm going to get a pair of Naughty Satin Panties, but I can't decide on which saying I want written. Its a bit dirty, so if you don't want to see it skip this last part. Either "I LOVE SUCKING COCKS", "SISSY WHORE", "CUM DUMP" or "DADDIES GIRL" They're all so dirty and oohh! I don't know which one I want more!
The only saying they have pictured:

So, I just can't decide! What do you think? I just love to hear it 
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I would deffinently tak the prissy dress the high waist and fluffy fullness is just to cute to pass on
Hugs and kisses from everybody's Sissy Larissa

i think the Gemima dress is perfect for a sissy baby. the high waist line is very babygirlish and the shorter hemline is much more appropriate for showing off pretty plastic diaper covers, particularly if they are frilly! And your stomach certainly won't show! xx

my dresses on my profile all have high waistlines.
Yessy, the first dress with the high waist is just lovely! 
~ Items ~

I vote for the second one.  
If you are taking a poll I think the first is the cutest! That stitching at the top just reminds me a dress a little friend would wear :)

Do tell us your choice
Wow, thanks for all the great opinions! I'm certainly leaning towards the first dress, but I won't be able to get it for a bit, should have the money in a week or two (I won a prize of money!). But please, keep telling me what you think. Its great to hear what you all think.

In fact, I'll add another pair of things I'm trying to decide between!
ALL the clothes look lovely but I like the second dress and the first pair panties. The little bells on the Little Love Pantie are adorable. Be sure to let us know what your get.
"The Flowers of Friendship "
By Jennifer Funshine

~ Written For Amanda ~

A gentle butterfly flutters by her window
The subtle breeze kisses her cheek tenderly
Only Heaven can hear the words she whispers
Only angels have seen the color of her dreams

There's a special memory kept within a locket
Next to the ivory music chest upon her dresser
When that ballerina dances, Amanda remembers
How those dreams gave her the strength to be free

And believe...
In the flowers of friendship
Camellia, jasmine and daisy chains
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The garden of her soul grows even more vibrantly

Rain like tears of joy descend upon supple twilight
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Amanda lovingly tends to her garden, full of happiness

So full of happiness...
In the flowers of friendship
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With Much Love
The last outfit is so naughty.  
what did you end up getting hun anc can we get a compleet outfit picture of you in ti to be jeloux at
Hugs and kisses from everybody's Sissy Larissa

Oooh I plan on getting myself the Mimi dress when I get a few paychecks in. If I were you I would go with the second bonnet, it seems much easier to wear and goes along with more outfits when you get more in the future
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