R I am looking for my sissy slave!
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  I am a Beautiful, Sensual Mistress whom is cruel and most dominant. I hold many skills learnt from some great names in the Mistress World. I am also a Lifestyle Mistress with many years life experience from a nursing and modelling background until now! Yes I know what a combination!  As an independent British well spoken cut English accent. I the sensual Mistress will seduce you with my fine art of seduction. Sensual Mistresses like me should come with a warning!

I am currently looking for submissive men, sissies .I am your Mistress, Strict Mistress and you will walk through fire to please me. I derive extreme pleasure from pushing limits and believe that the greatest gift a woman possesses is femininity.

I love the feel of old fashioned stockings and suspenders under my proper outer as i love to feel sexy whilst dealing out my style of punishment and humiliation. my play area is my space and my passion is for domestic servitude and humiliation. i love to use everyday objects to inflict pain and humiliation. it goes into your mind- you will be
You will treat me with nothing but respect. You will show me much gratitude for allowing you the opportunity to worship me

If you are interested just contact me on my email mistressjess08@gmail.com , or better leave your email add so i'm the one will contact you on there. 
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dear supremejess08,,,, I am a male of 68 year old and I wear diapers to bed at night  and sometime I wear diapers in the day time and so if you are willing to diapered me up and baby me or bandaged me up tight so I can't move at all,,,, YES,,,, to it,,, IF NOT,,,, sorry I bug you   why you have to be cruel to sissy male and some sissy are looking for nice mistress and why all mistress have to be cruel,,,, WHY,,,, ,,,,  PS,,, no email only on sissykiss  private messages only thank you 
well she must be shy you all and maybe she chicken to post back  
yours to command 
 Dear mistress.
Have you found your sissy slave.
If not, I will be happy to serve you.

Yours faithfully, gajm3si@gmail.com   
@ sissy7doll
  hi there! I'm loverElla
Can you be my Sissy slave?
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