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for one ...I dress like a baby girl....I have no clue how to get friends on this site ...anyone wanna help this baby girl out? 
Keli1980 is a baby girl to the right girl
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I have heard and seen bearded ladies -
but a bearded baby girl - now that is
one for the books er photo album !

OR maybe it is bearded baby girls will
flock together. I don't know.

Any event welcome to the Pretty PINK
forum with your name on/in it ! 
 aw ryte.  Its obvious this baby needs help. N for all you   out there cryin about poor lil Keli have a beard, I am sure most of you struggle with facial hair and if you say you do not, your fibbin. So dont be pickin on her and listen up this will help you too.
Lets start with the wig... toss it. it is matted and aint worth keepin beside the color is all wrong for you. Adult Baby girls come in all shapes colors and sizes, lets get you prettied up so the next pictures you use will look marvelous.

Here is how to get rid of facial hair forever.        
and here is my pinterest page that will show you and everyone here how to do makeups, hairstyles, jeepers even how to sew your own things, along with other interest for baby and living Dolls.

go there, read the saves, there is a wealth of information that will make you pretty.
Melisa Moore
 Dollie Sissy..... M.M.PRODUCTIONS
@ dolliesissy
  Unfortunately I not have pinterest and it says I need to sign up if I want to read the info. Would you be willing to message me with it please? Super please, I so hate facial hair, even bodily hair, want to get rid of it and the hair on my head. Sad to say it got in too much of a mess, the only way to save it was to cut it short, and I'm also riddled with the worst dandruff ever, that I may as well go bald and wear a wig, never having to get depressed about bad hair etc. Everything I said is true, I swear.
Baby Butch
Become more active with posts and comments. You meet more people that way and start to make friends. I had no idea what to do when I joined. I soon began to make friends by posting cappies and making lots of Replies on other peoples posts..
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