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Cute Lolita Dresses
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Hello everyone. As many of you know little girls always have the cutest dresses but they don't come in adult sizes. Or do they? Thanks to the section of the anime fandom known as Lolita I have found a site that sells cute little girl style dresses in adult sizes at fair prices!

Here's an example of they kinds of dresses they sell:

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Baby Butch
Nice find with many cute dresses available. I guess the prices are good for these type of dresses. I like the pink and blue one at the top right.

I have seen baby dresses that cost a lot more. Some are fairly cheap on EBay if they are good quality.
Dear Baby Butch:

Those dresses are to-die-for, but the problem is they won't fit most sissies.  *sigh*
Baby Butch
I understand what you mean and have been on a diet for 6 months. Plus it is hard to buy on the internet and end up with something of quality. I fall in between diaper size medium and large. Medium fit better now!
I'd be careful buying anything from I've read all sorts of horror stories about dresses that literally fall apart first time they're put on or that are completely different to the pictures but apparently the correct item.
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