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Last updated on February 8th 2017 ~ This feminization guide is always being updated as soon as I find new helpful information to help transgender girls, and sissy girls feminize themselves. Check out The Update Logs page to see what new updates were added!

Hi! I'm Christie Love, whose a transsexual girl, and sissy who loves studying beauty, and is experienced in transitioning. I'm happy to share everything I learn here to help you on your feminization journey! If you know of any tips you think would improve this guide feel free to let me know with Sissy Kiss's contact page.

Also remember if you have any question at all about feminizing yourself, anywhere from makeup, to surgery, Google Is Your Fairy Godmother giving you all the details you need to know girl. It's very helpful because you have a world of information at your finger tips. Think of what the best keywords would be to search with, and even see what people in forums you find are saying about it. It's also important to make sure the information you see is credible.

Transsexual Feminizing

Do you love being a girl so much you want to be one 24/7? There are many permanent routes you can go to make your dreams come true. To be the pretty girl you feel you are on the inside. No matter how you look, they can make you into a beautiful girl. It will take dedication, passion and setting your mind to it. Just to let you know there are many variations you can be too like some people just take hormones without the surgery to be shemales but if you want to go all the way there is sex reassignment surgery. (SRS) There are many other procedures as well, breast augmentation, facial feminization surgery, adams apple removal, hip or butt implants, voice training, diets for losing muscles and body fat and many more. I think instead of me explaining all of them its best to show you these websites that already have an amazing amount of information on it:

*The TS Roadmap*
*Transgender Care*
*Reneer Eyes*
*Slimmimg Weight & Muscles*
*Diane's Weight Control Tips*