Hi! I'm Christie Luv! I'm a transsexual girl, and sissy who loves studying beauty, and is experienced in transitioning. I'm happy to share everything I learn here to help you on your feminization journey! If you know of any tips you think would improve this guide feel free to let me know with Sissy Kiss's contact page.

  Also remember if you have any question at all about feminizing yourself, anywhere from makeup, to surgery, Google Is Your Fairy Godmother giving you all the details you need to know girl. It's very helpful because you have a world of information at your finger tips. Think of what the best keywords would be to search with, and even see what people in forums you find are saying about it. It's also important to make sure the information you see is credible.

Movement & Presentation

Ever look at your favorite girly celeb and wish you could move and present yourself as lovely, sexy and gracefully as they do? With these tips you will have you moving like the sensual seductress you would like to be!

First things first, check out your fave celebs or any girly girl you like and examine how they move and present themselves. Many gestures you might find are keeping the pinkie up, playfully twirling with a strand of hair, lightly touching and caressing anything you pick up, giggling while talking, lightly bouncing with delight anytime they get excited or start pouting, being very happy and polite mostly everyone they see. One thing you might notice is they tend to be more flowy and fluid. Girls do tend to move differently than guys in some ways do to their biology. Womens legs tend to be longer and they have a wider pelvis along with more body fat being stored in the hips as well. Which causes much flared out forearm movement, curves and swaying the hips. Woman tend to have more body fat and their joints are more flexible which causes the flowy movement. Hormone replacement therapy definitely helps to get these characteristics but all of this type of movement can be done by TGirls who choose not to have HRT also if they set their minds to it and with enough practice.

One thing that is important to distinguish is that we don't want to make your body move in this way, we want to let your body move in this way. You want think of yourself as someone who moves in this way and to study these characteristics so much that it becomes your natural movements just like it is with many women.

Let start with swaying the hips. Its a wonderful way to show off your fabulous tushie. A tip you can do is while you are walking is to imagine a line in front of you and put one foot in front of the other on that line. Now if you feel your hips swaying more while you are doing that, thats perfect. Go with the flow of your hips swaying, slightly lifting your thighs. Try to not make any steps any longer than foot length. The more flexibility and smoothness you can show in your sway while looking natural at the same time, the more attractive it looks.

To have a sexy feminine posture you can practice by putting your back up against the wall, have your head and back bones perfectly aligned and straight up against the wall. Bring your shoulders back up against the wall and relax them. Now practice keeping this position by slowly walking away from the wall. To make it more sexy you can also arch your back like a big ball is pressing against your back. Don't rest your weight on your hips, stretch the torso forward from your bottom and bring in the stomach. It makes moving your hips more flexible as well. When bending over or moving keep the back straight and arched. Just think of the wall or a straight line with your back arched to it. In any position keep your head straight as much as you can like its hanging from a string that is straight up from the ceiling.

Since women have beautiful curves their arms and hands gestures are ones that flare out, their arms are usually bent above the waist or rest in that position. Other gestures are keeping a wrist limp or a wrist with the hand palms up, making small fluttery gestures. Keep your arms loose and flowy when you walk. Hold your elbows close to your waist.

What to do about broad shoulders? Shoulders look more feminine when they are back and up straight rather than forward and slouching. It makes them less broad too. You can have a beautiful hourglass figure by evening it out with just as wide and curvy hips. Bigger breasts also even out broad shoulders. Corsets also even them out also by giving a curvy waist. Rather than how Hollywood would like us to think. Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, no matter what shape you have, there is a non TG girl with your exact shape. You can look feminine and like a non TG girl no matter what shape your body has.

To sit down like a lovely girly girl, walk up to the seat bend by resting your weight on your lower legs thighs. Then lightly and gracefully sit on the seat. Remember not to plop down on it. The more rested and relaxed your hands look the better. You can cross your legs by your knees or ankles and even moving them to the side looks very demure. Remember to always keep your legs together when you are sitting or standing.

The eyes are the most expressive part of the body and the windows to the soul. Women know it too because they tend express things a lot more with the eyes rather than the facial muscles. When women chat with someone they look right at them and connect by looking into their eyes. If this makes you feel uncomfortable at first you can try looking near the eyes, like for instance in between their eyebrows. It will give the illusion you are looking right at them and help you feel comfortable. There is nothing to feel uncomfortable about. Its a wonderful way to feel connected with someone. When smiling you should smile with the eyes as well, with your cheeks moving upwards and outwards lifting your bottom eyelids up. When greeting someone your eyes should always say I'm happy to see you. Even when you look at something it should be the eyes first that move and then the face.

In contrast with men having the extremely stiff neck and head, women tend to lightly sway or bob their heads with the chin swaying out along with their other body movements but not in an exaggerated, aggressive or jerky motion. Its more in a graceful swaying motion.

Women do smile more than men and its an important part of femininity. You look more lovely, cute and pretty when you smile. despite myths you don't get wrinkles by smiling. You also enjoy life more when you smile more and its contagious. After all smiling too much is better than smiling too little. Women even use it to say hi. Tips on smiling feminine are:

Don't smile with just your mouth. Your whole face can smile, with your eyes, eyebrows and cheeks. Smile with the corners of the mouth upturned. When opening your mouth and smiling think of the bottom half a circle.

Try out looking at yourself in the mirror to get that pretty smile.