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One sissies account of living in a dress
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 Life has it's ups and downs. Over the years, we've met loads of people, good & bad. My wife and I are open and honest yet reserved enough to realize sharing my being a total sissy is not always an easy proposition. My wife was approached by one of our neighbors and she invited her next door to her apartment for coffee. The conversation slowly turned to her revelation that she was dressing a neighbor in women's clothes and he was paying her for this service.  All the details of those encounters were being told to my wife and my wife was totally uneasy and upset that the confidence of this secret dressing was being shared. A confidence was being broken here and my wife didn't like it. Weeks had passed and my wife was still upset over our neighbors big mouth. In both of our minds she was a neighbor to watch closely. My wife was out shopping a few weeks later and I remember I was at home dressed in a beautiful pink chiffon over satin dress, nylons and heels. As luck would have it, there was a knock at the door and I saw the same neighbor that we were steering clear of through the peep hole. My wife found out later that she came over to borrow a cup of sugar. Not thinking, I had left one of the blinds open to look outside earlier and she saw me in my dress, nylons & heels. When my wife came home I told her what had happened. She said,"Oh no! Of all people to see you dressed! It wasn't that long after this and the phone rang, it was the neighbor. She told my wife "I saw your husband in the window, he looked pretty in his dress". She invited herself over for coffee telling my wife, "We have to talk"! My wife tried to avoid this meeting realizing this woman had no problem telling everyone I was a sissy. She asked me what to do. I said she already saw me so, let her come over and maybe we can explain things and have her keep quiet about this. She saw me already so you can't ignore her, can you? Ding dong went the door bell and my wife and I were nervous. Swallowing our fears, my wife opened the door and greeted her ushering her into the hallway where I was standing fully dressed. She looked me up & down and told me that I looked beautiful. She held the fabric of my dress in her hand and rubbed the chiffon and satin together between her fingers. She said "You know that I dress Tom our other neighbor in women's clothes and he pays me to do it, but I don't have any clothes that look like yours. Very nice outfit! Is that pantyhose? Those legs look too shiny to be pantyhose. Tom would cream in his panties if he saw what you are wearing". Without skipping a beat, she whipped out her phone took my picture and was calling someone on the phone. "Hello Tom? This is Shirley sweetie, you have to come over to Apartment 9F, I have something pretty to show you". OK then, we're waiting on you!" My wife's mouth dropped open as we both wondered what just happened? Ding Dong. Shirley ran to the door letting Tom inside. He looked rather small frail and feminine. He said "Oh my God, that dress is beautiful!" He had his palms on his cheeks wide eyed like a kid on Christmas morning. "I love the nylons & the shoes too!" Tom continued. Shirley invited Tom to sit next to me so you girls can get to know each other. Both Shirley and Tom gaped as my wife explained that I dress this way all the time. You know about me, I said so you might as well get a tour of my closet. We all walked to my bedroom which is pink with feminine touches everywhere. Ruffles and lace everywhere you looked. Shirley and Tom were astounded. The comments were pouring out of them, "It's so girly, so feminine". Opening my closet they saw a collection of beautiful soft girly dresses. slips petticoats, high heel shoes, wigs, drawers loaded with bras & panties, stacks of diapers and vinyl baby panties in every color and description. The first question was "And you wear diapers too?". I said, "Oh yes, cloth diapers in fact with pins & rubber pants". Tom said meekly, "Can I see what you're wearing under your dress?". Blushing, I said, " I guess so", and with that Shirley & my wife raised the hem up exposing my stocking tops, garters, pink lacy vinyl panties over my thick diaper and my garter belt. Tom gasped and said, "I would give anything to wear what you are wearing. Your nylons look so shiny & silky". I was thinking the outfit I was wearing was expensive and because of his size none of my clothes would fit him, thank God. The girls went back to the dining room saying, "We'll leave you girls alone here in the closet". Tom examined each dress & delicate item of lingerie. Opening another drawer he found nylons. He said these are so sexy as lifted one in the air running it along the top of his other hand. "The only thing I ever wear is pantyhose", Tom continued. "They are so scratchy, not smooth and silky like your stockings". I had to agree, pantyhose was never a favorite of mine. Walking back to the dining room table I could hear my wife having a heated discussion about our right to privacy. Looking at Tom, my wife asked, "Do you know that she told me she dresses you like a woman and you pay her to do it?" He turned red and looked shocked saying to Shirley, "You did that?" Shirley told Tom. "Yes I did that, you're a sissy, you shouldn't expect not to be made fun of!" My wife stood up and told Shirley, "Get out! Get out, now!" Shirley left. My wife looked at the two of us and said "Well the whole neighborhood knows you two are sissies now". I looked at Tom and said "Good! I made a friend and he's welcome to get dressed up with me anytime". Tom was smiling ear to ear. We now visit each other twice a week. My picture was plastered all over the internet. Venturing outside in a dress and heels, my wife is seen following behind with my diaper bag. When our friends heard the story, they showed their support by coming over to visit and telling off the name callers. We're doing what we love no matter what they say!
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