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A story of a boy slowly turned into a girl
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 It all started a few years ago:
At a friend's party I had met this blond bombshell. Perfect skin, blue eyes, long blonde hair and even longer legs. I never thought I had a chance but we hit it off straight away. 3 weeks later we were going out. Our first few months together my work got in the way but i had decided to change job to freelance so now I had loads of time on my hands. I would spend most nights of the week now at her apartment it was all white walls and pink furniture, she was alot richer than me.

About 6 months in and the feminisation started, I had brought some clothes with me for the next day and to sleep in. We stayed up till​ midnight watching movies and i decided to have a shower before bed. After the shower i came in to grab my PJs but they were not in my bad, nor anywhere. I was sure I had brought them but no I must have forgotten them. I asked her if she had anything because I hate sleeping naked, luckily she said yes and ran off to her walk in wardrobe to grab it. She comes back with little baby pink shorts, I laughed at her and said "funny what else do you have" she replies " this is it everything else is in the wash, you will look sweet baby don't worry I won't tell". I gave in and grabbed them. They were very soft on my penis almost silk. I got into bed and my penis was already rising, it felt so nice. She noticed and said " you seem to like my shorts then, you can have them when ever" I replied " sure thing they feel so soft I wouldn't mind" she kissed me and stroked me. She pushed me gently down and kissed my neck while holding my hands down.... I was in for a good night.

Over the next month this happened a few times till I stopped bringing PJs at all. If i wore them she gave me blowjobs like I had never had before. One of the evenings i was in the pink shorts and a baby blue baggy jumper when she decided to sort out her make up and things while we watched some film. She started to pluck her eyebrows and after 10mins of plucking I felt a soft hand creep up my leg and into the shorts. "Baby can I please do your eyebrows... I will just neaten them for you". She looked at me with puppy dog eyes so i said " yes but only because it's you". She got her pink tweezers and sat cross legged next to me on the sofa. " Turn around" she commanded as I spun around to face her. She put one hand on my forehead and plucked with the other. It was very painful and felt like it would never end. 30mins later she was finished. " There you go my perfect little one" she said, i looked in the mirror what met my eyes was 2 thin arched eyebrows over my eyes.... " What they couldn't be more girly if you tried" i said " no no they are really nice trust me they look great" she said as her hand moved over my inner thigh and her lips kissed my neck. I let myself get distracted and gave into her.
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Wow soooo perfect.I would eargerly take on the role of the submissive NEW girl!!!!  
 enjoyed this story very  much. Would be wonderful to find such a room  mate. 
 Wonderful story. So creative and sexy. Luved it
OMG I hope there's more!!!  
love this this story lots 
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