All XXX Sissy Girl Forever, pt 2 &3
Somehow this posted a couple days ago to part 1 with no notification. This continues where that left off, as our girl gives up more of her old male personna and falls deeper under his Mistress' spell.
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Sissy Girl Forever Part two.

No going back now.

Mistress was going to be certain that there would be no turning back for
me. Over the next few weeks she made certain that I used my hormone cream
daily. No my breasts haven't started to grow yet but I could notice some
slow down in hair growth. My male wardrobe seemed to be dwindling, with
more camis, blouses, soft pullovers and ladies pants taking their  place.
Of course I have only had pretty panties and tight girdles for underwear
for many years already.

Mistress had treated me to a mani and pedi and my nails looked so lovely
and long. I guess this was a bit more of her stepping up the game. My co-
workers, at least the women, loved it when I came in with gel extended
nails polished a pretty sparkling pink. They all wanted to know where I
got them done so nice and we chatted about nails throughout our coffee
break. Looks like I was just another of the office girls now.

I called Mistress that evening and told her about how my co-workers
thought they were so pretty and how they made my hands look more slender
and feminine. She told me I seemed to be enjoying the attention and my
more fem look. That kind of caught me off guard a bit. I guess I was
becoming more comfortable. "Just wait till you start wearing bright red
lipstick every day. What will they think of you then?" she asked. I told
her I thought maybe that would be too much for work. She kinda laughed
and said, "Maybe, but I bet you will be begging for it soon. Come over
after work Friday, we have plans."

The rest of the work week went well. The women seemed more accepting of
me at work even inviting me to have lunch with them twice. But I did
notice them asking me to do things for them more. Simple things. Like
asking me to bring them a cup of coffee if they saw me heading to the
break room. Or doing come copies for them if I was heading to our office
copy center. I didn't think much of it at first, but maybe they are
trying to subtly reinforce the idea that my position should be beneath
them, although we all do the same planning work for the company.

My biggest problem all week was wondering what Mistress had planned for
the weekend. My sissy cock strained in it's cage every night in
anticipation. I headed for her home after work Friday, stopping to pick
up some flowers and fine wine. After a nice dinner and most of the wine,
Mistress told me to put on the outfit she had selected for me. It was
hanging in her bathroom and she would help with my makeup.

A found a purple brocade under-bust corset, black panty girdle, thigh
high stockings, a lacy black bra, and a deep red sheath dress and and red
heels. I snugged the corset up to a point that would please Mistress
Andrea and finished dressing. The dress hugged my frame and ended just
above my knees. Mistress came in and while doing my makeup told me we
were going to a club she knew of to chill out and dance a bit and see
what develops.

Ok I was intrigued. I wonder what she means by develop? She handed me a
purse for my id and stuff and we headed to town. We ended up at a well
known gay bar with a large dance floor and great drinks. Finding a table
Mistress ordered us Cosmos and we relaxed a bit and enjoyed some people
watching. We danced to a few tunes and ordered more drinks. When I
noticed a hot young guy approached our table I figures he wanted to ask
Mistress to dance. I mean she looked stunning in her soft leather pants
and top. How could anyone not want to be with her. I was shocked when he
asked me to dance and as I glanced at Mistress as she told the young man,
"Brenda would love to dance with you!"

The first song was a quick paced disco number and I didn't have a problem
with the heels or anything. But then the music changed to a slow ballad
and Drew grabbed my hand and pulled me close. We danced through the
number and I tried to play the feminine role properly, but I wasn't used
to dancing backwards in heels. I could feel him getting hard as he held
me close and i was actually trying to get hard in my cage as he did. I
was glad when the song ended and he walked me back to the table. I
thanked him for the dances as I am sure Mistress would have wanted me to
do that like a proper girl. I also introduced Drew to Miss Andrea.

Mistress excused us saying we had to freshen our makeup. As she got up
from the table I noticed she whispered something to Drew, and we headed
to the ladies room. Of course like most gay bars there were men in there
as well but they parted for Mistress and I to pass. Once there she led me
into a stall and told me to clean the seat for her and wait out side the
door for her. When she finished she told me to enter and sit down.

"I have a present for you darling Brenda," she said as she pulled a pair
of cuffs on a cord out of her designer handbag. She put one on one of my
wrists fed the other end around the toilet and cuffed my other wrist. I
tried to protest and she slapped my face saying only, "Shut up and serve
Sissy. Drew will be here for you in a minute and I better get a good
report back from him and his friends, or you may be stuck here even

She held some poppers under my nose and had me breath in deeply a few
times. Setting the bottle on the little shelf she turned and left. My
head was spinning from the poppers. I flashed back to the hypnotic videos
that Mistress had me watch. The ones that kept saying how poppers make
sissies love cock. Yeah, that one. It kept me from thinking clearly about
how to get loose when the door popped open and Drew entered. He looked at
me and the bottle of poppers. Opening the bottle he said "have some sissy
sauce honey, you may need them" With that he made me sniff some more. I
was floating when he dropped his pants and pulled his shaved dick from
his boxers and put it to my mouth saying only, "Suck it popper sissy." I
was to helpless to resist at that point and opened my mouth. I felt like
I was in a trance and I sucked as told and soon had a mouth full of warm
creamy cum.

Drew thanked me and fed me more poppers. That dam sissy sauce made me so
helpless. I wondered what would happen if someone else came in. Maybe
they would free me. Just then the door opened and another young man
entered and  smiled when he saw me and immediately reached for the
poppers. Took a couple hits and then forced me to sniff again. He soon
had his cock in my waiting mouth and was pumping away. It didn't take
long for him to empty his load in my mouth. He left as quick as he came
in and soon the door opened again with a young woman entering next. She
was about 35 with lovely breasts and a sexy figure covered with a full
dress. She lifted her dress and stepped up placing it over my head. She
had no panties on and as her crotch came closer to my face I felt a cock
rubbing against my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked it gently till it
got hard and soon had her moaning as she also squirted in my sissy mouth.

She uncovered me and undid my cuffs saying I should take them and return
to my mistress. I thanked her and after she left I straightened myself
out, went to the mirror and redid my makeup, then headed out to rejoin my
mistress. "Did sissy Brenda enjoy herself in the bathroom?" I tried to
say they forced me too suck them that I didn't really want to do it. But
in the end I reported that I was a good popper slut and loved serving
that way to please her. She said she will know more when she gets the
report from Drew and his 2 friends. We left shortly after and I spent the
rest of the weekend serving Mistress at her home. She said to plan on
being there on my day off Wednesday at 11am.

Wednesday morning I was there promptly at 11. Mistress said we were
heading to town and had me in a t-shirt with a long cami under it, black
stretch pants and plain flats with just a hint of makeup. We pulled up at
the salon she frequents and went in.

I asked what we were going to do and she said she wanted my brows waxed
and shaped a bit nicer and some other little treatments. I was brought to
the waxing room and seated in a comfy reclining chair. As the gal was
preparing Mistress Andrea told her how she wanted them to look. I stayed
quiet knowing I had no choice in the matter. She then told me that Drew
and the shemale I sucked both complained that not only were my lips not
red enough but seemed quite thin and should feel softer. They said it
would feel so much better with plumper lips. She asked the waxing gal if
they did lip plumping at the salon and was told they did.

They stepped away and chatted for a few minutes and then came back and
looked at me and a few pictures in a booklet. I noticed Mistress point to
one page and say "yes, that will do. As Mistress watched the gal, Sara,
started trimming my eyebrows with a small scissor then applied warm wax
below the brow in a well arched shape. She pressed a cloth strip to it
and yanked it off, showing me all the hair that came off. A few minutes
later and after a bit of tweezing she pronounced my eyes done and went
away. She returned a few minutes later pushing in a small cart with some
mechanical stuff on it.

Mistress said I needed to remain very still for this part and placed a
long scarf over my eyes and tied it around the back of the headrest
effectively immobilizing my face. I felt my lips being wiped clean (I
guess). Then I heard a buzzing from the machine on the cart and suddenly
felt small needle pricks on my upper lip. Dam, she must be doing botox or
something to prettify them. Mistress said they would look darling in
bright red now. Sara started on the bottom lip and when I thought she was
done went back to the upper. This time the sound was a different buzzing
but I could not tell what was going on. I could certainly feel my lips
swelling up to quite a bit larger than I was use to feeling.

When Sara finished Mistress said she would let me up now and just knew I
would beg her for new bright red lipstick for my pretty lips. Untying the
blindfold Mistress told me to keep my eyes closed until she said to open
them. She helped me to stand and turned me to face a mirror. When she
said I could look I almost passed out. Not only were my new lips very
full but tattooed in pretty red script on my upper lip it said "sissy
girl," on the bottom "forever."  Holy shit. "Th,th th, that's a tattoo
Mistress. How can I ever go out in public like this? How could you let
her tattoo me like that?"

"Well sissy first of all it's a new kind of tattoo that will fade in
about 9 months to a year so it's not permanent. And if you beg me for new
red lipstick to wear everyday like I said you would then it wont be a
problem. So whats it going to be Brenda?"

"Oh please Mistress, may I please wear pretty red lipstick for you,
please Mistress. I will always wear it and look pretty for you."

"Yes you will wont you Brenda dear. And if you misbehave I may just take
it away as punishment. Then you would be seen like this by everyone at
work and everywhere else, understood? I did warn you I expected this
didn't I sissy?"

"Yes Mistress."

Sissygirl forever continued.

Sara stood there laughing at me as Mistress explained how things would be
for the near future. She told Miss Andrea that if I wished she could fill
them in with the red right now if I wanted. But Mistress said no. She was
looking forward to my rushing off to work at times forgetting to polish
them. Or eating out with friends and have the lippy wear off.

They both had a good laugh at that, and as we were leaving Sara did
mention that she could do tattooed eyebrows too if she wished. Mistress
said she would think about it as I just rolled my eyes. Mistress thanked
Sara after leaving a nice tip and we headed off to Sephora to buy

As Mistress looked at the selection I tried my best to stand behind her
and hide my swollen lips from view. A young, and of course heavily made
up, salesperson asked mistress if she needed help finding the right
product. Mistress told her that she wanted a certain shade of red
lipstick that would wear off easily. She pointed to me saying, "It's for
my sissy girl, and the easy wearing type will make her remember to re-
apply it often.

Mistress Andrea pulled me in front of her so the sales girl could see me
and she let out a wild laugh drawing 3 or 4 other salesgirls over to see
me. Even some customers could see me with my new tattooed fat lips. "Well
I would normally recommend the "all-day-stay" line but if you want the
type that wears off easily then let's try this one," she said as she
opened the tube and approached me with it. She carefully filled in my
sore lips and my embarrassing tattoo disappeared from view. "That seems
to match perfectly to hide your tattoo," she commented.

I was so relieved but then the sales girl told mistress that if I was
going to be wearing lippy all the time I should have the rest of my face
done properly as well. She led us to a mirror and had me sit in a stool
and gave my face a full makeover in front of everyone. At least I was
dressed in womens clothes and after dropping about 2 hundred dollars on
make up Mistress led me out the door. I don't know what hurt more at that
point, The puffy tattooed lips, the pain I felt in my chastity as I was
led out of that sissifying heaven, or my ego knowing I would never be
seen as male anymore. I would have to remember to come back at another
time and get the all day lipstick I thought.

On the way down the block we passed a Claire's Boutique and mistress
stopped to do some window shopping. "We must go in and get you some
pretty things Brenda dear. After all, you will be needing it to complete
your look at work now." Mistress pulled me in and found some pretty
bracelets that would fit my larger than the average woman's wrists.

She looked at my face and saying I should have my ears pierced too and
then she started digging through her black Coach bag finally finding what
she needed. Calling the clerk over Mistress told the gal, "My sissy needs
her ears pierced." The clerk, Deborah, calmly said ok and told me to have
a seat in her piercing chair and she would grab her gear. When I sat down
Mistress showed me what she took from her bag. It was a single standard
dice. She handed it to me and told me to roll it on the counter. I did
and rolled a 3. Mistress clapped and said, "Oh good, 3 piercings. Looks
like 1 in each ear, and 1 in your tongue Brenda."

I gasped at that. I didn't mind the ears but refused to get my tongue
pierced and I told Mistress how I felt. She said ok but since I did roll
a 3 and I had to get 3. She pondered a bit and whispered to Deborah a
minute. Mistress pointed to a starter set and Deborah set up her
equipment. Deborah took a marker and marked my earlobe on the left and
then the right, making certain they were even. She looked to Mistress for
approval then made two more marks on each ear.

I looked at Mistress and she gently explained that I rolled a 3 and was
getting 3. "But Mistress that would be 6 the way she marked it," I
complained. "Well Brenda, it's either that or your tongue. You rolled a 3
and 6 earrings is 3, it's just 3 pair," she laughed. She then leaned
forward and gave me a very hot kiss on the lips making me squirm in my
seat as she pulled away. It never occurred to me that she did this as a
way to nonchalantly wipe away my lipstick.

Deborah cleaned my ear lobes and loaded her piercing gun. As she was
going to place it for the first hole she did a double take at my lips and
gasped. "Does that really say Sissy Girl Forever on her lips?" "OMG that
is hysterical, I love it." To Mistress she said, "We really need to talk,
this is fantastic what you are doing with her. I have been feminizing my
male as well and this is so awesome of you to do this for her," she
proclaimed pointing at my blushing self.

She returned to the task at hand and placed 3 studs in each of my ears.
She gave me cleaning solutions and a form that explained caring for them.
As I looked in the mirror I saw that my ears were now adorned with 3
nicely spaced little pink diamond studs on each side. With my Sephora
face and all I looked kind of pretty even for my once male face. She then
explained to Mistress Andrea that she was also a professional body
piercer as a side job, usually doing them at adult fairs, bdsm events and
private parties and has done some nice new things on her sissy that she
would be happy to discuss at another time. She gave Mistress her card and
Mistress promised to call her soon. Deborah gave us a nice discount on
our purchase and gave me a little kiss on the cheek and said, "Be a good
girl now," as we were leaving.

As we headed back to her car she handed me my lipstick. "Here you may
want to hold on to this and check yourself often." She said with a smile.
"Thank you my beautiful Mistress, and thank you for all you do for me."
We were finally heading back to Mistress' home and I would have to get
busy and prepare dinner. I am a pretty good cook and in no time I had
dinner set out for her. She allowed me to eat with her and we enjoyed
some nice wine. Mistress asked me how I felt work would go tomorrow. I
told her I was a bit apprehensive as today was going to make me step up
my fem look at work quite drastically. I told her that the women in the
office were going to get a bit of a shock. Mistress laughed that devilish
laugh of hers that made me love her so.

After dinner she retrieved a bag from the closet and handed it to me.
Inside I found a new pair of stretch pants with a rear zipper and a pair
of pumps with a sturdy looking 2.5" heel that was similar to what most of
the ladies in the office wore. I thanked Mistress for her generosity and
modeled them for her. She loved the fit but said it was too bad the
chastity wasn't just a little flatter so the pants would fit smoother.
"We will have to work on that," she teased. As it was getting on in the
evening I needed to get home and do my own chores before work the next

Before I left Mistress said she downloaded some music she wanted me to
listen to as I slept that night. She said she emailed it to me and I
should load it on my mp3 player and use the earphones. I knew it was
probably more sissy hypno stuff but could not refuse her and told her I
would listen to it for her. She gave me a long deep kiss while fondling
my chastity through my pants. "I love you Brenda girl, and I want you to
think about moving in with me soon and give up that old 'man cave' of
yours, and don't forget your lipstick."

"Oh yes Mistress," I swooned and headed to my car. My head was spinning
on the way home. Not only would I move in, but tomorrow I would buy a
diamond ring and this weekend I will ask her to marry me.

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