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      On my own, I had been trekking across Europe during my summer college vacation.

   You'll hardly believe my amazing experience at a fairground in a rural town in an Eastern European country. It was a stifling Wednesday evening, and after a long sticky day hiking, I was idly amusing myself at one of the numerous sideshows.
   I had surprised myself by knocking all the coconuts off a shy, my unwanted prize a large yellow teddy bear, which I tried to decline. However my knowledge of their language was non existent, and despite returning the thing, the kindly stallholder kept pushing it back into my arms.
  Slightly embarrassed with several bemused bystanders gathering, I whisked teddy away and dived into an adjacent tent, thrust the entrance fee of one lev into the hand of the attractive petite girl at the entrance, and was glad to rest my weary body on a tatty back row seat.
   Teddy, I placed on a vacant adjacent seat, but the girl tapped me on the shoulder, holding out her hand. I wasn't gonna fork out another lev for teddy, so on my lap it had to go, and the empty seat was quickly filled by a buxom woman.
The place contained maybe a hundred spectators, the majority younger men like myself, and I wondered what they had all gathered to watch.
  The guy on my other side nudged me, speaking words I didn't comprehend in the slightest.
  "Americano," I explained.
  "Ah, howdy," the man replied, "you coming here often times?"
  I shook my head.
  "Me I comes every night- it is greatest!"
  Then a drum roll, silence descended. A curtain opened at the back of the tent and on to a small stage strutted a man dressed like some magician in a long flowing black robe.
 I couldn't understand a word, except that from my mate, he must be called Gospodin Zizzy. He had a magnetic presence, commanding obedience, not in an unkind manner, but for sure, he had us audience in the palm of his hand.
  To catcalls, he bade the girl who'd been taking in the cash, to step forward. Wild applause as she curtsied before him.
  "Mister Zizzy's beauteous assistant Miss Aimee," elucidated my friend, absently stroking my teddy's chest.  She was shorter than he, but seemed infused with the same magnetic aura that held us on the edge of our seats. I loved her blonde hair which drooped in a curve down to her shoulders, though her frilly pale yellow dress wasn't to my taste. I guessed she was about my age, nearly twenty. She was stunning.
  Then her hand reached backstage, and she dragged out an unusual girl on all fours. The creature seemed timid, but what was most arresting was her bright pink satin dress which had innumerable tassels dangling down to the ground surrounding her arms and legs. Forward center stage the thing marched, eliciting an enormous cheer from the crowd, that I felt obliged to join in.
  "Lovelies, eh?" remarked my friend, stroking teddy more fervently.
  "Who is she?" I asked. From her reception I assumed she must be some national star.
  My friend giggled. "'Scuses me for laughing," he explained, "but that's a man!"
  It was my turn to stare. Though this sissy girl on stage was on all fours, so I couldn't see from her dangling dress if she had bosoms, she certainly looked female- her lovely long shiny blonde hair which drooped to the ground, her sweet face, her lipstick, her heavy eye shadow... no she must be a woman.
  I decided my friend must be a humorist. True, when Zizzy beckoned her to sit on his knees there were no discernible signs of a bust under her frilly pink dress. In fact, as my eyes moved from her to Miss Aimee, the pair could almost have been taken for twins.
  The crowd were roaring now, as the sissy snuggled in Zizzy's lap like a sweet little girl, and Miss Aimee produced a huge teated milk bottle, which she ostentatiously thrust into baby's mouth. Another loud cheer as baby began slurping, followed by wild applause.
  Feeding continued as some of the audience dispersed.
  "Goods, eh?"
  I couldn't see the attraction in the show myself, though Zizzy and Aimee had made a deep impression on me, in a way I could not define.

  As my friend arose, I did so also, leaving teddy on the seat. We strolled out together.
  "You comings back thens?"
  "Er, no."
  "Ah, but you leave the teddies to keep your place, no?"
  "I thought the show was over.
  "No, we comes back when feeding is over, for the second part, yes?"
  "No, I've got to go to find a place to stay."
  "Oh, but you must not misses the grand finale tonights, Baby's First Date."
  We had sat down in the bustling fairground bar and ordered a drink. I did have one question burning my mind.
  "Baby isn't really a man, is she, be honest?"
  "But for sure she is."
  "No, Zizzy must have fooled you."
  "No fools, me watch!"
  I looked bemused at my friend.
  He pointed to the sign above the tent. It meant nothing to me.
  He translated. "Gospodin Zizzy, ze great magicians. Zen ze smaller writings she say, Zis week He turns ze Mans into ze Sissy. Watch her as each nights she becomes, er, what's ze words, ah, transforms into ze beauteous sweetie girlie and has ze fun with ze friends. Adults only."
  Was he pulling my leg? He looked serious enough. He hurried down his beer and beckoned me to follow back into the tent.
  If only I'd stuck to my plan of looking for a bed for the night, then it would never have happened. But I was intrigued by what he'd told me, and somehow wanted to prove to myself that the baby was a girl as I believed. She had to be, she looked simply too feminine!
  Aimee was at the flap of the tent collecting levs. I tried to tell her I'd paid already, then a smile of recognition dawned on her face, and she took my hand and escorted me to my nearby seat, the one with the teddy! I felt like the baby on stage with her sweetly holding my hand.
  My talkative friend had found a seat in the front row, no doubt to obtain the best view. Zizzy was feeding baby, the bottle which must have contained around eight pints, was nearly all consumed.
  The tent was virtually full when baby gave a loud burp as she completed her long drink. Expectantly, the crowd, as one, leaned forward to catch the climax of tonight's show. She's a girl, I was certain of that!
  Baby was now back on all fours, dress dangling, Zizzy standing, talking to the crowd, incomprehensibly for myself.
But he must have been asking for a volunteer from the forest of hands that suddenly began waving. My friend was one of the many waving furiously.
  Zizzy, having surveyed the enthusiastic response, addressed  his assistant, and Miss Aimee, brushing past several disappointed wavers, fetched out a middle aged woman who smilingly told Zizzy she was Iskra. To wolfwhistles, Miss Aimee removed her clothing- I saw little to get excited about- and pulled on Iskra an identical sissy costume to that worn by baby.
  Iskra obligingly followed Zizzy's instructions and assumed a crouching position, bent over his chair.
  Applause grew to a crescendo as Miss Aimee latched a chain around baby's neck and pulled her gently towards Iskra's crouching form.   
  But suddenly baby, like some obstinate mule, refused to be pulled any further. The crowd began booing and as Aimee tugged harder, Zizzy calmed the audience. But they were on the verge of a riot when it became clear baby's first date- or was it baby's first mate?- was refusing to gratify voyeuristic pleasure.
  Angrily, Zizzy fixed his eyes on the crowd and with a few words had them back in their seats, albeit shifting restlessly.
  He dismissed Iskra, who looked thoroughly disappointed, and fiercely turned on his prodigy. Baby's wig was pulled off, revealing short dark brown hair that suddenly made her look much less feminine. Miss Aimee lifted off her dress, and when her panties were down, I knew my friend had not been giving me a line, she was a man.

  A hush had descended. Zizzy's presence had the crowd in thrall. I noticed some in the audience were sitting, smiling sweetly, as Zizzy's words echoed round the tent.
  Then, as before, Miss Aimee jumped off the stage and walked along the rows of seats, some eager faces anxious to be the chosen ones. What for, I had no idea.
  She reached my row, and clapping began as she rested her sweet hand on my head. The other rested on teddy!
  As I said, I had no understanding of what she was doing, but I loved her soft touch, and she and Zizzy could have melted me into agreeing to anything, absolutely anything. Both hands were stretched out to take mine, and, hardly knowing what I was doing, I took one hand, automatically handing teddy into the care of her other.
   She led me on to the stage. As Zizzy talked, I saw my friend winking jealously at me.
   Suddenly a wild cheer all but lifted the tent off the ground. Then the crowd stood up and dispersed.
  I began to thank Zizzy and Miss Aimee and turned to go also. But I quickly discovered my mistake.
  "No, you please come with us," begged Aimee, who evidently spoke better English than my friend.
  "Er, what for?"
  "Gospodin Zizzy, he choose you. So do I," she explained, not very lucidly.
  "Well actually I must go, cos I have to find a place for tonight."
  "Oh don't worry, we can give you a place to sleep."
  "Oh, er, well, er, thanks!"
  She took me past those onlookers who hadn't yet left, to an old fashioned caravan. She told me that it belonged to her husband Zizzy, and there was room for me too. She said he spoke no English, and as she spoke, he sat staring at me, making me more and more nervous.
  Though I had secured a lodging, I became even more worried when I learned I had been selected to become Zizzy's new baby! Aimee was convinced I'd be "just perfect," and her overwhelming confidence and winning smile won me over. I muttered what I had thought earlier, about being very willing to do anything to please you both.

  After several days on the road, I was badly in need of a wash and shave, but when I asked where their restroom was, Miss Aimee, having looked at Zizzy, informed me Zizzy wanted me to remain looking like that when he introduced me to tomorrow night's crowd. I was on the point of leaving, when her sweet look beguiled me, and I couldn't help myself- I agreed to give it a go!
  I had go outside to do my pee behind the caravan, then she showed me my bed. Some bed! It was a large cot!
  "We use it on stage in the act. Didn't you see the show last night?" asked Miss Aimee.
  "No, I only got here this evening."
  "Oh I see. Well, you get in and I'll tell you all."
  With some misgivings, I climbed into the adult size cot, she sweetly leaned over the rail, melting me, as I lay back with an oddly satisfying sense of peace.
  As Zizzy smoked a cigar, she gave me vague details of what I should do, for which I would receive 10% of the takings.
  "Jus' be natural as you can," she laughed, "try and think of it as fun."
  "I've never dressed like baby before," I admitted.
  "Well, that's good. Your first time as a sissy baby!" she grinned at the thought. "You'll love it. The first night, Zizzy will introduce you all tatty as you are. Then he'll transform you, putting you in a lovely sissy dress like baby was wearing."
  "You look great in that dress too!" I interjected.
   I thought she blushed.  She went on, "then on the second night, I expect we'll get you to dance like a little sissy. That always gets lots of oooohs."
  "I'll like that," I said, and I meant it.
  "Then on Saturday night, you'll be on your first date!"
  I desperately wanted to ask about that, but her finger was on my lips, and she said it was time for her beauty sleep.
  She settled me down with a kiss on my forehead, I loved that, and left me pondering how on earth I had got to this place.

  My cot was at the far end of the cramped caravan. They must have known that I had a good view of their bunk bed half way down it. A curtain could have covered my view, but with a cheeky glance in my direction, Miss Aimee deliberately left it undrawn, as she mounted the steps to join her husband. He was still in his magician's robe, she looking like the pretty sissy she truly was.
  Didn't they care if I watched? Or did they want me to? True, there was not a lot I could see beyond their tangling bodies, but what I could hear aroused me to a hardness that made me long to masturbate. She was purring like a cat, his deeper voice sounded like a ravening dog or wolf. The crescendo of animal noise however ceased all of a sudden. As if in sympathy, I stopped also. She was climbing down the steps of the bed. Was she coming to me?
  Disappointed, I saw it was not that. Her face could have been described as  steaming. Even though I was feigning sleep, I'm sure she knew I was watching.
  In her sissy dress, she bent over a chair, so like baby earlier. A cat-like purring softly emitted from her puffed and excited cheeks. Zizzy, was he barking? If there wasn't a dog in the caravan, surely it was he barking, even if muted. No it wasn't exactly barking, but it was doggy like grunting. Now, in his flowing robe, he was descending the little ladder. Now he was sniffing towards her. Now he was sniffing  over her lovely dress. She was purring, he sniffing and grunting. Now he mounted her. In a harmony of animal pleasure they shook together and before I knew it I had sprayed my stuff all over my cot.
  A little later, as I half expected, towards my cot the flushed body of Miss Aimee crawled. She was still purring softly. Her head lifted over the cot rail. She could hardly fail to miss my mess.
  "Naughty boy!" she smiled, as she gave my spent little thing a friendly tug. If I had hoped for more, it was not to be, all she did was hand me that teddy to cuddle. And I thought I had seen the back of it!

  The tent was filling with the evening crowd. I was nervously waiting backstage, half excited, half scared at what I had let myself in for. Somehow I was under the spell of Mister Zizzy and his wonderful assistant, ready to do their every whim.
  I had spent the morning resting to charge my batteries for this evening's performance. In the afternoon I had lethargicaly done some sight seeing, but my mind had all been concentrated on what might happen tonight.
  I'd expected Miss Aimee to rehearse me, but she said they liked impromptu reactions, that's what pleased their fans. So, I had whiled away my afternoon, imagining how beautiful a sissy I might be looking at the end of the night.
  Zizzy arrived backstage.
  "Good lucks," he offered me and then stepped on stage to an immediate cheer.
  Another cheer rang out a minute later as Miss Aimee, beaming, strutted between the rapturous crowd up to Zizzy. She looked taller today, she was wearing stilettos. Soon her hand was groping backstage. I knew the form. I squeezed her hand and she pulled me into the view of the crowd.
  I was disappointed I didn't receive any audience reaction. I suppose I looked shambolic, in my dusty hiking outfit, unshaven, my hair uncombed. I played it as though I were shy, maybe I should have strode confidently on, macho-style. That  would have made my forthcoming change more striking. Too late came that reflection. I could see my friend from yesterday cheering with the others, and even winking to me.
  Of course I couldn't understand the patter that zipped from Zizzy, but Miss Aimee whispered to me to pose "like Mr Universe," so I did. I wasn't really built for that, but I did my best. Miss Aimee breathed her approval. She was strangely excited, I think I was too.
  I wasn't ready for what followed. She pulled off my sweaty shirt. Then my pants, and I was staring naked, still attempting to be macho, at a hundred voyeurs. I felt strangely scared. But Miss Aimee reassured me, it was as though all she or Zizzy had to do was stare at me and I was completely subordinate to their wills.

  Maybe Miss Aimee looked disappointed. I caught her staring at my little thing, and indeed I was awfully conscious it was little- perhaps she had hoped for more.
  Gradually a ripple of applause spread around the tent. Was it sympathy or admiration at my bravery? I knew not.
  Zizzy handed Aimee a brush and she combed my unkempt hair so it drooped down to my shoulders. Then she was given a wig, blonde, very like her own hair, only straighter. It was soon tucked over my own dark hair, hiding it completely.
  Then she sprayed foam over me, sweet smelling lavender, which she rubbed in with a large towel. I was longing for the bit where she would reach my little thing, but she studiously avoided it with a sly wink. Soon I was dried, except for my frothy face. I expected a razor to feature next, removing my straggly growth of two week's hair, but no, she wiped my face also, and then lifted a beautiful lilac satin dress over my head. I was thrilled by this because, except for the color, it was an exact match of her sissy own.
  A whip was more of a surprise. Zizzy cracked it, and Miss Aimee whispered, "down girl, crouch on all fours."
  No sooner said than done.
  I was now at a level where she could tie a lilac bonnet on me, then lifting a hand and a foot at a time, little lilac bootees completed my ensemble. Pity Miss Aimee didn't have any of these.
  Another crack. "Bow," breathed Aimee, and I lowered my head to the ground, and the crowd broke into a round of cheering.
  Evidently this was the end of the first part of the entertainment, for some were quitting their seats for a breather. Others remained to see my every little moment of sissification.

  Around three quarters of an hour later, they had all returned. I had had my bootees removed so my nails could all be painted red, my hair had been in curlers so the ends turned up, just like Aimee's, my eyelashes tarted up, red lipstick heavily smothered my lips, and little flowers had been attached to my pretty dress, I did ask Aimee to shave off my beard, but she told me, Zizzy he say no.
  I didn't comprehend Zizzy's patter, but I knew from what Aimee had relayed to me, that this part of the show was Bedtime.
  I was still on all fours when Miss Aimee sat down and beckoned me to crawl over to her. Eagerly I scampered towards her, to crowd clapping, and even an "aaah!" as she lifted my front arms and sat me on her lap. I was a bit of a weight for her, but she braced herself and stroked my blonde hair. She began reading to me from a large picture book, and I gave her a kiss on the cheeks. That brought an enthusiastic round of applause.
  I was gonna repeat this, but Zizzy returned, he was pushing my cot from the caravan. He cracked his whip, a little too much like a lion tamer for my liking, and Aimee whispered, that means go to him. Obediently I crawled to him, and he lifted my backside, tipping me inside my cot. Teddy made an unwelcome reappearance, though the crowd adored it as it was thrust into my arms. Zizzy tucked me in, then he and Aimee bowed and left me alone on stage.
  But that wasn't the end of the entertainment, for in an orderly manner, front row first, a lot of the watchers walked on stage to pat my pretty head, or kiss me. I tried not to recoil when one hulky man gave me a smacker on the lips, but most of the others were very nice. Among them was my friend from yesterday who called out, "luckys yous!"
  I couldn't wait for Friday evening's show to start. I had been frustrated all last night as my hands had been locked to the sides of the cot, and I had to watch their lovemaking with envy. Then all Friday my hands had been padlocked together, and though I was in theory free to go wherever I chose, I didn't dare, as I was  still in my lilac dress. The thought of a local chatting me up scared me to the marrow. However in the caravan I felt safe. Indeed, when I found it very difficult to feed myself, Miss Aimee took a spoon and gave me my meals. The large teated bottle, I drank from, though I didn't need to consume all the milk it contained. Also Miss Aimee had warned me tonight was feeding time, so not to drink too much.
 My first act in the show was crawling on stage to joyous cries of recognition. Up on to Zizzy's lap. He shoved the large teat roughly in my mouth so I had to swallow fiercely to stop the milk spilling over my pretty dress. He seemed to be out to create a world record, eight pints in a second under eight minutes. My front wasn't very wet, so I had certainly drunk nearly the whole gallon.
  The variation came now. Miss Aimee pulled down my lilac pantie, again with a show of disappointment, and slipped a large transparent plastic pantie on me. That signaled the end of part one.
  On all fours once more, I tried to guess what the rest of the show would bring. Barely a quarter of the audience remained to watch a playpen being placed around me. When a paddling pool was put inside, and blown up, my feet and hands lifted so I rested inside, I knew what was gonna occur. I felt it too, as that gallon was working very smartly thru my sissy body.
  Miss Aimee leaned sweetly over the top rail and read me another section of the book, I didn't know what she was saying, except when she whistled out the sound "weeeee!"

  The tent was full again and I was over full!
  "Try and hold yourself in till we're ready!" Miss Aimee had slipped this advice into my story. I had tried, but now I was struggling at bursting point.
  Mister Zizzy returned from his break and a loud crack of his whip on the ground made me lift my feet off the ground like some bucking mule. The crowd roared.
  "Dance!" shrieked Miss Aimee, so I began to stand up.
  But it was soon made clear I had to dance on all fours.  Several loud whip cracks and Aimee's whisper assured me of that. I felt absurd, I must have looked absurd, dancing on my hands in this restricted area. Cracks made me jump higher. It also reduced the crowd to tears of laughter that mingled with clapping as I bowed to the inevitable. So much jogging up and down had loosened my bladder and once it had involuntarily  burst I couldn't stop myself.
  My see thru pantie was soon bulging, pee sloshing round as I danced ever more frantically to his whips. Zizzy's final act was to lean over the rail and push me into the slippery pool, ruining my sissy dress. A waterspout of pee sprayed in the air to wild approval from our fans. The show was over.
  Miss Aimee toweled me down, and this time she even wiped my little thing. I wanted a shower, but this was denied me. Zizzy, he say no, said Aimee simply.
  Thank goodness it was a warm night, for I spent it in my cot, chained of course, and naked. I was even more frustrated as I could only admire their animal-like lovemaking.

  Baby's First Date! I had begged Aimee to tell me more, she only coyly repeated her line about Zizzy liking off the cuff reactions. I hoped, maybe against hope, that I'd be allowed to choose, then of course it could be Miss Aimee, but I fancied that was never gonna happen, and I dreaded someone like that Iskra woman volunteering enthusiastically.
  Now Zizzy was calling me. Miss Aimee reached out her hand, and on crawled this sweet little sissy. At least I looked sweet in my same lilac dress, but close up I definitely smelled. It had been dried, but not washed! Nor was I exactly smelling of roses, though from the crowd's perspective I looked stunning, they demonstrated that by their stamping and waving their arms as Aimee brought me on stage. This last night of the week lot were more boisterous than any of the others, and it was only Zizzy's forceful personality, I thought, that kept them from rioting. I began to fear for my safety, for our safety, but Zizzy had their measure, even though they were at a fever pitch.
  He cracked his whip. That meant I had to bow low. He fastened on me a neck collar, attached to a chain.
  Miss Aimee had fetched my teddy, even it received a round of applause! She brought it up to me, making it sit on my back, which made everyone except me laugh. Then she put it before my face and spoke to the audience,  though I couldn't understand.
  "I'm introducing you," she explained, as the audience shouted their encouragement, "you're taking teddy on your first date."
  Teddy was now strapped on my back and I was made to begin my terrible dancing routine once more, held on my chain by Zizzy, teddy bouncing wildly as though I were some bucking bronco. The main thing was that they lapped it up.
  They were in a frenzy after five minutes of this. I was tiring, and Aimee unstrapped teddy as silence descended ominously inside the tent.
She bent it over Zizzy's chair.
  Zizzy ostentatiously produced scissors from somewhere inside his cloak and thrust it up teddy's backside. Boos from some in the audience. Me, I was mystified. But an inkling dawned as he turned the scissors and scooped out some of teddy's stuffing. A large hole decorated his bum.  
  Catcalls and whistles were deafening, as Miss Aimee pulled my chain towards teddy.
  "Okay?" she shouted above the hubbub.
  I nodded nervously as we reached the chair. She jerked me so I fell over the chair on top of teddy. Thoughtfully she pulled my dress down so that it dropped to the floor.
  But the crowd all knew what I was doing. Or thought they did, cos if truth be known I was shaking with nerves and was hardly the erect macho they all thought. Perhaps Miss Aimee had spotted it as she lowered my dress, for her hand suddenly shot underneath and grasped my little thing.
  Wow! If anyone ever excited me so much as she did then, I can't remember! I shot to full size, at the same time she poked it in teddy's hole. Then she seized my sides and pushed my whole body up and down.
  Such a thrill of pleasure overwhelmed me that I began crying out.
  "Good girl!" encouraged Miss Aimee.
  I was feeling anything but a good girl as with a loud moan, I joyously pumped for all I was worth into teddy.  
  The crowd went beserk, only kept from bursting on stage by a crack of Zizzy's whip.
  Miss Aimee made it clear I had to remain where I was- and my spent cock wallowed in the pool I had deposited inside teddy, a few final drops trickling in.
  Zizzy had calmed the rabble, and I was withdrawn from teddy with a gasp from the audience, to be placed in my playpen. At least there was no paddling pool tonight! I was ordered to remain on all fours, this did have the virtue of hiding my spent thing as my dress was all but brushing the floor.
  In a very orderly fashion, starting with the front row, those who wanted were allowed on stage. In groups of four, they were allowed to admire me in my protective cage- several tried putting their heads to the stage floor to try and look under my dress. Others admired teddy, some poked around, fingering inside the hole and emerging with a small sample from the pool of cum. Some tasted it, most put their finger thru the cage and smeared it annoyingly over my pretty dress.
  Those at the back left for a break, but their turn came, and all were sitting expectantly, like well behaved schoolchildren as the finale began.

  I was exhausted after being on all fours for the best part of an hour, and thankfully Aimee told me to rest as the show resumed.
  I was watching nervously, for it was similar to what I had witnessed on Wednesday. On that occasion baby had refused to perform, and I was debating in my mind whether, firstly, I had the strength, and secondly whether I could face someone on the lines of Iskra. So my stares became intense as Miss Aimee stepped into the audience to make her selection.
  I gave a shudder of revulsion. She really had found Iskra. Maybe compensation for last time, I mused. But my mind was hardening into refusal. Despite her twenty stone weight, she bounced on stage, but I did not understand then why Aimee  escorted her backstage.
  Zizzy turned to myself, cracking his whip, I bowed low. He dismantled my prison, then pulled me by the chain around the stage, his remarks eliciting cheers and laughter. I was tiring again, when Miss Aimee reappeared pulling a chain at the end of which was a giant teddy, on all fours. Well the head was that of a teddy, but underneath it resembled the giant form of Iskra.
  Disguised as a cuddly teddy, she was drawn across the stage to the chair, where she was laid to rest, expectantly.
  Zizzy pulled me sharply, perhaps anticipating what I had planned. His whip cracked and my rebellions intentions deserted me as his eyes bored intently into me.
  Miss Aimee pushed me on top of the living teddy and drew down my overhang. You'd have heard a pin drop.
  She put her hand under my dress and I grew in anticipation. However it was not to be.
  "You do only have to pretend," she confided, "Iskra is our regular helper. Of course she'd like you...."
  I perked up, disappointed she wasn't fondling me, but relieved.
  "Vutre v neya!" called out Aimee. That awoke the crowd to life.
  "Vutre v neya!" they chorused. "Vutre v neya!"
  "Get on with it," encouraged Aimee, grabbing my body as before.
  "What's it mean?" I cried to her as I feigned ecstasy as she masturbated my body against teddy's.
  "Oh, they're screaming that you take her."
  To all intents I did. I sprayed my cum over teddy and we collapsed in a breathless heap. The curtain was drawn, so hiding our big deception. Iskra expressed profuse thanks to me, for I know not what, and we lay there happily for several minutes as the tent emptied.

  My ten percent payment I had forgotten all about, but Aimee pushed it into my hand.
  "I enjoyed it," I told her, "well, most of it."
  "You want to stay?"
  "What, you mean for another show?"
  "Well we travel tomorrow to a new venue, and another week of shows."
  "I'd like to, we'd end next Saturday?"  
  "Unless you wanna stay even longer!"
  "No, my flight leaves the following Monday- can I get to Istanbul by then?"
  "We can check. Zizzy say if you stay the whole six nights' shows you can have 20%."
  "Well what can I say. The same as this week is it?"
  "To start, certainly, though you know Zizzy likes to vary the ideas a bit. But that's only three days, so the last three are always harder, but, you know what, more fun too!"
  I gave her a sharp look. But she didn't elucidate any more.
  She tucked me in my cot, not padlocked tonight, and for once she and Zizzy dropped straight to sleep. Perhaps they were exhausted like me.
  Next morn, Zizzy had harnessed a horse to our caravan, and Miss Aimee told me to  guide the horse to our next destination sixty miles off, near the border. I was allowed to wear my own clothes, to tell you the truth, I quite wanted to keep on my sissy dress.
  I didn't know the way, but Iskra materialized like some magic trick, to sit alongside me.
  "She knows the route," ended Aimee, "see you when we get there. It's our rest day."
  She disappeared inside the caravan, and I was left with Iskra, who was talkative, friendly and cuddly. I failed to understand a word she said, indeed my ears were focused on noises inside. Miss Aimee may have described today as a day of rest, but she and Zizzy were evidently not idle. More purring and muffled barking informed me the fun they were enjoying, and Iskra, noticing my interest, gave me a squeeze.
  I did not encourage her further.

  Our new resting place for the week wasn't dissimilar to our last venue, an  isolated rural town, but noticeably in the shadow of some towering mountains. I thought this might be Dracula territory, but wasn't very certain.
  Sunday night had passed quietly, a night of rest, unlike the day. I'd had a thorough wash, though I was forbidden to shave. I did some sightseeing, disappointed that all my travels had not yet gotten me to Transylvania.
  Posters advertising our show were dotted round town. Photos of Zizzy and Aimee were prominent, smaller pictures showed a man before and after as it were, in his new sweet sissy costume. A question in big type probably asked people if the two people were one and the same. I imagined my photo there instead.
  The tent was only half full however when the show started. That was disappointing, but after his forceful introductory welcome, Aimee strutted up and coaxed me on stage, as though I were a shy little virgin. But once on, I adopted the macho style to prove I was a strong he man.
  The crowd were subdued, despite Zizzy  trying to whip them into a fervor. Perhaps like me, they'd not seen a show of this kind before.
  Aimee broke the ice. As I stood in my bedraggled hiking clothes, she began the same old routine of stripping me. However once my shirt was off, she unzipped my pants, and poked in her fingers to tickle me just where I wanted. Thus when I stood naked, I was erect and gasps were being emitted by those watching.
  Otherwise, it was very similar to our first session up to the end of the first half, I was beautified beyond everyone's expectation. Even I was taken aback when Zizzy produced a mirror.
  "Zizzy want more custom," explained Aimee, "so I take you round the fairground."
  Taking my hand, she led a happy little sissy skipping round, calling in a strident voice, presumably challenging them to  guess if I were boy or girl.

  This got the tent fuller, and part two began with me standing macho in my lilac dress, which was still unwashed, and shouts of surprise from the new arrivals as Aimee lifted my dress, pulled down my lilac pantie to reveal my sex.
  A whip cracked and I went on all fours. Aimee painted all my nails, what time Zizzy was busy behind me. I tried turning my head, but Aimee pushed it back.
  With my sissification complete, to a round of applause from the crowd, I was chained by my neck and then pulled towards a playpen that Zizzy had been erecting. I say playpen, for that's what it was, but the wooden bars had been painted black, making it look more like a prison. Furthermore there was a grille as a roof.
  Zizzy, stooping, led me in. The grille was only four foot high. Then he attached my chain to one of the bars. He bent down and exited, the door clanking shut. I might have felt scared to be incarcerated, but I reflected that Zizzy must have a reason- was it to protect me in case of a riot?
  However that seemed unlikely. Everyone was gazing rapt and quiet. He addressed the crowd. Aimee gave me a summary- to fill the tent tomorrow, people are invited to bring their friends any time until tea, to preview the show. In other words, I had to spend the night thus! I was gonna earn my 20% at this rate!
  Some lingered to admire this freak, and there was a trickle of new visitors until the early hours. At dawn more curious eyes gazed on me. All chatted and pointed, making me squirm. The worst was I had been left with my dress tucked at the waist and ordered to be on all fours whenever anyone came near. With my thing dangling, I looked like a large dog or horse, with a frilly costume, at least that's how Miss Aimee put it next morning.
 I was very tired by Tuesday evening, and very hungry too.  Aimee told me it was feeding time tonight, that's why I was being starved. Yet I felt more like a dog when I had to deposit my poop in a corner of my cage.

  They were turning them away, such had been the success of the free 'peeps.' The intensity among them contrasted with yesterday. From somewhere, Iskra had appeared, to shovel away my mess. A huge bowl of water had been placed in my cage. The show was starting!
  Zizzy gave another of his introductions, which made them even more excitable.
  Miss Aimee unlocked my cage, to a big "oooh!" from the crowd. As she detached my chain, she confided to me,
  "Zizzy's telling them you're like a wild animal cos you're so hungry. Play up and pretend you're starving."
  "But I am!" And I surprised even my handler when I lunged to her crouching leg and bit it.
  The crowd sounded shocked, Aimee screamed. I thought she was putting it on, but I whispered, "sorry."
  She smacked me and pulled me out the cage on all fours. I was roaring like an animal after its prey, but a crack from Zizzy's whip on my satin clad backside stopped me in my tracks. I could see the bite mark on Miss Aimee's leg.
  Another crack and I yelped in pain myself. Miss Aimee cuddled me. That was nice.
  "Well done. He's telling them he's subdued you."
  "Sorry about the bite."
  "Oh don't worry, it made it look real. Be docile now..."
  She led me among the watchers. Some were holding out hands with crusts of bread, peanuts, sweets, or inedible unidentifiable rubbish.
  I gently pulled my chain towards one young man offering a crisp, and gobbled it noisily, that set off a feast of nibbles. Some patted me, others stroked me, as I ambled past, whenever I saw a bare leg, especially with a dress above, I nuzzled up cat-like to that person, and purred. Our tour ended back in my cage. That familiar paddling pool graced the interior. Miss Aimee shoved my backside in, and left me free to roam my confined space.
  She made it clear I was to lap from my water bowl, this being the interval entertainment.
  "Drink it all up," she insisted.
  "I'm still starving," I complained.
  "Don't worry- plenty to eat once you've drunk all this.
  It was an enormous bowl. Obligingly, I sucked and slurped to the delight of the onlookers, and by the time the last drop had been consumed, I had exhausted myself as well being overcome with a bloated sensation. I lay down.
  Mister Zizzy cracked his whip, and I promptly got up on all fours. A little woman  crept into the cage with a large bowl of meat. She put her arms round my middle, and the bowl under my mouth. Whether she was another Zizzy stooge, I could not be sure, but she was a natural at fondling me lovingly as my mouth gobbled my meal. It was well cooked and tasty, I suppose anything is nice to a starving sissy. As I ate, she tied several ribbons in my hair. She left with my meal only half eaten, I wanted to eat more, but I had drunk so much, there wasn't room.
  So I left my food until later. Music began.
  "Dance," Aimee told me.
  That I certainly did not want to do. But a crack persuaded me and I began prancing on all fours, the crowd joining in by clapping their encouragement. I did my best in the confined space, and the cheering grew, mostly jeers to be frank, as I let out a load of pee. I really hoped Zizzy wouldn't splash me in it.
  He didn't need to. Tired, I slipped and to a huge round of applause, soaked myself. I lay looking pathetic in my bedraggled ribbons and sodden dress, and the mood changed to one of sympathy, and a dozen stroking hands rushed on stage to press their fingers thru the bars to comfort this sad sissy.

  "Please don't let it be Iskra," I begged Miss Aimee, as she tucked me in that night. At least I was back in the caravan, naked, my lilac dress hanging out to dry.
  I was thinking ahead to Wednesday's show, and Sissy's First Date. I hadn't got anything against poor Iskra, but would it be nice if I could, er... I couldn't get my suggestion out.
  I think Miss Aimee guessed.
  "You must put such notions right out your head," she insisted, "or at least for the moment. Maybe at the end of the week if you've done well..."
  With that happy thought, and a peck on my beard, she retired to bed herself.
  She must be showing me what to do, I decided, as their usual passionate sex would have awoken the dead. She was purring as before, he grunting like some conquering lion. I made a mental note of some of their moves. After all I appeared to be being treated as an animal-like sissy.
  They'd aroused me so much, I was crouching on all fours in my cot, trying to sway like she had manipulated my body on stage, trying to masturbate myself without lifting my hands off the ground. So carried away was I, I hadn't noticed they had finished and that she was staring thru the railings into my face. I stopped at once.
  "Good girly," was all she said, touched my stiffened cock, gave it a sharp jerk,  and I grunted my pleasure as I immediately splattered my cum over my bedsheet.
  "Lay down in that," she ordered, and left me speechless.
  "We want you to do that tonight," was Miss Aimee's greeting to me next morn.
  I looked puzzled, as I stirred, all sticky in my cot.
  "That masturbating on all fours!"
  "What, in front of them all?"
  "Well you'll have your dress on, it's dry, you can put it on now."
  It smelt. But her firm eyes had me under her spell, and she had lifted it over my head without any protest.
  "It'd mean you wouldn't have to please Iskra!"
  That decided it.
  One addition was a tail, a foot long, attached to the rear of my dress.
  The show began with me on stage with my chain. Miss Aimee was standing patiently holding it while Zizzy welcomed the eager audience. There was a buzz.
  "He's telling them you're shortly going out on your first date," elucidated Miss Aimee. "That you are coming on heat... now's the time to do your stuff!"
  I commenced my jiggling as I had done in my cot. It was only a job now, I didn't feel any sexual thrill. I pretended I was getting more excited. My tail was swaying.
  Miss Aimee lightly pulled at my chain as if to restrain me. That did excite me! I could see her eyes urging me on, as though she knew I was only feigning at the moment.
  By imagining her lovemaking with Zizzy last night, I was able to recapture my own emotions then, and suddenly it was real sweat dropping from me as I urged myself to achieve a climax.
  The crowd responded with incomprehensible shouts as I was beside myself with  anticipation.
  "Kelesh!" they cried, "kelesh!"
  I didn't know what they meant, but I could guess. I was hoping, indeed expecting Miss Aimee to finish me off.... my eyes were beseeching her.... I could ejaculate with one final caress... it never came.
  Desperately, I shouted. I was wild with pent up excitement. She offered a glimmer of hope as she pulled me to her. She'd said I was on heat, and she was right. I didn't care what they were thinking now, and that was as well, for her hand, instead of touching where I longed, pulled up my dress for all to admire.
  I collapse to the floor, in an attempt to rub myself on the ground. She pulled my chain, so I had to remain standing.
  Zizzy hushed the ravings.
  "He's telling them to come back after the interval and they'll see you satisfied. That's a promise," she finished with a sly wink.

  Though the majority were seeking some form of refreshment, there was a group watching what Aimee described as "my prettification."
  I was being tarted up for my first date. Ribbons in my hair, some flowers velcroed on my lilac dress, and baby powder all over-  it made my dress smell sweeter.
  Zizzy had been busy erecting a swing, I had eyed this proceeding with some suspicion. I asked Miss Aimee, but she only muttered the usual stuff about not working to a script.
  The show resumed, I knew that Zizzy must be selecting some volunteers, but I couldn't watch as I had to concentrate on Miss Aimee  removing my neck chain and attaching it to a harness she attached round my waist. Then I had to lift each hand to fit in a rope which dangled from the apex of the swing, the same with my feet.
  Zizzy now handed his volunteers to Aimee's tender care, while he threw the harness over the bar at the top of the swing. With the strength of a superman, he pulled down this end to clip on the harness on my waist. This had the effect of lifting me a foot above the ground. The apparatus looked very rickety and I felt nervous for my own safety.
  The first volunteer was led on all fours by Miss Aimee to stand a few feet from me in front of my face. I jumped in my reins as I saw this volunteer was wearing a mask, a dog mask. A second was a horse. Another a lion. Also an elephant. I had to choose, Miss Aimee explained.
  The elephant, from its size, was likely Iskra, so I discounted her! For no special reason, I pointed to the dog. I liked the dress she was wearing.
  The disappointed losers returned to their places. Miss Aimee removed the dog mask to reveal a young man! I felt swindled.
  He remained on all fours facing me, and began making silly barking noises when Mister Zizzy began pushing me. The swing creaked and I went forwards, then back. I was all too conscious the movement was disturbing my dress revealing my naked body underneath.  As I swung, Zizzy fetched a stand from the wings, which looked like a pole with a hoop on top. However above the weighted base, the pole was formed of springy flexible coiled steel.
  My motion had all but ceased now. The hoop he placed between my swinging hands and legs. Lying close to the ground, he adjusted the height so it was just below my stomach, I had an idea of what he was up to.
  He grabbed my cock and narrowed the hoop so that it was clamped loosely.
  Satisfied, he began my swinging again, slowly at first. Once assured my cock was hitting the hoop each time, he increased the back swing and as I ascended from the nadir, I stretched the flexible pole so the hoop lifted in the air, my cock its prisoner. Then as I fell back, the hoop dropped back to its starting position.
  Of course, the effect on my cock was soon obvious to everyone. It grew to big cheers, and more barking from my chosen one. I was swinging wildly now, my cock being pulled more and more each time it penetrated the hoop. It was only a matter of time before I finally got my night's satisfaction.
  The crowd were pleased as well. As for doggy, he was ecstatic. I had swung crashing down yet again and powered thru the hoop when I felt myself go. Wow! At the zenith, out burst my cum, spraying devotedly on to my flowing dress, then out into the night air, and right down on to my waiting date.

  I think Mister Zizzy was pleased, as he beamed on me in my cot that night. I got up on all fours as if responding to his approval. But he laughed and turned me so I lay arms and feet in the air. Miss Aimee, still in her familiar yellow sissy dress, tickled my tummy, as Zizzy handcuffed my hands to the back of the cot. As I wriggled in protest and Miss Aimee soothed me with her tickling, my feet were splayed and locked to the foot of the cot. What were they planning?
  I lay mystified and trapped. I couldn't even turn my head to see them in their bunk, though I soon heard that familiar purring of Miss Aimee that so aroused me.  I was coming on heat, and there was no way I could release myself.
  If I was near boiling, imagine how I felt when Miss Aimee materialized over the top of my cot and got in, crouching over me in that well known pose. My heart was racing as she stared down on my face and melted me with her sweet radiance.
  Then her head lifted and I watched disappointed but amazed as she opened her mouth, wide, like you have to do for the dentist.
  I couldn't lift my head sufficiently, all I could see was thru the opening between the bars an erect cock was being pushed. Further in it struggled, at last making contact with Miss Aimee's licking lips. Immediately she lunged toward the bars and gobbled the thing in her adoring mouth. His balls dangled mesmerizing my eyes. As for my own cock, it desperately wanted to explode!
  In an instant the balls were encased in her mouth too, her purring reaching fever pitch, he was yelping with ecstasy. I was hoping at least for crumbs from the rich man's table, as it were, and catch a few drips of their pleasure.
  Instead the cock pulled violently away and Miss Aimee was left crouching, savoring her lips and whispering down to her stunned admirer,
  "Nice eh? Watch and learn for tomorrow!"
  In his long robe, I could see now it was Zizzy- not that I imagined it was anyone else, though I fantasized it might have been me.
  She remained crouching above me, now completely still, but purring in anticipation. I longed for her to fall on me. It seemed an age while she stared coyly down at me, exuding some aura, some scent, that I couldn't fathom. Her head moved to within an inch of my face. I was purring myself. But I perceived she had done this not to tease me, but so her backside could be lifted higher.
  Then Zizzy's robe engulfed Miss Aimee's dress as her uplifted rear received his plunging cock. The cot creaked in protest.
  She remained patiently motionless as he vigorously penetrated her. That drove her purring into near a scream, right in my face, and I watched and learned, her every moment of pleasure conveyed thru that purring, and I thrilled with her when she let the world know she was impregnated, as her ecstasy made her move for the first time as she barked at me in imitation of his own sounds of pleasure.
  As he relieved the cot of his weight, she resumed the horizontal, ever moving her head in pleasure, as her lower half swilled the gift she had received, and I waited for them to allow me my release.
  She did pop a little kiss on my forehead before getting out, but advised a sorrowful frustrated sissy baby in his cot that I had to "save myself."

  Little Pussy's First Sex was what Thursday's attraction was called, Miss Aimee told me. I assured her I had watched her carefully- oh so carefully!- and would try and look demure like she did.
  "Until you're taken!" she grinned.
  I spent all day waiting, longing for the release my body had been denied. I asked her to tell me "just a little bit more," but all she would say was it was for real this time, not like the last show.
  Much of the afternoon she spent grooming me. My face and hair were made sweet smelling, then my dress decorated with yet more flowers, lilac roses. But she refused to shave me or to wash my smelly body or my stained dress. I presented a strange mixture of exotic perfumes and the aroma of stale body fluids.

  When the curtain was drawn, there I stood, motionless on all fours, my dress dangling to the ground, my tail wagging to welcome the crowd. Zizzy had fixed a thin line around my neck to my tail, so that it moved as my head moved. I received an instant warm round of applause that made me blush.
  With her brush, Miss Aimee prettified me even more so that my face was bright red with the excitement. A large mirror had been stood at the side of the stage so I could admire myself as well as watch.
  All this time Zizzy was chattering away, everyone lapping up his words, whatever they were. Then Miss Aimee took my chain and handed me over to Mister Zizzy's mercies. He pointed out my various points of attraction, at least I think that is what he was doing, except that his scissors materialized and he deftly made a slit in my dress, right under my wagging tail. Remembering my order to stand still, I did try turning to watch, but the ludicrous effect only made them laugh nicely. So I contented watching in the mirror.
  Zizzy slipped his hand inside the hole he had made, and I shuddered as he touched my backside. He stretched the folds that hid my anus, caressing the area with sweet smelling cream. Then standing, from his robe he scattered a shower of confetti that gave off a strong scent that made the crowd breathe in collectively with a loud sigh.
  Miss Aimee returned from back stage, herself on all fours, to wild catcalls. I saw why. Her teeth were gripping a dildo! Unlike last night, when Zizzy's cock had its tip inside her mouth, tonight, her mouth held the base, and the strong head of the dildo flashed its power in my direction.
  I trembled as Miss Aimee pushed it thru the hole and it brushed my anus. The crowd could see her pushing it in, shouting words that could only mean one thing. In the mirror I could see her eager pushing, In my backside I could feel her successful penetrating of my receptive little body.
  A little late, I remembered I was supposed to be purring. Wow! I hadn't thought I'd be heard, but there must have been a mike somewhere on my neck collar for the purring echoed round the tent like an eerie excited moan.
  Of course that drove everyone delirious, including myself as she pressed the dildo and filled my passage with a load of fluid. I would have barked loudly anyway but above the crescendo from the crowd, I really gave it my all. She withdrew the dildo which sprayed more foam over my back.
  "Thanks," I called out to Miss Aimee.
  She simply patted my backside, like I was some faithful old pet.

  We needed a rest, though in the interval, as I returned to my docile state, Miss Aimee allowed groups of four to come and pat me. Some scrutinized carefully, others asked me questions I couldn't possibly understand, but we all bathed in our happy satisfaction.
  One thing I hadn't received- utter satisfaction. My body was still in its on  heat state, no I should rather call it 'on fire,' for I was burning for release, I think those inspecting me close enough could smell that desire steaming out my frustrated body.
  I hoped Miss Aimee would have pity, for she knew, oh she knew, my feelings as I stood there patiently enjoying and sometimes enduring all that meticulous attention.
  Zizzy reappeared. He was glowing with success, or was it the refreshment he had imbibed?
  I began purring, and the audience who had finally settled, stirred with expectation. I made my purring soft as even at near-mute level it sounded like  thunder!
  A sea of hands were waving. A volunteer was being sought. Miss Aimee found her quarry, but I was unable to see who it was, maybe their stooge, Iskra. Oh no, not her...
  The volunteer was coming towards the stage. I made out someone on all fours, then I saw they were wearing that dog mask. As he, or she, reached the stage, Miss Aimee removed her lemon colored dress, to wolf whistles revealing her bra and pantie. She was center of attraction for sure!
  The dress was draped over the crouched doggy. When Ziggy cracked his whip, the scantily clad Miss Aimee pulled it towards me.
  Yes, this must be another friend of theirs, for as I stood motionless, looking and sounding as appealing as I could, the doggy sniffed round me. They've been primed I told myself.
  More sniffing particularly round my tail area as the crowd, like some game of searching, yelled their approval of doggy's actions.
  A crash of the whip, and I sagged under doggy's weight as it mounted my backside. My purring grew louder, booming out of the tent's loudspeakers. I'd found out this doggy was male. He had found the hole, he had found my creamy opening, and now he was keen to get inside me. The crowd roared on as they saw him slump on my back and as I felt him pushing up into me. My pose of innocent coyness was discarded as I gyrated with my hips and waggled my backside in response to his lusting thrusts.
  I could feel him swell, making me yell in pain, and then in pleasure as his boiling cum squelched into me, almost scalding me in its intensity of desire.
  The crowd cheered when he withdrew, displaying his spent but still pulsing cock, which tipped its final frothy gifts on my backside. I wondered how I'd manage to  contain the giant thing inside me when it had been at the zenith of its power. And if the crowd could have lifted my own dress, as I expect they wanted to, they'd have seen an even bigger one, for my own burning cock was still very unfulfilled.

  No entertainment for me that night. I was left on stage on all fours,  body harness strapped me to the sides of my cage so that I could not sag to the ground. I wondered how animals sleep.
  After, without any warning, administering a shock enema "to clean me out," and wrapping me in an enormous nappy, Miss Aimee had left me  for her own comfortable bed of fun with the dire warning not to try to masturbate. She offered one shaft of hope,
  "Tomorrow we will draw your cum," whatever that meant.
  As the night grew into deep darkness, having resisted manfully, I had to yield to my bodily desires. In other words, I filled my nappy with the fruits of that enema. It would be hours before I could be cleaned, and my hands and feet shifted uncomfortably the rest of that wearisome night.
  The sun rose and warmed me. By breakfast I was cleaned, washed, and felt much happier. I had began masturbating in the tin bath I was given, when Zizzy appeared from nowhere to slash his whip into my bath sending a spray of dirty water in all directions, and a scream of pain from me.
  End of that. We ate breakfast together, I dressed only in my sissy lilac pantie, Miss Aimee radiant as though she had enjoyed a very good night of it. She chatted with Zizzy as though I weren't there, plans no doubt for tonight's show.
  Zizzy left so she began chattering to me, asking about my studies, and talking as though nothing at all out of the ordinary had been going on all week. Was this 'normal' for her? Now she was telling me about how to get to my flight next Monday. I made a note of what she said, but wanted to ask her about tonight, and couldn't I have a fresh dress and be shaved? Most of all I needed to know what she had meant about my cum. Would she promise I'd get sex tonight? I was desperate.
  "You enjoyed last night, eh?"
  "Well yes, up to a point.  "I understand. Tonight, you'll be satisfied," was her enigmatic reply.

  I was prowling slowly round  my cage, slowly because minutes previously Miss Aimee had put high heels on my feet, then another pair on my hands! But I couldn't wait for it to begin. I couldn't wait! Neither it seemed could the crowd, impatiently slow clapping until the great Zizzy deigned to make his bow. He was welcomed with a huge cheer. We had conjured up a loyal set of fans!
  More cheers when Miss Aimee sauntered from her place at the entrance up to the great man. More cheers for I know not what. Then Miss Aimee walked over to my cage and with a flourish, locked me in! What did it mean?
  Hands were waving, as I'd seen so often before, and she mingled among the audience, key upraised in her hand. It was handed to that large woman- oh no it is Iskra! She gleefully tucked the key between her two voluminous bosoms.
  As Zizzy droned on I puzzled what was expected of me tonight. The cage was locked. Who might open it? Even if that big woman did, she couldn't mount me, thanks be, as the cage wasn't high enough to fit her now that I was an extra six inches off the ground in these heels.
  As I slid gracefully round my cage, looking as elegant and pretty as I could,  Miss Aimee returned from somewhere. At least I think it was her, as it was definitely her dress, but her face was hidden my the large mask of an elephant. She was on all fours with the most enormous platform shoes on hands and feet that raised her height at least twelve inches so that she was taller even than me in my stilettos.
  A trumpeting noise sounded most unAimee-like, but I thought I ought to respond so began my purring. The amplified sound made me jump, even though I knew it was coming. That moved the watchers into a first stage of excitement.
  It was Miss Aimee! She called to me thru her mask,
  "It's time to draw your cum!"
  She may as well have been speaking in her own language, for I didn't figure how she could take me in my cage! But the promise made me purr, without any affectation, much louder. She was plodding round my cage making loud sniffing noises, and tossing her long trunk in the air. Remarks from Zizzy inflamed the watchers into renewed expectation.
  I moved my backside against the bars of my cage, guessing this was what she wanted. But she merely continued her tour of my cage and stopped with a triumphant trumpeting and toss of her trunk, as we stood in high heels face to face, rather mask to face. She nuzzled the bars and I drew my own bearded face close to hers, as an "aaaah" rang round the tent. I could see her trunk was attached to her mouth, the mask of elephant features pulled over her head.
  She was making whining sounds now, as though frustrated, and turned away from my disappointed face. I had been trying to lick her.
  She was round the back again, so I obligingly nuzzled my rear against the bars. How she managed it I will never know, but her trunk gave out a hissing which hoovered in the loose end of my dress. Gasps from onlookers as my unsissy cock is revealed.
 With my dress lifted, her roaming trunk goes in search and finds my unfulfilled  cock, which expands to everyone's cheering as she makes contact.
  It's a very powerful suction she is exerting, that pulls the semi stiff object into the trunk hole. I stand there purring as she encases it fully and they all soon know that I am on heat, on fire, possessed by this demanding force.
  Relentless in its sucking, I feel the long awaited moment of release upon me and many hands are placed on ears when I purr on my top note as she takes me so wonderfully.
   If some believed it was all simulation, Zizzy confounds their doubts by introducing from deep inside his robe a plastic test tube, just the size for elephant to squeeze its trunk into. Then, as Mister Zizzy displays it to the audience, out is expressed my offering of cum- in fact it's still steaming! That draws a round of prolonged applause, during which Aimee sucks it all back up!
   I'd thought it was all over, but no, she sways her trunk inside the cage, and sucks my cock into her trunk anew.
   Well, am I ready for more? I think I'd love to try!
   But to my utter astonishment, once she has made me grow to a fresh burst of cheers, the sucking is reversed. I feel I am sucking, though it must only be her trunk that is pulsing the torrent of cum, back inside my opening at the tip of my cock! It pushes and pushes until as much as possible has been returned from whence it came! I think I am satisfied. I am certainly stunned!
   During the interval groups are allowed to inspect me, some fingering me and tasting if it really be cum. I stand there patiently like the demure little sissy I once again look, even though I had been the naughtiest sissy ever imaginable!

   I saw it was time for another session of Pick the Volunteer.
  Only men it seemed were volunteering, not that there were more than a dozen females here. At least this lets out Iskra, I breathed thankfully.
  Miss Aimee was beaming as she made her way among the crowd, picking out some volunteers. Hers was a most pleasant task, for I saw her hand reaching around their crotches!
  Six had been sent to join Zizzy on stage. A flushed Miss Aimee returned and warned me to be ready.
  On a crack of Zizzy's whip, the six unzipped their pants, pulled them down to reveal their bulging cocks under their panties. Cheers, mixed with some jeers, maybe jealous jeers.
  "I'm choosing the biggest," Miss Aimee quickly told me before moving with alacrity over to the men. On her knees, she inspected each bulge. She was relishing her job!
  Three were dismissed, the other three made to crouch like myself. To  frenetic encouragement, she lay on her back and moved her head under each creature in turn. Now it was a hand job, shaping her delicate hands round the objects of desire, I could see the three were ever more aroused.
  At last she emerged from under them, and whispered something to Zizzy. The result, no doubt. Silence descended.
  Her sweet innocent sissy looks had evaporated now and she seemed as on heat as me. I was purring softly myself, and the sound stirred a murmur of approval among the whole crowd.
  With a kiss, Aimee dismissed two disappointed men. With a crack from Zizzy, they reluctantly quit the stage.
  The winner beamed, though looked less pleased when a doggy mask hid his features. A collar chain followed, then four high heels. Then, very carefully, his remaining clothing was removed.
  The clapping was for his giant cock. It was a beauty. Moments later however it was hidden by the sissy dress that adorned his eager body.
  A crack on his backside made him jump. At the same time, Miss Aimee pulled his chain and he hobbled precariously on all fours towards my cage.
  I was watching, still uncertain. Zizzy, standing by, whispered him an order, it was to start barking! Woof woof, went doggy. Purr, purr was my reply. Then I remembered what the couple had done in the caravan and I understood.
  Doggy was pulled by Miss Aimee so he straddled the cage, high heeled feet on the ground, high heeled hands straddling over the roof of my cage, with me untouched underneath! With another crack on his backside, Mister Zizzy lifted the underside of his dress affording me a close up view of the giant pulsing cock.
  With more barking, on whispered orders from Zizzy, the huge thing was poked thru the bars. To a frenzy of barking, my mouth opened and I joyfully leaned forward to take the bulging object fully in my mouth. As an afterthought I squeezed in his balls with another gobble.
  The noise was terrific, but you could still hear my amplified purring, even though I was gagging trying to contain the eager thing. I knew he couldn't contain himself much longer as my tongue teased him and my saliva washed him. He came with a tremendous flooding power. I withdrew and he spent his full load of his awesome cock over my face. My open mouth frothed with his gift.
  As he dripped, I lifted my head and, with as much force as I could muster, spewed his foamy cum high up into the air. It landed in a myriad of places, on the donor,  even on Miss Aimee, and on many of those gaping open mouthed in the first rows. Even Mister Zizzy looked pleased at my ingenuity. I smacked my lips, and rested my body on the floor, as if to say, how can we top this tomorrow?

  I had spent a hot steamy night in the caravan, alone. Miss Aimee had tucked me in and told me she and Zizzy were sleeping in the open air. She was half apologizing for not providing me with any entertainment, though she did warn me not to masturbate. Why not, I had thrown back at her, I was my own master. Not if you want to please me tomorrow, was her enigmatic reply.
  So I had lain in my cot, frustrated. What I might call my recycled cum had been topped up so I was now overflowing again and craving for release. Yet she held me in her spell, and my desire to please her, whatever that meant, overrode my natural impulse for instant gratification.
  My thoughts I tried to force away from the passion that was overwhelming me. I reflected how I had changed so completely this vacation, since I had been turned into the fairground sissy freak. Could I ever return to being normal? Did I want to? Couldn't I stay here for ever?
  In my heart I knew the answer was no. I knew that Zizzy and Aimee would only drive me further and further until they found my limit, and even then I guessed they might try and push me over the edge. Indeed, what were they scheming tonight? Something that would make me refuse, like that baby I had seen on my very first visit, something that would allow them not to pay me my 20% of the takings. No, I decided, they had paid me for my first half week, I trusted them. But all night I turned over what might be my fate that last show.
   I didn't see them all day, it was weird. I missed Miss Aimee, I longed to see her. I couldn't wait for the show...

  The rowdy Saturday evening rabble were crying out for Zizzy. Zizzy they shouted, and Zizzy they got. I had been backstage and disappointed not to catch a glimpse of Miss Aimee. Iskra was unusually taking the entrance money. where was Miss Aimee? I had asked Zizzy who understood not my question, nor did anyone else I approached.
  My mind in a whirl, Zizzy's patter reached the point when he called his helper up. Iskra lumbered forth, to mild applause, not the fervent reception that Miss Aimee would have got.
  Her fat hand reached behind the staging for mine. Dutifully I took it. I was yanked on stage on all fours, to a big cheer of recognition. That cheered me no end. In my modest way, I felt that I looked stunning. Though I had had to pretty myself, I had made myself as beautiful as I could. My dress had been washed and dried, more affecting little roses added, and I was smelling  as sweet as roses. I'd also dared to shave- though this had earned the severest of disapproving glares from Mister Zizzy. My curved blonde hair glistened with all the spray bestowed on it. All in all, I looked as sweet a sissy as you could ever hope to meet.

  A crack of Zizzy's whip indicated his continued disapproval. Iskra, with a wink and a giggle lifted each hand and foot and strapped them in Mary Jane sandals. She stood aside, so  Mister Zizzy could approach. From his robe he produced a hammer. His other hand produced some nails, which he held up for the now rapt audience to see.
  Bang Bang! A nail was hammered thru the back of my front sandal into the stage flooring. Then the other three sandals, making me firmly rooted to the spot. Accepting my fate, I bowed my head demurely to the ground, and Zizzy murmured what sounded like his approval. He sprayed my sweet smelling dress with a new scent, unusual, an odor I could not identify.
  Iskra had left the stage but now returned leading on our horse. He was a strong stallion and the sight of me seemed to rouse him to excitement. Thank goodness Iskra was strong enough to stop him going wild. The crowd were becoming excited too.
   I realized why. Like them I saw the beast's large sheath expanding. He was pulling Iskra towards me, my scent obviously was drawing him.
   I cried out. I appealed to Zizzy. No! I yelled. He understood that word.
 "No?" he queried.
 "No. Never." I couldn't have taken that stallion even if I had wanted.
  The horse was muzzling me now and, with me a helpless prisoner, I wondered if Zizzy dared carry on. I really hoped not.
  "Anything but that," I promised.
  I think he understood. In fact I reckoned Miss Aimee had coached him.
  To boos, the stallion was dragged disappointed away.
  I remained intact, and innocent looking. I wasn't a popular figure just then.
  The largest cow I'd ever seen was what Iskra dragged on.  Scared, and my mind racing, I stood motionless as the animal was stood in front of me.
  Zizzy's  patter turned the boos to cheers, and I had to yield when Iskra pushed the beast over my head.
  I understood this must be Feeding Time, for she grabbed a teat and shoved it unceremoniously into my mouth. As this was a slightly less uncongenial task, I pulled the udder and sucked. The crowd were back on my side! My only silly thought at the moment was, I hope my 20% is safe. That, and what's next?
  As I suckled the beast, the floor was reverberating to Iskra who was dancing round the stage. I couldn't see what she was up to, but laughter followed her antics, then more clapping. I caught a glimpse of Zizzy putting a costume on her. But I didn't dare cease my drinking, as I was sure Zizzy's wrath was near boiling point anyway, over my refusal to play ball with the stallion. A sense of thankfulness that he hadn't forced the issue was uppermost in my mind, and I sucked more strongly, remembering my promise.
  The cow was pulled off by Zizzy, my mouth released the udder and I awaited the next installment.
  Something like what I imagined a werewolf looked like, was cavorting round my body. It was the absurd Iskra under that furry body, with her own fangs, that must have been artificially lengthened into points, protruding thru her wolf like face mask. Whirling round, she must have been demented. Zizzy had left with the cow and I was alone at the mercy of this crazed werewolf.
  I stood stock still, not really out of fear, but like some trapped animal philosophically awaiting its fate. She began snarling at me, and meeting no response her teeth dug in to my waist, making a rip in my lovely dress. Had I made myself pretty only for this?
  Another bite in my backside made me jump- though I could not jump of course. Her bite mark made me wince, my bottom smarting with pain.  She was making pleased noises now as she inflicted another rip to the beautiful dress, this one round my tail.
  Then she resumed her cavorting round her prey, and in a flash all was revealed. For a huge dildo was emerging between her rear legs, spurting jets of liquid every few seconds to the rapture of the crowd.  Now we all knew what was to happen, she wasted no more time, but snarled and made a leap onto my defenseless back.  I sagged under her enormous weight, but decided it was time to start my purring. That roused everyone, including her, as she sought to find my entrance with her dildo. At least it's not really hers, was my consolation.
  "Vutre v neya!" they chanted continuously.
  I purred louder as, with a little manual help, she guided the thing inside me and she madly and frenetically rubbed her body against mine, the squirts ever wetting my inside.
  She made a convincing actress and I purred  on my top note when she screamed, satisfied. But I doubted that she was, and nor was I.
  In the interval, I remained on stage for those voyeurs who wanted to admire the rips in my sissy dress and to look thru the holes to see where the werewolf had taken me. I couldn't bear this and really wanted out. Though my cum wanted out even more, and I hoped that this last act tonight would see Miss Aimee's word's come good.
  They were all sitting expectantly when a flushed Iskra marched up to my motionless body, 'not again,' I was fearing!
  Nothing so repetitive, she was unbuckling my sandals, and escorting me off stage. You could have heard a pin drop.
  The sandals remained oddly nailed to the stage as thru the audience strode Mister Zizzy holding a chain at the end of which was the sweetest sissy you ever saw. She wore a mask, as of a Siamese cat, but her body was a sight for the gods- the most sumptuous white sissy dress, ruffled sleeves, frilly hems in pink, and one large  word on her back in Cyrillic script that I could not read.
  While they moved towards the stage, we left it, Iskra removing her werewolf costume, and indicating it was for me.
  So I put it on, a belt fastening it round me, for it would have been very loose fitting otherwise. Suddenly I had transformed from sweet sissy to ravening werewolf. Iskra beamed in approval. Then spotting the giant dildo, she  disconnected it and clung it lovingly to her own body. She pointed at the empty slot from where it had been poking.
  By showing me the dildo, I understood. But I couldn't do anything on all fours, so I was about to sit down to make my cock protrude, when a kindly thought smote me.
  I looked down, then straight at Iskra. She laughed. She knew what I was asking. No second invite required! Her hand groped in the hole and located my little cock. She gave it a friendly pull and,, now a wee bit stiffer, she pulled it so it dangled thru the opening. Slowly she released it. She nodded her appreciation.
   Hardly had we done this, when a hand, Zizzy's, stretched out to draw me on stage.

  An uncertain clapping greeted my wolflike stalking before them. The word 'sissy' buzzed round the tent as Zizzy  pulled down my wolf face to prove it was I. Then my mask was put on again, and a tap on my backside hinted I needed a lot more ferocity in my bearing. I obeyed, shocking even Zizzy, by biting his leg. Not a munching bite, like Iskra had inflicted on me, but a playful nibble. A crack of the whip across my backside was my reward.
  That made me angrier and I prowled the stage, noticing for the first time, the beautiful form of the sleek sissy feline in one corner. I couldn't purr any more, so I barked and, the audience encouraging me, I barked my way towards her. I was gonna give her a bite too!
  Zizzy ran and interposed, forcing me back with his whip. I stood uncertain whether to attack, but those steely eyes of his warned me to desist. I growled as he protectively pulled his cat away. I made a few lunges at the front row which earned me a few cheers, before I turned to see the Siamese being fixed center stage in those sandals!
  She was trapped like I had been! I growled louder. Zizzy waved and went back stage. Was this my chance?
  I slid up to my prey. She remained as still as I had ever been, seemingly mesmerized, incapable of resistance.
  My cock grew.
  The crowd's cheers grew louder.
  Emboldened by Zizzy's absence, I grew in confidence.
  The cat, from her horizontal position, lowered her head in a way that was so familiar.
   "Miss Aimee?" I queried to the cat.
  No reply, except for a slight purring, which amplified around the tent.
  "It's you, isn't it?"
  Louder grew the purring.  
  I pounced!
  At the same time there emerged Zizzy, at this inauspicious moment.
  The feline raised her head and she was horizontal as my busting body mounted her delicate frame.
  Man of action, Mister Zizzy, cracked down his whip on my backside. Yet in my fever of lust, that only increased my strength, and I pushed my throbbing cock towards her opening.
  Whip! The force of Zizzy's infliction pushed me right into her. With a thundering barking I took her, with a shattering purring she accepted me.
  The beating on my backside was unabated. With a howling ecstasy, I pulsed into her my wonderfully recycled cum that she'd already savored as well as my fresh new cum specially concocted for her. Her crescendo of purring greeted every last ounce I could pound right up her.
   Beside himself, Zizzy pulled me violently from her and the show turned into an unplanned fight between magician and werewolf. It was only ended short of manslaughter by the cat, which had been released by Iskra.
  My next memory is of being in hospital, and I was very lucky to catch my flight.
  I never heard again from Zizzy or Miss Aimee. They must be still searching for that sissy who is prepared to be taken by horse, and probably an elephant as well. If that's you, I'll gladly give you the names of the towns where we were performing. I'd like to see you try.

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