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 “One more time… just one… more… time... “ Nemi whispered to himself.

The eighteen
year old cat snuck through the hallway of his empty house like the little thief he was becoming. Time after time, he had made the twinkle-toed walk towards his sister’s room; his heart racing and nerves on edge. No one was home but Nemi was still cautious. It was strange to be home when he should’ve been at school, and worse, to be sneaking into his sister’s room while skipping school. He didn’t skip school much, if ever, but the trek into his sister’s room had become almost too common for his comfort. Cracking open the door, he wandered inside of the brightly lit pink and white bedroom. It was oddly quiet, except for the sound of birds or traffic occasionally passing by outside.

Being in her room without her there made him feel so awkward; he was hardly ever invited inside. His older sister wasn’t exactly mean, but they lived separate lives and he wasn’t ever supposed to be going through her things. She crushed on boys and did things that didn’t interest him much at all just yet. But one thing he did know about her was that she babysat… and she babysat a lot! Walking carefully into her Merin’s room, Nemi found what he was looking for almost immediately. There, sitting politely on her perfectly made bed, was a big diaper bag filled with exactly what he was looking for. Nemi eagerly approached the big diaper bag, and didn’t waste any time in unzipping it and pulling out a few diapers for himself. He only stopped for a moment to appreciate the diaper, and rolled his eyes when he realized it was a bunch of girl diapers. He simply assumed she was taking care of a baby girl later, and pressed on.

He couldn’t count how many times he had done this. For as long as he could remember, Nemi loved to wear diapers. He was only eighteen, but being babied and wearing diapers felt like forever ago. In the last year or two, though… Nemi kept getting urges. Ever since his sister started babysitting, he’d eyeball the diapers as she packed her things for the job. Then, in the last couple of months… he started plucking them when he’d have the chance. The first time was like an adrenaline rush, but now it has almost become routine - and his sister never even noticed! The last couple of weeks, though, Nemi had been on a spree. It was almost every day now that Nemi found himself wearing a diaper, peeing and pooping it when he knew no one else was home. It was such a good, exciting feeling for him; how intense it was when he wanted to be babied and diapered just like he was a real baby again!

Of course, with his grubby and eager little paws on a fresh diaper, Nemi could hardly contain himself. He knew no one was home; his parents were at work, and his sister was at school. He had plenty of time to himself, and why shouldn’t he just put a diaper on now? Without thinking twice, Nemi knelt down onto his sister’s floor, pulled his pants down, and began to diaper himself. To most his age, putting a diaper on would’ve been time consuming; Nemi remembered how clumsy and confused he was his very first time. But he was a rookie no more! The eighteen year old cat diapered himself with ease. He slipped the diaper beneath his butt, didn’t dare forget the baby powder, and fastened it tightly around his waist. In no time at all, Nemi found himself diapered once again! But it was just then, as he was about to escape his sister’s room and begin a serene diapered afternoon, when something strange happened and startled Nemi. The bedroom he had diapered himself in was silent, but something broke that silence and caught the attention of his sensitive feline ears; a slight thump that was barely audible. Nemi stopped what he was doing, and froze in place!

“What was that?” he shyly asked out loud; thinking to himself, as many others did.

He thought it was just his imagination, at first. His paranoid nerves stood on edge; it was easy to get carried away when he was just standing in a diaper, all home alone. But it wasn’t until he heard another noise, a loud rustling noise, that he became truly petrified with fear. On the farthest edge of his sister’s bedroom, a light thonk turned into all-out rustling. Then, before he could dare run or scream, he watched in horror as his sister’s slatted closet door swung open, and none other than his own sister Merin slowly stepped out from the shadows! The older deer came forth into the daylight with an evil, mischievous grin and cackled at Nemi’s terrified expression!

“Well, well, well! Look at what I have here!” she said out loud.

Nemi’s initial reaction was to flee… but his sister was quick to stop him.

“Don’t you dare run, diaper boy!” she said. Nemi naturally listened, and didn’t move.

“W-What are you doing here!?” he asked, attempting to hide himself behind her half-closed bedroom door. She quickly came over and swung it open, revealing his diaper to her.

“Y’know, I knew my diapers were going SOMEWHERE! You think I’m too stupid to notice that all those expensive diapers were just disappearing into thin air?” she exclaimed, grabbing his arm. She quickly yanked him back into her bedroom, and shut the door.

“N-No! It wasn’t me!” Nemi lied. She wasn’t fooled.

It was then that she told him all about how she’d suspected him for a long time; diapers vanishing without a trace naturally led her to catch on. She watched him skip school once before, and knew what he’d been up to. Now, she had her proof!

“D-Don’t tell Mom or Dad!” Nemi then pleaded, blushing deep red. The eighteen year old cat’s fur was fluffed with fright, and he turned his face away from her as she giggled.

“I won’t. You will, though!” she said.

“What? No way!” Nemi resisted.

“Oh yes you will. I’m not paying for all those used diapers, myself. You’ve been stealing for how long? Not my fault you like crapping your pants for fun and stealing things from your sister’s room like a little creep,” she insisted.

Of course, Nemi told her he never would.

“You can’t prove anything!” he argued.

“Oh, no?” she evilly responded.

It was right then that the worst of Nemi’s awful situation came to light. Merin quickly pulled out her phone, and showed him pictures from just a few minutes ago; pictures of him putting the diaper on, and a few showing him wearing them in plain view. She threatened to show their parents the pictures - and worse, other people - if he didn’t confess to his parents what he had been doing. She laughed as he blushed worse. The little diapered cat boy couldn’t help but agree to what she was asking… but she didn’t stop there, either. How long had Nemi been getting all of the attention in the household? She never wanted a little brother… she’d much rather have had a little sister, instead.

“C’mere, Nemi. You’re wearing a girl diaper. How bad would it be for everyone to see you sneaking in your sister’s room… and putting a girly diaper on. Hmmm? You wanna be a little baby girl? You’ll be a baby girl, then!” she teased.

Nemi’s cheeks burned so pink they were practically red!

“I do not!” he argued. His sister yanked his arm, and he didn’t bother yanking away.

“Liar, liar, liar! Little baby girls don’t lie, Nemi… you’ll learn, once you tell Mom and Dad all about how much you wanna be a baby girl!” she teased some more.

Nemi’s heart sank in his chest at the thought of being treated like a baby again; especially a baby girl. His little mind was filled with all sorts of different emotions as his sister sat him on the edge of the bed and began rummaging through her closet. On one hand, he DID always want to be treated like a baby again… it was one of his biggest dreams! To be able to wear diapers freely and be treated like that again… nothing could’ve made him happier! But on the other hand, he was unbelievably shy about the thought about being treated like a girl, and especially shy about daring to confess to his parents. Would he get in trouble, or would his dreams come true?

“I-I’m not telling Mom and Dad!” he argued, but his sister shook her head.

He watched as Merin tossed a cute outfit in his direction; a dress his size, likely one of her old dresses she had outgrown years ago. She approached him, and told him to put his arms up high. The outfit was one piece, and she was able to slip the cute ruffly pink outfits onto him with ease… especially since he didn’t even try to stop her.

“Oh yes you are. Why wouldn’t you? You’re not even trying to stop me!” she noted.

Nemi sighed; another sinking feeling in his chest as he was called out on how much he may have actually liked it. It was all a lot to take in; one second, being so calm and collected and enjoying a secret afternoon to himself in nothing but a diaper. Just moments ago he wanted to use the diaper until he couldn’t anymore, but now… he knew he was going to be made to, soon. He was going to drink from a bottle, and watch cartoons - all in secret. But it wasn’t going to be a secret anymore, soon. His sister knew he didn’t mind letting himself free. Merin was hardly cruel or vindictive… though, she was pretty frustrated about having him sneak around and steal things. Who was more in the wrong? She didn’t bother thinking that over; her parents would decide.

“Don’t you look so cute, Nemi? Mom and Dad will be so, so pleased with their new baby girl,” she said, turning her little brother towards her mirror.

Nemi stared at himself in the mirror and for the first time, saw himself in a dress. It was strange how badly he wanted to hate it, but didn’t. The cute outfit; lavished with bows, ruffles, pink, and white colors - all seemed to compliment his fur color and slender figure.

“I… I… I don’t!” he lied.

“Oh yes you do. Geeze… you fit it better than I did,” Merin teased. He didn’t argue.

“So what was next on your little afternoon, my new baby sister?” she then asked.

Nemi stuttered and couldn’t find the words to explain the wetting and messing he had planned, or all the other things he was going to try. He had spent some of his allowance on a pacifier and some old videotapes of cartoons he liked when he was a baby. In reality, he wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to do during his day to himself… he rarely planned them out. Sure, he was going to do the homework he had to makeup for skipping school… but that was gonna happen when he felt like it. His sister, noting his silence, stared down at the diaper poking out from beneath the dress’ skirt and practically read his mind as he looked down at it.

“Oh, I see. Were you going to fix the fact that your diaper was dry? Was that it?” she said, pulling the dress up for them both to see. A waft of the baby powder hit both of their noses.

“Y’know, you bigger babies are always so predictable. You all think you’re the only ones your age who still like peeing your diapers… how many times have I had to change them, and you all still blush each time,” she then said.

Nemi hardly heard his sister; what she had said didn’t even register in his little shellshocked brain. Merin had taken care of plenty of babies; younger, and older.

“Mom and Dad will be home soon. You’d better be real, real squishy when you confess! Or else… everyone’ll know!” she explained.

“B-But Merin!” he yelled.

“But nothing! C’mon, I bet you held it in all day. Pee in it like a baby girl!” she insisted.

Merin giggled as her little brother blushed and obliged. He looked away, and the two stood in silence for some time before a loud hissing screamed out from beneath his skirt. Nerin found it surprisingly easy to pee in his diaper, despite his sister watching and listening. A thick waft of tainted baby powder met both of their noses as she watched on; Nemi’s diaper sagging a bit as his bladder emptied itself completely into the thirsty diaper’s interior.

“See? That was easy…” she said.

Nemi was silent.

“Wasn’t it?” she then asked, making Nemi look at him. He shyly nodded in agreement.

“Just remember how easy it was for you to pee your diaper when Mom and Dad are watching! Geez, I bet you go through them a lot… you were stealing so many. My little brother likes to be a soggy little girl!” she teased again.

The two of them stared at his yellowed, soggy diaper in the mirror as she revealed it for them both to gaze at; pulling up his skirt. A warmth of embarrassment and an indescribable glow of mischievous appreciation swept over Nemi as he realized what had happened, and what could very well happen in the future after he confessed that he wanted to be babied again. It was strange to be put in a dress by his sister, but his little heart was content by the strange treatment; a mix of embarrassment and happiness filled him with a strange sensation he had never before experienced. His sister knew very well he was enjoying it; she’d seen it a few times before.

“Are you going to be a good girl for Mommy, Daddy, and big sister Merin?” she asked, tapping the wet sag between his legs. Nemi shyly nodded.

“Good girl! See, you’re a natural. You never even argued!” she responded.

Nemi’s cheeks still burned red.

“Now stand still… lemme get a picture of how cute my new little squishy sister is,” she said, holding her phone.

Nemi wanted to move, but he didn’t. He held still, and felt his heart race a bit as she pointed the camera of her phone at him and took a few pictures. He blushed worse as she zoomed in on his saggy, peed-in diaper. Over and over again, for the next few hours, Merin teased him about his diapers. She made him pee in it again, and refused to change him until his parents came home. She even took another few pictures of him as proof! In time, though, his shyness melted away. His shame disappeared. He soon found himself almost excited to explain to his parents what had happened; for better, or worse. Would his sister get in trouble for doing this? Would he become a baby again, like he always dreamed of? It was impossible to know for sure until they arrived. By the time his parents inevitably did come home, Nemi found himself in a soaked, thick diaper that swished back-and-forth heavily between his legs; the dress too short to hide any of the sag. His heart began to race as he heard their car pulling into the driveway.

“C’mon, my adorable little sister. You’ve got a lot of explaining to do,” Merin said.
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Baby Butch
I like your story and see Nemi's Secret is known. He makes a great baby girl in diapers once again. Good job with your writing the furry story. His sister seems happy too.

Ecchi Nemi
@ Baby Butch
  Thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
The story wasn't written by me but by an anonymous writer on Inkbunny who doesn't want to be named ^^
I don't know when the next part arrives since she doesn't do stories currently... but I will upload it here as soon as it happens :3
Sissy Sylvan
Such a Cutie! 
Very fun :) Hope for more :)
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