R In Love With Sissy Clitties
When Gloria Havisham tells her sissy son Wimples they have guests coming in a few minutes: her friend Marion and her sissy son Blondel, it’s understandable that he should panic with shame when he is dressed in an open front dress and face frills.
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 In Love With Sissy Clitties

Art by Prissy --- story by Prim


"Wimples my dearest poppet, today will be very special for my little sissy sweetie." Gloria Havisham was dressing her eighteen-year-old in one of his oyster pink petticoat slips, with bra cups big enough to house the gorgeous globes she had lovingly developed in him over the past two years."

Wimples stood on tippy toes and began trotting on the spot. "Goodness, Mommy dearest, what is going to happen. Is this why you have chosen my new silk-satin panties to wear today. Are we going to show them off to some people?"

His mother pulled her darling into the warmth of her blouse breast and cuddled him close as she chuckled reassuringly. "Yes sweetheart, that's just what is going to happen. A friend of mine - a nice lady called Marion - is going to visit us today, because she wants to bring her sissy son to see you. She thinks you will both fall in love, and they will be here in just a few minutes."

Wimples nearly choked with panic. His fingers tried to stop his mama from fastening all the suspenders round his stocking tops. "But Mummy dearest, I will be dressed in petticoat frills and panty lace. I will be so shy and a-sh-sh-shamed!"

His mother turned away with more chuckles, and collected the precious pair of French panties he was to wear for the visitors. She held them in both hands so that the shine of the silk-satin gleamed bewitchingly. "Oh I know you will feel a little ashamed, darling precious," she cooed. "It's the way all sissies feel when they meet people and their feminine sweetness is so obvious." She stooped for Wimples to slot one of his high heels through the ample leg lace with their lovely ribbon bows. The cold satin brought a gasp as it slithered up his stockings and nestled around his glowing boysie-bits. A heavy cloud of misery seemed to settle above him, even though his bits were feeling adorably swollen and gorgeous. He began to warble with fright as he threaded his hands through the puffed sleeves of his rose party dress. Ohh, as Mummy fluffed and prettied it, he remembered that it was an open fronted frock - especially to show off his panties! He was about to protest when his heart leapt behind his dress front. That was the front door bell.

"Oh Mama, they're here! That's them! Oh my gosh!" Gloria laughed as her sissy flung his arms round her.

"Yes my pet, isn't that wonderful! Just let me put you into your face frills, darling," and she managed to hold him still enough to fasten the row of hooks under his chin. "And we'll support them with two or three neck petticoats. There, precious. You look lovely, and your little friend will certainly fall in love with you."

Moments later the front door was opened, and the two mothers had their sissies facing each other in the front hall.

"Oh Gloria darling, you've got him in an open fronted dress, to show his cock excitement to my darling sissy, Blondel." She brought her sissy son forward, slipping one hand round his waist and the other under the smooth silk of his panty. "Look, Blondel honey," and her fingers cupped the heavily loaded testes that filled the boy's panty-gusset. "Look how stiff Wimples' cock is inside those gorgeous silky panties. Oh, yes, his cock is lovely isn't it. I can feel yours growing stiffer and stiffer as you look at it."

Her son couldn't speak. Everything was aching and swelling inside his panties as his mother slid her gloves to and fro under his panty while she edged him forward.

"Aren't they sweet," cooed Gloria beside her son as her arm slipped round his waist and she inched him towards the approaching sissy. The two boys dared to glance up at each other's eyes, but only the once. They were more concerned with pointing their cocks, now juicing slightly through their silk gussets, until they were one inch apart. It was then that they seemed to understand each other perfectly, and both together began to throb - and jerk - and the two sissies kissed each other with the pantied knoblets of their dribbling sissy panties - kissing - squirting - sliding and squidging. Their mothers chuckled with satisfaction, holding their boys in place from behind so that their panty knobs stayed together as squirts of cum pumped out and dribbled down the fronts of their stockings. What a lovely sissy-panty playtime they were going to have together.



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Baby Butch
Humiliation may not be as bad as expected. Sissy playtime has begun!
@ Baby Butch
  You're right Baby B, Sissy playtime is so sweet for sissies. xxx
They are going to have lots of fun together lovely story  . 
@ sissybabysamantha2
  Yes I'm sure they will. Mmmm sissies together. Thank you Sissybabysamantha x
Hiya Abby! Oh my goodness, what a delicious start for the little pansies play date. Just think how much fun they can have cleaning each other up - tho I'm not sure that would cut down on any further creamy messes (giggles). xxxx 
    MU-WAH!!! luv and hugs from Kay Kandyfloss   xxx
@ kay3070
  Yes Kay: Sissies can be so creamy together, can't they? x
How wonderful to be part of such a sweet sissy-panty playtime ♥
This sissy has just creamed his panties, thankfully Mummy has me in plastic panties to save the mess for later 
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