PG 13 A Lesson in Sissy Protection
In a short dialogue with her Mistress sissy Josephine learns an important lesson.
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A Lesson in Sissy Protection

-Josephine, I’ll test your sissy expertise. Tell me, what is a sissy supposed to wear on her first date with a real man?

-A sissy is supposed to wear enough make up to improve her appearance but not too much as to look like a whore. A sissy should definitely wear a girly dress and a puffy petticoat is strongly recommended. Also, a sissy should wear pretty lingerie because, even if she is not having sex on her first date, she needs to feel at her most sexy. Finally, a sissy must pick matching accessories, high heels and purse for her outfit to give the right feminine impression.

-Almost right but you’ve omitted something really important Josephine. You clearly are not ready to go out on dates with big black men.

-Oh Mistress, please tell me what it is. I promise I’ll never forget it again!

-You still don’t know? Ok. I’ll try to make you find it out on your own. Tell me sissy, how much money have you spent on pretty lingerie?

-Umm… I’m not sure Mistress. Probably hundreds, I really try to have a pretty lingerie wardrobe.

-That’s right sissy, so tell me, don’t you want your investment to last as long as possible?

-Of course I do Mistress.

-Correct response Josephine. Now I want you to imagine yourself on a date with a big, black, handsome man. You are sited together in the movie theater and he suddenly puts his hand over your thigh and he starts to rub it. How would your sissy clitty react?

-It will probably start to drip sissy cummies Mistress.

-And where are those cummies going to spread over?

-Over my fancy panties Mistress.

-That’s right sissy. Now you know the problem, do you have any idea of what you can do about it?

-Not really Mistress, should I try to control myself?

-Of course not Josephine! You know very well that you sissies are completely incapable of controlling yourselves most of the time, let alone in a date with a big black men. As you are not experienced enough to know the answer, I’m going to tell you what you have to do to protect your pretty lingerie from your own sissy cummies. It is really simple, all you have to do is to buy some panty liners and put one in your panties and the rest in your purse right before the date. That way, when your tiny clitty starts to drip cummies, your expensive panties will be safe because the liner will be between them and your clitty. If the date lasts long enough or you feel that you are dripping too much, you’ll just excuse yourself to go to the ladies room where you will change your liner. Have you understood Josephine?

-It is crystal clear Mistress. From now on I will always wear panty liners on my dates!

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From this sissy,I would suggest FULL size pads,not the panty liners.Panty liners don't absorb much,but full size pads do.Any there is a more pronounced buldge in your panty!!! 
It is either camel toe or full effect diaper bulge !
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