XXX Legend of the Shippers -- Chapter 2 added!
In a worldwide fan-shipping tournament, this lesbian couple is looking for One True Pair -- of diapers!
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Chapter 1 -- Shooting First

She was playing on his turf. She considered the different variables of this as the scene came into view.

The darkness became an exaggerated pixelation, which faded into a crisp, high-definition scene: a convincing virtual reality.

The scene, a futuristic bar, maybe in a desert, was empty at first. People began to materialize. All different kinds, from all different planets. Voices could be heard. A cheerful music started playing. There was a band made up of aliens that looked like big puppets or real-life Dr. Seuss characters.

Ah, yes, she thought. Moss Eivey. The bar scene was iconic, like many of the other scenes she’d fought in. Though the movie had been made many decades ago, its scenes still had more repeat playability than the scenes of many other works recently created.

She looked down, assessing her current persona.

“Oh,” she groaned. “I get it. I’m Lana.” She was clothed in only a metallic bikini, a bondage choker, and hand- and ankle-cuffs. But despite the cuffs, she wasn’t bound or chained to anything.


She scanned the bar. She wondered who her adversary would be. It could be anybody in the Galactic Chronicles universe, though it would most likely be one of the major characters.

She said to herself, “Let’s see… This scene… really belonged to the rebellious loner, didn’t it? The one who owned the Centurion Phoenix?”

There, in the corner of the room, sat the man. She walked over to the table, her heavy cuffs clinking and clanking.

Some of the aliens in the bar eyed her and made comments about Lana’s sexy body and skimpy bikini. She wondered whether the comments had been programmed in by her adversary or the fans watching from home. Some of the comments were just lewd enough to get her ready for her scene. Others were troll-y and made her want to cover herself up. But she knew one of the first rules of showbiz these days was, you had to let the trolls’ comments slide right off. Otherwise, you’d wreck your scene and lose the game.

She sat down in the booth, across the table from the pilot of the Centurion Phoenix.

Damn it!, she thought. It’s his game, his advantage, and he hasn’t even made a first move!

She made Lana say, “What are you looking for, Sam Holograph?”

Sam leered at her. Okay, she thought. That look was just sleazy enough to get her motor running.

She laid Lana’s cuffed wrists on the table, hopefully enticing Sam into chaining Lana up somewhere.

Sam said, “Princess.”

Lana gasped. The gasp, and the quick jolt of surprise she felt Lana experience, must have been programmed, scripted. She didn’t like the inserted scripting. It always ruined the mood for her a little bit.

Sam waved at her. “Don’t think I didn’t know you’re the princess. There’s a price on your head. And I’m here to take you in.”

This definitely wasn’t matching the actual plot of Galactic Chronicles. But she didn’t worry about it. She improvised.

Lana said, “I’ll never go back! Not of my own free will! You’ll have to force me to go!”

She made Lana hold out her cuffed wrists again. She even wriggled them a bit. She loved the sound and feel of the heavy metal. It really made her hope Sam would start something kinky with her soon.

Sam Holograph didn’t even seem to be aware of the cuffs. What was this guy into?

Sam pulled out a laser gun. He said, “Now, just stand up slowly and put your hands in the air and you won’t get hurt.”

She made Lana raise her hands above her head. She looked down at Lana’s breasts. Rather attractive! That was the difficult thing about being a girl who likes girls and plays as girls in the Shipping Wars. You sometimes got caught up in your scenes with how much you might enjoy screwing yourself.

Lana said, “You won’t get away with this! You won’t, won’t, won’t!” She shook her head, but also tossed her breasts back and forth, hoping to allure the nearly unresponsive Sam.

Sam laughed at Lana. He said, “Just get moving, toots.”

She started walking, wondering how much she’d need to sashay Lana’s hips and wiggle Lana’s ass to make Sam get this scene started!

Suddenly, there was a pig-like grunt from behind Lana.

Sam said, “What are you doing?”

A big, fat, boar-faced soldier shoved his body between Sam’s and Lana’s. He snorted something at Sam.

Sam said, “I don’t care if Flabbo wants this one. She’s worth a lot! And that money’s mine!”

The boar-faced soldier shoved Sam Holograph backwards. Sam lifted his gun. The soldier quickly lifted his laser gun and blasted Sam.

Sam crumpled to the ground and said, “But… I was supposed to shoot first!” He then apparently died.

She wasn’t into the scenes where characters died. It didn’t seem necessary for the kinky stuff. But she went with it.

She said, “So. It’s you, is it, soldier?”

Her adversary made the boar-faced soldier laugh-snort and nod.

Some of the crowd in the bar began laughing and commenting to each other about how they knew her adversary would play a tricky move like this. Well, obviously those were fan comments, not scripted comments, coming through.

She held out Lana’s cuffed wrists, hoping they’d be chained. She wasn’t disappointed. The fat soldier pulled out some wonderfully thick and heavy chains and locked them onto Lana’s neck and wrists.

So finally the fun was starting! She could already feel Lana’s (or her own?) crotch getting tingly and wet.

The soldier yanked on Lana’s chains roughly, apparently to lead her away.

Lana said, “Wait! What do I have to do so you don’t take me away?”

That was a scripted line. Ugh… she hated when that happened. So artificial. It even seemed to put a metallic taste in her mouth.

The soldier turned back to her and grunted. He put his snout close to Lana’s face. He laugh-snorted. He pressed his hands up against Lana’s breasts.

“Is that what you want?” she made Lana say. “And then you’ll let me go?”

The boar-faced soldier nodded.

She made Lana press back against the table and arch her back. “Okay. Big boys like you gross me out. But I’ll do it!”

The boar-faced soldier swiped the glasses off the table and shoved Lana down.

She looked from side to side, to see whether there were places on the wall for the chains to be fastened. But there weren’t. What was her adversary going to do with the chains?

The boar-faced soldier rubbed his slimy snout down Lana’s taut, white belly. The slime running down Lana’s belly felt so kinky and turned her on even more.

The boar-faced soldier unclasped Lana’s metallic bikini bottom. He then undid his own belt and pulled down his pants. He was huge!

She thought, Well, this ought to be interesting!

She made Lana say, “Before, I was just doing this to thank you for not taking me to Flabbo. But now that I see you’re so big, I might really like it!”

The boar-faced soldier was a little bit shocked. He had been sort of hard before. But now his erection was full. His snorts were interrupted by quick, shallow breaths. But he seemed to back up a little bit.

She sat up, partly because the chains still bound Lana to the soldier. She gently said, “Come here, big boy. Come here. Come here.”

But the soldier seemed shy, embarrassed, now that Lana seemed to like him. Lana tugged on the chains. That made the soldier snap out of his embarrassment and become assertive again. He mounted Lana, pushing his big member up into her tight, sexy body.

It felt so gross, and so good! This could really end up being a good performance! She began wriggling her body and working her hips as much as she could to really get around the soldier and feel his big thing as much as possible. It was so nice!

But she seemed to be enjoying things more than her adversary. She wondered why. Her adversary seemed to be losing his focus on the scene. At this rate, she’d cum first and lose the match!

Of course! The chains!

She made Lana pull the chains again. Lana pulled the boar-faced soldier’s fat body closer to hers. The boar seemed, despite himself, to start enjoying himself again. She could feel the soldier growing even bigger inside her body.

Lana said, “I have a little secret for you, big boy! I’m going free, just like you promised me if I did this with you. But you’re not going free! You’re coming with me!”

The soldier shook his head and seemed to try and back up off of Lana’s body. But Lana roughly pulled the soldier back down. The soldier squealed with panic and delight and began thrusting himself into Lana more quickly and frantically. It felt so wrong and so right at the same time.

She knew that she had her adversary under her spell now. She wouldn’t have guessed from his other scenes that this would be his sort of thing. But now she had to use her adversary’s weakness to her advantage.

She made Lana quickly roll the soldier onto his back. Now she was the one doing the thrusting. She moved up and down on the boar-soldier, moving himself in and out of her quickly and strongly. The soldier was quivering with delight.

Lana pressed the chains down on the soldier. He got even more aroused. He really seemed to love the feeling of the chains against his body!

Lana took a risk and pressed the chains against the soldier’s neck. The soldier seemed to be trying to push Lana off, but only weakly. Her adversary was, then, really enjoying this scene. She finally found something to turn her adversary on. This was really going to do it! She’d make him cum and win the battle.Then she’d have a nice, good orgasm on his big body herself.

A yellow light began flashing in the corner of her view. Uh-oh. That was the first safety light. Things were always green in the scene until one of the players felt a certain level of danger. Then you’d get the yellow light. If the danger got to a critical level, the player could up the safety light to red, which meant the shipping would stop, and the sex scene would be evaluated for foul playing.

She made Lana loosen the pressure on the chains. The boar-faced soldier gasped a few times and then roared out. He came, gushing, inside Lana.

A voice called out, “Poppy wins!” The POPPY WINS sign impeded the top third of Poppy’s field of view.

Poppy cried out, “Oh, thank goodness.” She rode up and down a couple more times on the soldier’s big member and climaxed.

Poppy pulled herself slowly off of the soldier, then straddled his stomach and cuddled up against him, playing with the soldier’s slimy-snouted face as it melted down into the handsomely grizzled, dashing face of Downing. The boar-soldier’s fat body melted down, morphing back into Downing’s muscular body.

Poppy said, “You did a really good job, Downing, of turning me on. I almost came first. You almost beat me.”

Downing said, “I didn’t know you’d have a thing for pig-men.”

Poppy said, “I didn’t know you had a thing for women.” She kissed Downing’s cheek.

Downing gently pushed Poppy off of him and rubbed his cheek, as if to get the kiss off. “You know I only like men in real life. But in the virtual world, it’s all about performance. Performance is what turns me on. And kink. I mean, after all, in real life, don’t you only like girls?”

Poppy said, “Hmm… I guess you’re right. Which reminds me, Janey at home is probably watching me somewhere in this bar.”

A weird, elephant-like alien raised its blue hand. It said, in a girly voice, “Hi, Mommy Poppy! I love you! You’re my hero and I want to lick you!”

Poppy said, “Hi, Jane! Mommy loves her sexy, adult baby and wants to lick her, too!”

Downing’s trim, muscular body was already being cloaked in its Red Iron costume. Downing’s main character in this sex tournament, the Shipping Wars, as it was commonly known, was the Red Iron robot superhero.

Poppy looked down at her own sexy, naked body. It was being draped in its black nanny costume. Poppy’s main character in the Shipping Wars was Mistress Poppy, a character made famous in storybooks and musicals. Mistress Poppy was a magical nanny. But Poppy updated her to make her a lot sexier. For instance, her black costume was all vinyl, her bell skirt was so short it barely hid her bottom, and she wore tight, white panties, knee-high stockings, and stiletto heels.

Downing said, “Well, I guess I’ll be logging off now.”

The crowd all laughed. So did Poppy.

Downing said, “What?”

Poppy said, “You know that’s not how things go. You created the shipping scene. You had Lana ship with the pig-soldier. But you came first. So you lost the sex contest. That means you and your Red Iron character are out of commission for the rest of the tournament. And you are my new shipping slave in virtual reality until the end of the season.”

“But Poppy! What will Howard say? We were going to beat everybody else and compete in the hottest sex scene ever! Imagine, Red Iron shipping with Robocon, the robotic police officer! His metallic crotch rubbing my metallic bottom! Sparks would have flown! And we’re real-life lovers, too! That would be hotness that hasn’t been seen since… well… since you and Janey fought each other!”

Poppy said, “Red Iron and Robocon. That’s a crack pairing if I’ve ever heard of one. I love it. And you’d be in keeping with the times. Everybody loves crack pairings nowadays. Canon shipping is so boring. But it won’t happen this season. You’re out. And your virtual sex life is mine for the rest of the season.”

Poppy lifted an umbrella and spiraled it at Downing. A mist of sparkles spiraled their way toward Downing.

Poppy said, “As far as next year goes, I would suggest you work on your pacing. You might have gotten me to cum first if you’d gotten down to business. Also, you’re too self-conscious. And It was too easy to find your vulnerability. Work on that stuff, and maybe next season you’ll make me cum first and have me as your sex slave for the rest of the season.”

Downing’s robot shell vanished. Downing’s strong, naked body became slender.

Downing cried, “You’re turning me into a… girl!”

“Uh-huh,” Poppy smiled.

“A lolita, too!” Downing cried.


“Oh, man… Why did I have to lose to such a lesbian lolicon like you?”

“Just lucky, I guess. I mean… I’m just lucky, I guess.”

A prim and proper dress materialized around Downing’s new body.

Downing said, “Oh, this is awful. What the?” He seemed a little shocked by his voice. “I definitely sound girly. But I have a bit of a…”

“Mechanical sound as well? Well… that’s because…” Poppy came over and rapped on Downing’s new slim, girly arm. It made a thunking sound.

“Am I a…?”

“Robo-lolita. Yes. You are. You’re the robot girl from an old TV show called Tiny Miracles. I see you have a thing for metal. So I made your sex slave character out of metal.”

“Well… maybe I can get used to used to this. But… why would you do such a nice thing for me? I mean… make me into something that arouses me?”

“Well, just because you’re my shipping slave for the rest of the season doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying yourself. I like my sex slaves to have fun being my subs!”

Downing said, “Oh, Mistress Poppy! You really are as nice as people say -- Oh! Wait! What just happened to me? I think I had an accid--” Downing lifted up his (or, rather, her) skirts.

She cried out, “Oh, no! You made me incontinent and put me in a diaper, too!”

Poppy said, “Of course, I did, Darling! Ooh… I like the sound of that. Let’s call you Darling instead of Downing whenever you’re in sex slave mode from now on, okay?”

“But a diaper, Mistress Poppy?”

“Of course! You know my tastes. I made you a robot so you’d be all metallic and happy. But I made myself happy by giving you that cute lolita body and making you wear diapers, like all sexy, lesbians should!”

“But I’m not a lesbian! I’m a --”

“While you’re in sex slave mode in the Shipping Wars you are a lesbian. You’re a diaper-wearing robot lolita lesbian. Because you lost the contest. Those are the rules. Right?”


“Ahem! Right?”

“Right, Mistress Poppy.”

“Now… Give Mommy a kiss.”

“Okay, Mistress Poppy.”

Poppy bent down a little bit so that Darling could reach her arms up and clasp them around the back of Poppy’s neck. Poppy pressed her lips against Darling’s tiny lips and pressed her tongue warmly into Darling’s sweet mouth. It felt so good, Darling thought she was going to short circuit! Instead, she just made a robot potty in her robot diaper.

Darling said, “Oh, Mistress Poppy, you really know how to turn your lesbian lolita robot on!”

Poppy said, “Well, good. When we do our sex slave shows this season, you’ll have some fun. In the meantime, head back into your real-life Downing body and have some nice real-life sex with that cute Howard of yours. But tell Howard I’ll be waiting. I’m looking forward to turning his Robocon into a nice, sexy, diaper-wearing lesbian sister for you to have sex with.”

The crowd in the bar cheered for Poppy and for Darling.

And with that, Poppy logged off the system.

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