PG 13 Johnny Becomes Pauline's Baby
Johnny sucks on his pacifier, little knowing that he is sucking in a sissifying liquid that makes him long for more and more babification.
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 (This 18th chapter of The Helpless Adventures of Johnny follows on from Chapter 17, which was contributed to Sissy Kiss on August 30th below)

[  Orphan Johnny moves in with his Aunts Myrna and Barbara who run a ladies-wear business. There are dresses, blouses, skirts and lingerie in stock all over the house, and Johnny can’t resist trying them on – with great pleasure. He is discovered by his furious Aunts, who punish him by giving him a syrup which greatly increases his desire for dressing and for feeling ashamed in his dressed condition. They feed him his syrup through the teat of a baby pacifier, which makes him long to be dressed in baby dresses, diapers and very frilly bloomers. His Aunts are helped with enthusiasm by Miss Williams, headmistress of the girls school, and her friend Fiona and Fiona’s daughter Pauline.  ]


Chapter Eighteen - Johnny becomes Pauline's baby


Johnny sucked as hard as he could on his pacifier, drawing squirts of girlishness into his mouth, and surrendered helplessly to his tears, bringing bursts of laughter from all the women present. Pauline arranged herself in an armchair, and Aunt Barbara and Aunt Myrna held Johnny in front of her and lowered his pantied bottom onto the skirt of her dress, so that she soon had her new baby girl sitting in her lap, having his dress and petticoat frills arranged prettily and crying his eyes out.

  The ladies drew their chairs into a close circle so that they could all fuss and fondle him in his lovely baby dress, and his legs were held wide apart so that they could fondle his pink silk baby bloomers and watch him wriggling and stiffening helplessly.

  "It's almost time to close the salon, I'm afraid," said Aunt Myrna as she prettied Johnny's dress all around him.

  There was a cry of despair from Pauline and her mother, and Miss Williams expressed her disappointment. "But Myrna, Barbara, we are enjoying ourselves so much. Is there any way we can continue playing with the sissy baby a while longer? I do love to see him weeping and suffering like this."

  "Of course there is," cried Aunt Barbara. "Myrna's flat is above the salon, nicely fitted with all the baby equipment we will need to continue his transformation to the next stage."

  Johnny's crying rose to a higher note on Pauline's lap and would have made a great deal of unpleasant noise if his mouth hadn't been fully plugged with his baby pacifier. As it was, he was soon being carried up the stairs, with each of his aunts holding him under his arms and legs. Above the salon, to one side of Myrna's living room, was the nursery section, filled with baby equipment of all sizes: high chairs, bouncy harnesses, baby walkers and cots, and all of them for sissy girls. Miss Williams, Pauline and her mother had brought armfuls of baby wear up from the salon and hung them ready for Pauline to make the weeping boy her own little baby girl.

  She undressed him across her skirt, protecting her dress from any liquid emissions with a white plastic apron.

  "Just look at the disgusting thing!" declared Aunt Barbara as his diaper was unfastened to reveal a thick pool of creamy cum which had soaked right through and into his baby panties. "I can see we were absolutely right, Myrna, to put the boy into panties and diapers."

  "And now we need to dress him in full babywear," declared her sister. "Pauline, I feel we can leave it to you to choose baby items which will suit our perverted little nephew. And Barbara," she added; "could we change his pacifier? He needs one that is fully charged with the strongest sissifying juice."

  Pauline had discovered that her pleasure reached its greatest when she made him as girlish as possible, and she wanted to see him squirm, so she started by picking a lovely little bra for him. As Aunt Barbara took Johnny's pacifier from his mouth, Pauline demanded that he tell them what was happening to him.

  "Ohhh! Pauline... You are covering my breasts in a sensitively thin pink bra in delicate nylon," he sobbed, unable to stop himself. "And - and you're fastening it behind my shoulders."

  The ladies listened with delight, especially since the bra had produced a pertly stiffened erection between his bare legs.

  "That's right, my little babykins," laughed Pauline, "and now I'm putting you into your fresh diapers."

  There were blubbers of shame from the boy as his most private parts were wrapped in white nylon crepe and his bare legs kicked and scissored on Pauline's lap.

  "You are pinning a soft baby girl dee-dee around me," he whimpered, his eyes filling with tears as they went from diaper to his 'mummy' and back again, "and... oh (sob)... oh... you're pinning me into an-nnn-noth-ther baby girl dee-dee... ohhh... (sob)... an-and an-nnn-nother..."

 " Yes my pet, lots of diapers will make you feel even more helpless and babyish and protect your petticoats and baby dress from any naughty squirties from your very stiff popsy".

  The ladies sat round Pauline in a close circle again to help her with his dressing, which was just as well or his wriggles would have had him sliding from Pauline's apron onto the floor.

  "Now you are drawing sweet nylon panties up over my diapers... Pauline... Pink panties!" Johnny wailed. The realisation of his girlishness swept over him again and tears of hopelessness ran down his cheeks.

  "Th-three pairs of panties, an-and oh... oh so pretty baby bloomers, with nylon frills and... and tiny pearl buttons..." he went on, scarcely finding his breath between sobs. "Oh what a soft pastel shade of pink - (sob-sob) - I am put-putting my arms into a delightfully delicate white nylon blouse and y-y-you are fastening the buttons down the back for me..."

  The women were all enjoying his shame so much that Myrna thought of a way of adding to it: "Now, Johnny," she said, "beg mommy Pauline to treat you as a baby girl, unless of course, you want her to treat you like this at school."

  The wretched boy leapt with horror and slid deeply into Pauline's apron so that, with everyone's help, she had to lift him into a sitting position.

  "Ooohh YETH! Oh PWEEEETH, DEAR MOMMY Pauline," he wept. "Could oo pleathe put ickel me in thome vewy fwilly petticoatth and BOTTLE FEED me...". and so saying he gave a little shudder and a long gasp and the women knew his diapers were receiving their first sticky load of Johnny's spurting cum.


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Baby Butch
Baby Johnny has many diapers and plastic panties and certainly likes this. Another good short story!
Fairy Boy
Hi. Sowwy to thound dim, but me cant find the other parts of the story. Where is part 1, please? xx 
I'm just a sissy baby trying to figure myself out and find my place in the world. 
@ Fairy Boy
  Hello Fairy Boy darling. The only part of this story that goes before this one is Chapter 16, and that is in Sissy Kiss - the Stories section. To see all the earlier chapters you need to go to the Petticoat Wendyhouse and look up Full Index. Johnny becomes so girly and babyish!
Fairy Boy
@ AbbySweetness
  Thank you. I will definitely have a look. xx
I'm just a sissy baby trying to figure myself out and find my place in the world. 
Very good story love the humiliation and his pleading for it 
@ sissybabysamantha2
  Hi Sissy Baby Samantha darling. It's that pesky sissifying drink his Aunts have put into his pacifier. It's making him more and more girly. x
Baby Danyell
A fab story love it just wish it was me  
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