PG 13 Johnny asks to be babyfied even more
Johnny is dressed and 'mothered' by Pauline who goes to school with him.
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This is Chapter 22 (of 40) of the Helpless Adventures of Johnny. It follows Chapter 21 in Sissy Kiss on October 23rd below.

[ The story so far:  Orphan Johnny moves in with his Aunts Myrna and Barbara who run a ladies-wear business. There are dresses, blouses, skirts and lingerie in stock all over the house, and Johnny can’t resist trying them on – with great pleasure. He is discovered by his furious Aunts, who punish him by giving him a syrup which greatly increases his desire for dressing and for feeling ashamed in his dressed condition. They feed him his syrup through the teat of a baby pacifier, which makes him long to be dressed in baby dresses, diapers and very frilly bloomers. His Aunts are helped with enthusiasm by Miss Williams, headmistress of the girls school, and her friend Fiona and Fiona’s daughter Pauline.  ]


Chapter 22 : Johnny asks to be babified even more


All four ladies in Aunt Myrna's sitting room felt blissfully content as they sat around Pauline and watched her petting and caressing her baby girl in his bonnets, his baby dress and his deep petticoats and baby bloomers. The air was scented with baby talc as the boy sucked in deep embarrassment on Pauline's finger, and occasionally moaned with pleasure from his bonnets.

  Aunt Barbara could see how overwhelmed he was by the feminising formula that she and her sister had fed him through his pacifier, giving him a deep desire to be dressed in ladies' or babies' clothing. After half an hour, she sat forward in her armchair at Pauline's side and peered into his bonnets to speak to her helpless nephew.

  "What a good little babykins my darling is, sitting in his babywear for Pauline and his Aunts," she said. "Aunt Barbara is so pleased with him for being so sweet and girlish, and for behaving so nicely for all the ladies."

  Johnny squirmed, and blushed a deeper shade of crimson as his Aunt's smiling face filled the front of his bonnet.

  "It would be lovely to give my darling boy a little reward for being so good."

  He whimpered with shame and slid deeper into Pauline's lap in his silk baby dress and petticoats.

  "So as a nice reward for behaving like a good little girl, I wonder if Johnny would like Pauline to dress him as a baby for the rest of the evening?"

  A flood of baby feelings overwhelmed the weak male and his legs slithered apart across Pauline's dress. He thought of being dressed in a baby blouse and feeling so pretty, and his private parts safe and snug inside his soft diaper, plastic baby panties and multiple silk baby bloomers. Despite his deep shame Johnny wanted the delicious baby feelings to go on and on and tried his best to beg his Aunt for his reward.

  "Oh yes, Aunt Barbara... Yes, yes, yes, please. Oh please, Aunt Barbara. Baby dresses and panties, and petticoats, and diapers for Pauline to dress me in, pleeease!" he begged in a soft little voice.

  His Aunt saw how thrilled he was by this surge of sweetness. "My darling sweetikins," she cooed, spreading her hands around his bonnet and drawing his face towards hers, "what a precious baby you are for your Aunt Barbara," and her lips closed over his as she pulled him closer, pressing a deep, open-lipped kiss onto his startled mouth and sucking and sliding her kiss over his lips in a long, passionate, maternal kiss.

  The ladies were quick to assist Pauline in undressing him down to his diaper and chemise, and Johnny was so happy that his Aunt was pleased with him, that he fell on her neck in blissful, perverted happiness and kissed his Aunt in deep emotion. He was soon pinned once more, this time into three soft, cool, silk diapers.

  "Why Pauline," marvelled Miss Williams, "you are so clever in your choice of baby clothes for the little pervert: how clever to put him into two baby blouses, and then to dress him in another blouse in such delicate white nylon."

  "And those lovely satin bloomers," added Pauline's mother. "Darling, you're a natural when it comes to making him wriggle and cringe with such deep baby feelings.

  There followed a pink bonnet, a pink feeding bib and two more pairs of satin bloomers. Johnny drooled with helpless emotions: was he a boy or was he a helpless baby girl? As he whimpered, everyone could see he was approaching a swelling peak of girlishness and Aunt Myrna passed the large blue pacifier for Pauline to slide it into his eager mouth.

  She placed him delicately on the floor and Aunt Barbara set up the white playpen around him so that he had to sit in the middle of all the ladies and contemplate himself in his playpen mirror. Pauline and Miss Williams leaned him back in his baby blouses and it was only a few minutes before he began to spend a slow and quivering orgasm into the silk of his pink diapers. It was the first of three lovely babyish peaks of pleasure for him as he sat in the middle of the ladies for an hour of deeply dressed, helpless babyhood.




The Helpless Adventures of Johnny Parts 1-4, chapters 1-40, are in the Wendyhouse at

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