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 Had been married for a year to Michael. He was a lovely person but seemed to lack direction. Even when we were dating I ended up making the decisions, not that I minded I liked being in control .
Michael lost his parents just before we got married and it really effected him. He was lucky enough to have an older sister and that's how I met him because My best friend was his sister and we met and things went from there.
In one way Michael was a good catch as his parents were well off and owned a large business.
Jill his sister took over running it and after my marriage to Michael  I stared working for the company and we all thought Michael would do the same but he showed little interest even though he was on the board and part owner.

Anyway things were going nice in our marriage, I loved the job and the money that came with it.
Michael and I moved interstate as the company was split and Jill a branch in another state. I had to travel a lot and was heavily time wise into work.
Michael filled his time in doing nothing special and when he did come to the office he was so out of place, it was not funny.
I came home early one day and found him asleep in the lounge. Now that did not upset me but he was wearing a cloth nappy and his dummy was on the floor obviously falling out of his mouth when he fell asleep.
Well it took me ages to get over it as I could not understand it. I met with his sister a couple of weeks latter and spilled the beans on him. She made appointment to see a councillor and we both went along to see her. She gave us lots of stuff to read up on and also showed a lot of interest in the situation.

Michael and I started sleeping apart , he had become reserved but had promised he would seek help but he had no intensions in doing so. He seemed to be disinterested in sex as well which bothered me because although he had a real small cock he was a good lover and had wonderful oral skills, skills that I was aching for.
His sister had tried the big sister thing and that made him worse. We had both done some research together looking at sites and stories on the computer together.
In fact Jill and I were away together and we were in her hotel room one day flicking through the sites. We had been on a very successful sales meeting and were just kicking back with a few drinks.
Jill started reading a story out about a women that turned her boyfriend into a nappy slave boy. 
We both got turned on and after a few drinks more we ended up in bed together. I was so horny and Jill was to. It was the first time that I had ever let anyone lick me except for Michael and I had the biggest orgasm.
Jill seemed to be so experienced and new all the moves, as she licked me she started to finger fuck my rosebud which no one had ever touched before.
It was all a first for me , I had never been with another women let alone taste her. We both fell asleep cuddling that night.
Next morning it was a bit strange with both of us but once we started talking about Michael things became normal.
Jill said that if I divorced Michael that I would still have a job but not the fortune that goes with Michael as his parents had taken care of that in the will.
I told Jill that I loved Michael but not as before more sister brother relationship, she then said, why don't you make it a mommy baby relationship.
 I had not thought about that but for the next few months I did just that.

I took more control of Michael yet I gave him lots of cuddles and praises for things he did. It seemed to work he became more like my little boy expecting me to cuddle him. We were still sleeping apart but I was feeling real close to him and my love was growing towards him.
I started sorting out his clothes to wear. His hair was quiet long now and instead of me getting on his back to have a hair cut I started doing his hair for him.
I also started slipping into the shower with him, it was good I could work him up till he nearly came and then would back off. He would nearly always get on his knees and lick me to orgasm.
He begged and begged for me to give him a blow job but I would only give him a hand job.
I said to him on day that If he let me get all the hair off him from the eye brows down I would go down on him.
A week went passed and he said he would do it. So I took him into the bathroom smothered him with the hair removal cream and made him wait awhile before scrapping all his hair off, legs ,armpits. back .chest . under the arms and his cock and balls.
The only thing was I had used too much cream and left it on for way too long. He was red and said it had made him so sore.
I had not meant to do it but I now could mommy him more Towelling off and I had him lie on a towel on the bed while I put baby powder all over him telling him that it would help.

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dear annewhite ,,,, I like you story and I like to know are you going to put more to the story and I like to know is Michael wife going to put a diaper on him and baby him as a baby girl and you can't end the story like this ,,,   PS your part 3 is not all there
HI,,,, I am shamrock & I am a male ,,,,  I wear diapers and i love to be bandaged up from head to toe by female nurses and diaper up like a baby girl by them too,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU ALL    
 PLEASE,,,,, keep going with the story
HI,,,, I am shamrock & I am a male ,,,,  I wear diapers and i love to be bandaged up from head to toe by female nurses and diaper up like a baby girl by them too,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU ALL    
рассказ хороший но маленький
Is a fun beginning hope there will be more :)
this is my type of story sweetie  
isn't wonderful that there are lots of dominant women out there us men need to be kept as sissies some of us sissy babies...looking forward to more.
krystala's sissy baby
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