PG 13 The Helpless Adventures of Johnny Chapter 17
Johnny experiences new feelings of weakness and sweetness when Pauling dresses him as her baby.
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[  Orphan Johnny moves in with his Aunts Myrna and Barbara who run a ladies-wear business. There are dresses, blouses, skirts and lingerie in stock all over the house, and Johnny can’t resist trying them on – with great pleasure. He is discovered by his furious Aunts, who punish him by giving him a syrup which greatly increases his desire for dressing and for feeling ashamed in his dressed condition. They feed him his syrup through the teat of a baby pacifier, which makes him long to be dressed in baby dresses, diapers and very frilly bloomers. His Aunts are helped with enthusiasm by Miss Williams, headmistress of the girls school, and her friend Fiona and Fiona’s daughter Pauline.  ]


Pauline clapped her hands with delight and helped Johnny's Aunts to undress him completely ready for his babification.

  "Ohhh, I can't wait to put him into a diaper with pretty baby bloomers, and a silk baby dress with a darling bonnet," she declared. "But are there babyish dresses and petticoats in the salon which will fit a boy of his age?"

  "Yes indeed," cried Aunt Myrna, sliding back a bank of mirrors to open a walk-in wardrobe filled with the sweetest baby frills and flounces that the ladies had ever seen. "Quite a few of my clients want their sons or husbands dressed nicely in baby buttons and bows". Miss Williams hurried forward to explore the dresses and baby blouses, picking out one lovely dress after another and holding it up to show Pauline's mother.

  "He will look lovely in this at school, on days when I want him punished with shaming baby treatment... and he could have a perfect school baby uniform in this dainty blouse and skirt set," she declared.

  Johnny's helpless penis surrendered to his deepest urges and rose to a blissful swell of stiffness as waves of embarrassment swept over him. The Headmistress was going to dress him as a girl in school, and even a baby girl in wide petticoats and frilled little dresses. How dreadful that the medicines he had sucking from his pacifier and from his baby bottle were giving him such an irresistible urge to be dressed in them. He was horrified at his own thoughts, but his dearest wish right now was that the ladies could dress him and sit and watch him as he blushed and quivered and wept with girlish weakness.

  The large Pamper diaper smelt of soft baby powder as Pauline unfolded it and opened it out into its full spread. "Come along, Johnny my pet, legs open for auntie Pauline. You will have to be diapered regularly now that you are becoming a little baby girlie."

  The wretched boy stood in naked submission as the thick padding of his diaper was spread over his buttocks, brought up over his erect penis, overlapped at the sides, and sealed with four tapes on each side so that he was securely enclosed. A darling pair of pink plastic diaper cover panties followed, prettied all over with little pictures of baby bows.

  "Doesn't he look a sweetie in full pink bloomers, mother," giggled Pauline as she fastened his third pink petticoat down his back and fluffed out the layers and layers of soft swishy frills.

  "Indeed he does, darling," returned her mother, who was enjoying the suffering of the boy as his hands attempted to cover his blushes. "To my mind, pink silk makes the most humiliating panties and petticoats for a boy who is in disgrace. He makes such a pretty baby girl, Barbara, you simply must keep him in baby clothes as often as possible."

  And it was true. His face blushed deeply as Barbara took the baby bonnet that Aunt Myrna passed to her and admired the soft lace trimming and rows of baby buttons that made it so girlish and pretty, in pink satin lined with white. She fastened it under his chin with adorable pink satin ribbons, giggling helplessly in front of him as she prettied them into a lovely bow at his neck.

  "Oh, Johnny sweetheart," she cried, turning to Aunt Barbara and taking the adorable baby dress in red and white striped silk from its hanger, " just look at the gorgeous dress you are going to wear to be my baby Johnny!"

  Johnny peered through tears from inside his bonnet and waves of pleasure shuddered through his body. It was so short, so wide and so pretty, with two rows of pearled buttons all the way down the back and big puffed sleeves, with white silk at each cuff and an enormous white silk collar to surround his face.

  "Isn't it delicious, my little baby girl?" cooed Pauline, turning the dress slowly one way then the other for the poor boy to see it in every embarrassing detail. "Come along now, darling, arms into the lovely wide sleeves... good girl... so that Auntie Pauline can draw your beautiful dress together round the back of your pink petticoats."

  The sizzle of silk filled the room, to the delight of all the ladies, and overpowered Johnny himself. His knees gave way as he found that the white silk collar was high enough to wrap around the back of his bonnet, and his Aunts had to hold him up under his arms as Pauline buttoned him at the back of the waist, then fastened the double row of buttons down to the hem, followed by the bodice, and lastly buttoned together the back of his silk dress collar. he was completely buttoned into babyhood.

  Johnny squirmed with shame as he looked down from his bonnet and saw the spread of his dress in front of his waist, but it was even more humiliating for him when Pauline held the mirror for him to see how truly babyish he looked inside his satin bonnet. His helpless little penis reached upwards with desire for his lovely baby dress and in no time at all it squirted more of its girlish cream into the perfumed babyness of his diaper and Pauline laughed and said, "aaaaaaah! look mummy. My baby is squirting... how sweet! He's petticoated and dressed as a silky baby girl, and his girlishness is just too much for his weakened and feminized sex to withstand".

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