R All Girls Together?
First year college boy gets caught in a dress and is kidnapped
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    How on earth had I got trapped inside this girls' college?
    More importantly, when were they gonna release me?
    While that second question was one without a solution at present, I certainly knew the answer to the first one!

I had sought refuge in my  attic room early that evening. It had been a wretched day, no-one had talked to me at all, oh, except for my tutor who had complained about my shoddy scientific analysis. So I was longing to find some consolation in my loneliness.
For a fresher, I was fortunate in having my own room, even if it was the smallest in college. No-one had wanted to share with me. I should tell you this was a men only college, it being 1963, and in this uni, mixed colleges enjoyed no part of our esteemed tradition.

I locked my door and went to unlock my drawers in which I hid my specials, as I called them.
I stripped down, gave a shiver of excitement as I pulled out my favorite dress, a long olive green dress with frills round the neckline and wrists. It wasn't that sexy, but it was the nice feel that made me love it, a mix of satin and chiffon, a material I'd never seen elsewhere. That makes me sound a connoisseur of fashion, though actually I only possess two dresses, and both these were 'borrowed' from a local jumble sale when no eyes had been upon me. But I did slip two shillings into a cash box- honest!y.

The dress was specially comforting after such a bad day.
I added my short blonde wig  to make myself more feminine, then some lipstick I had gotten off my mother- she didn't know of course. Perfume, from the same source, immersed me in my fantasy character. Then the crowning touch, stockings, which I really had bought, "a present for my mum," and some shiny red high heels, another find from the jumble sale.
For the first time that day I felt happy, as I lay upon my bed, in blissful anticipation. For a long while, I wallowed in pleasant sensations, and pondered how I was gonna pleasure myself tonight.
Not that there was too much variation, for always it must end in a passionate ejaculation, but my dreaming would produce lots of wild notions, utterly impracticable, but which I could thrill to, in my own little world.
Tonight I'm gonna be a sweet little girlie. Thumb sucking, that's cute!
My free hand drifted to my excited penis.
This sweet baba is gonna be impregnated. She is gonna love it, feeling my cum inside her!
Already, almost unconsciously, I was rubbing myself.
I am a sweet little girlie, waiting that lovely flow of cum inside me.
I open my mouth and my penis becomes even more stiff as it readies to shoot its offering inside my little girly body.
It's ready to shoot! I arch my rear so my penis can point  only an inch or two away at my trembling mouth. I cry out in ecstasy as I prepare for my climax.
Wild applause.
Hey, that's not in any script of mine!
The door crashes open, and in troop three fellow students. My penis has wilted on the instant, My mouth, instead of swallowing the sweetness of cum, stands gaping and empty, open wide.
They were laughing. 
"Having a good time?" asked Ray. He smirked at Tom, with whom he shared a room on the floor below.
"What you doing, little girl?" the third boy asked. I didn't recognize him. All of them were grinning at me and my sissy apparel, staring down in their pin-striped suits with drainpipe trousers.
The one I did not know carried  an 8mm camera and was pointing it at me. Belatedly I tucked my dress to hide my naughty little penis. 
"C'm on tell us what you  were up to, little girl?" repeated the stranger.
Really, it was a superfluous question. I blushed.
"Tell her, Jill, " urged Ray with an evil sounding laugh.
"I saw you  masturbating, didn't I, little girly?"
I nodded, too embarrassed to speak. Actually, I quite liked their attentions, especially from the one they called Jill. Surely she was a man? She even sported  a very thin mustache, a pencil mustache I think they're known as. Jill's voice was very deep, though maybe it was put on.
"Well, you'll be pleased to know, we caught some of it on film!"
I looked at Jill sharply.
"Surprised? You shouldn't be darling," went on Jill in a sneering tone, "it's a nice big keyhole. We borrowed a spare key from Old Johnson.  Wanna see our movie?"
I shuddered. Suddenly this wasn't so enjoyable.
A drip from my penis dropped cold on to my thigh. What did they want, these three?
"We've heard you before," explained Ray, "you shouldn't make so much noise enjoying yourself. We're in the room below, you know."
Tom grinned. "We've planned this for a while now," he said.
I was shaking. "What you want?" I pulled the bedsheet over me. Jill roughly pulled it back. Who was this Jill? Not in my college, as far as I know.
"I've told you," Jill repeated, "tell us what you imagining as you were  rubbing."
I shook my head.
"Or maybe, "Jill pursued," you'd like us to get this film developed and show it in the Students' Union bar?"
They laughed loudly.
The idea of attending lectures, and being pointed out as the boy who masturbated in a dress, made me go all cold.
"Well, go on, tell us, girly!"
"You know. You saw me."
"Yeah we saw you," grinned Tom, 
Jill came closer and looked me in the face. Jill's skin was very smooth for a man's.
"Yeah, but we wanna know what you were fantasising about as you rubbed your cock, little girly. Tell us. Now!" Jill shouted in my face.
It made me jump. I was scared. Jill took my hand, and squeezed it softly. That was quite nice.
"C'm on," she said, more kindly but very persuasively.
I half wanted to tell my deepest fantasy to Jill.
"I, I was being a little sissy girl," I began falteringly.
"Yeah, yeah we could see that."
"And I was being made pregnant."
"You were gonna swallow the cum?"
"Oh yes, "I answered, "as it goes down me, I imagine it's like being impregnated."
"That's a good girly," Jill squeezed my hand again," that's all we wanna know. Then you were gonna play at being a baby weren't you?"
I didn't answer that one. They seemed to know too much about me already.
There was a silence, as the three of them  surveyed this shaking sissy girl up and down.
"Now I've told you," I broke the tension, " perhaps you wouldn't mind giving me the film and leaving?"
It was a highly optimistic proposal.
It made them laugh.
"Oh, we haven't planned all this for a nice little chat with a nice little girly, have we boys?" joked Jill.
They laughed some more. I nervously looked at them. I couldn't run off, dressed like this, and I couldn't overpower three of them. Besides, I had to snatch that film. Submission, that was my only hope, and wait for my chance, whenever it might come.
"So we saved you from becoming pregnant, did we?"  laughed Ray.
"Perhaps we oughter finish her off," suggested Tom.
"Yeah, you wanna be pregnant, don't you, little girly?"  Jill continued, "a nice creampie inside you, that's what you want isn't it?"
No answer from little me.
"Well," Jill went on," which of us is gonna satisfy this little girl? How about drawing lots for the pleasure."
They agree and Jill snatched a sheet of essay paper, divided it in three and filled in their names in large letters on the pieces.
As they laughed and I watched on apprehensively,  Jill shuffled the names, and offered them to me, face down.
"Take one little girly, so you know who's gonna have the pleasure of taking you."
Though I had decided on submission, this was a step too far.
I shook my head.
"C'm on, girly, don't be so shy. Think of that filmshow in the Union."
I had no choice. Well no, actually I had three choices. But you know what I mean. I had to make the best of it. Enjoy it, I told myself, as I took one sheet.
"Read it out," the three chorussed together.
"It's, it's Tom," my voice sounded like a groan.
But Tom wasn't groaning. As his pals slapped him on the back, he was already stripping. I shut my eyes.
"Oh the little girly doesn't wanna watch," exclaimed Jill. She was right there.
I felt a hanky tied around my eyes.
"There," soothed Jill, "we'll spare your delicate eyes, little girly. But we know you'll enjoy being filled in a minute or two!"
My dress, I felt lifted up. One of them lifted my backside. I learned why next second. It was so Tom could press his fat dick against my anus.
I felt it being stroked by his eager penis.
Already it was moist. That helped it start its journey inside of me. 
He pushed.
"It's taking you little girly, enjoy it making you pregnant," Jill's deep voice shouted in excited tones.
He was inside me now, pulsing. I was learning more about how a woman feels than I had ever dreamed.
I even became excited myself as his giant penis became completely erect and solid inside of me, before shaking and spitting out its cum all around my inside. He moaned.
"There, you'll be having a baby now, sissy girl!" cried Jill. 
She was talking nonsense, I knew, but she had entered so well into my own fantasy that I found it impossible to grasp what the three were intending further.
Cum dripped enjoyably out of my passage on to the bed sheet.
My blindfold was removed, and I saw with horror that their camera had been in action, now focusing on a close up of my anus. I ought to have guessed it.
Jill noticed my look and told me,
"Yeah, this'll make a great film."
"Better than the first one," joked Tom, whose spent dick lay sadly limp.
"Yeah," added Ray, "the little girly sure was fooled."
"Sorry," I stuttered, "what d'you mean?"
Ray however had no time to reply, he was being sucked by Jill, some sort of compensation for missing out on me, I suppose. It was Tom who enlightened me.
"You didn't really think we could film you thru the keyhole, did you, silly sissy girl?" I ought to have guessed.
"But this film is the genuine goods," he laughed, then turned to Ray who was gasping. His erect dick was jerking off inside Jill's mouth.
Ray was kissing Jill, as Tom affixed the sheet with his name on to my dress.
He had written under his name Tom the following:
made this girly pregnant, tonight at 9.45.'
"Yeah, that's great," smiled Jill, admiring his handiwork, mouth full of cum which dribbled over my dress. "Sorry," Jill apologized, leaning over to me and forcing the rest inside my mouth.
"That's just in case you weren't already pregnant."
I swallowed it. It tasted sweet.
They were gathering their things up. I decided this was my chance. I grabbed the camera and leaped towards the door.
It had been a faint hope. But they were too many for me, and I had hardly reached the door handle when Ray had caught me.
"Lively little vixen, ain't she?" he said grimly. "I think we'd better secure her. Good job we did bring along that rope.
I had no choice but to accept a rope being tied to my upper arm. The other end was attached to Tom's arm.
"Just so you don't try anything stupid like that again," Jill told me. "Now walk!"
I tried to resist.
"Okay, we'll drag you," cried Ray, grabbing my free arm. I found myself being escorted out of my little haven, down the winding stairway.
"Wait a mo," cried Jill. "We should spare our sissy's feelings shouldn't we?"
"Oh yeah, where's the veil?"
Jill fished out of the bag which contained the camera and the damning film, a headdress, which fitted over my wig, at the front a veil was pulled down to hide my face.
"Aren't we kind?" she scoffed, "now no-one'll recognize you.
"Where are you going?" I complained.
"You'll find out soon enough," Jill said. "Only don't say a word, leave it to us, or you'll be sorry."
We did pass one student on the lower staircase.
"Help!" I called to him. But it was a stifled cry, for Ray had twisted my arm behind my back and the pain was  awful.
"Don't try that again," Ray warned, "or I'll be even rougher."
We had reached the quadrangle. I should explain that female visitors are not permitted inside the college after 8pm, not that I was female. But I looked female. So they couldn't be taking me outside my college, or Old Johnson, the porter would stop them. It was a serious infraction of rules, having any female inside college precincts after the set hour.
Yet they were making straight for the porter's lodge.
I was quite pleased. It would mean Tom and Ray being hauled before the principal, for a ticking off and a fine. I had hopes I could yet extricicate myself.
Alas! Rumors abounded that females did slip into college rooms unauthorized at nights. Now I found out how.
Old Johnson scrutinized the four of us. Ray's hand pressed mine by way of warning.
"Hello, sir," Tom politely greeted Old Johnson. "I'm afraid this young lady is a little late leaving."
"Ho, she is an' all Master Tom. What I says is this, that Mr Cox will have to be told."
"Well, it's not our fault, sir," went on Ray in a fawning voice. He pointed to the paper. "She would insist on having sex!"
Old Johnson read the note pinned on me and jumped. He looked me up and down.
"This here is serious," he pronounced," What's a pretty girl like you doing getting mixed up with these louts?"
I would have appreciated his compliment at another time. I was about to answer, when Ray gave me a warning twist.
"Oh, she's not so sweet as she looks," explained Ray, "she is what they call a loose woman."
"Loose woman," Old Johnson mulled over the words.
"She'll kiss you, if you like," offered Jill, who had been oddly quiet.
That, it seemed, was the passport to bypassing college rules. I was roughly pushed towards Old Johnson, my arm in a painful hold.
"Kiss him," ordered Jill.
Thru my veil I had to obey. His whiskers brushed thru my veil, and he gave me a smacker in appreciation. I think he was handed a tip as well.
We were out my college.
Some passers by in the street stared at us. At least one tried to read the unusual announcement of my pregnancy.
In a lonely spot, we halted. What now?
In the darkness I made out a large woman, sitting on a bench. She was evidently awaiting our arrival.
"Hi Sue," called Jill. "Graham, meet Sue."
Sue stood up and kissed me thru my veil.
"Sue will be taking you on," explained Jill, though it wasn't much of an explanation. "She's my room mate. Bye!"
She wished Sue 'good luck,' then left us, back in the direction we had come from.
Ray untied the rope from Tom's arm. Was this my chance?
"I wouldn't try anything," he advised, "In her spare time, Sue is a wrestler."
She had the build for it, for sure. Strong and muscular, a large face, but not unattractive. She clearly would truck no disobedience. Yet I waited for my opportunity.
Ray tied the rope to her arm. "Just so you won't get away," he laughed, and the two boys disappeared.
I soon found Sue was far too dominant for poor little me. I tried to break free, but it was utterly in vain.
We reached another college. It was hers.
"Evening Baxter," Sue smiled at the porter, who looked even more ancient than Old Johnson.
I had hoped I would not be allowed in, for surely the college had rules about male visitors also? Of course they had, but stupid me, I now look very female don't  I?
I was taken to Sue and Jill's room. No sign of the latter. I was untied and imvited to help myself to a drink. Left alone, the door was locked. I was a prisoner.

Sue returned half an hour later. She was carrying a bag.
"Let me go," I begged.
"Now, you don't want that do you?" she scolded. "Remember that film. If you are a good girly, you'll get it back at the end."
"But I wanna go back to my room now," I complained.
"In your condition?" she queried. "Pregnant sissies need to rest. You'll get a good nice sleep here, thanks to me, Dr Sue."
I did feel drowsy.
"That coffee Ieft for you while I was out, did you drink it all?"
I nodded. She inspected the mug.
"That's a good girly. You'll soon be in a deep sleep."

I awoke refreshed as the sun streamed in thru the windows. I uncurled myself happily in bed. Then I remembered.
This was not my room. In the adjacent bed my companion Dr Sue was soundly asleep.
I tried to turn over. This was my long awaited chance. No eyes would see me leave. I crept quietly out of bed.
Then I remembered that film. Perhaps it was another bluff, I wondered.
No, the camera had definitely been filming when my blindfold was removed.  Perhaps the film didn't show me- or at least my face, so I couldn't be identified. Anyway the veil I am still wearing would mean no-one could know it was me. No, wait a minute, I hadn't got the veil on when they were filming. I relapsed into despair. 
The chances are I'm not recognizable, my mood swung back to optimism. I must get free whatever the cost later. I feared what Sue and the others had planned.
I turned the door, breathing heavily. But I didn't disturb the sleeper. Nor the door, since it was locked.
There must be a key! Where would she have hidden it? It wasn't lying around in any obvious place.  
Under her pillow! That's the most likely spot.
I tiptoed over to her bed. I felt carefully under the pillow. My finger established contact with a metal object, eureka! It was the key! Slowly I pulled it from under the pillow, my every eye on the sleeper.
Suddenly her eyes opened. In a flash she had taken in the scene.
I jerked the key from its hiding place and ran for the door. She had
crashed out of bed by the time I had the the lock opened.
I was running down the corridor now, to the started looks of a couple of early risers, knocking them aside like skittles.
I could hear the pounding of Sue close behind as I turned a corner. We were on the ground floor, and ahead of me was the reception foyer of this accommodation block. I called to a lady at the front desk.
A hand grasped me firmly on the shoulder and my progress was halted.
I was putty in her hands and screaming, returned towards the room from which I had so recently escaped.
The two skittled girls looked on as Sue dragged me past them.
"Sorry, Jill's a little distressed," Sue advised them, " a family bereavement, you know. That's why she's got a veil on."
I was bundled back into Sue's room.
"I ought to punish you," snarled Sue,  "in fact I'm going to," she decided.
I didn't care, I was being punished enough anyway. But I did care, when her powerful frame grabbed hold of me and she sat on her bed with me leaning over her lap. She lifted my dress- with a start I noticed for the first time it wasn't my own olive one.
Smack! Smack!
The palm of her hand lashed my bare backside. I was smarting.
"Why you do that?" I moaned at her.
"I've told you," she insisted, "try to run away again, and I'll be much harder on you."
"I'm not a child to be ordered about," I retorted defiantly.
"Oh but that is where you are completely wrong," came her stinging reply. "We caught you last night making a girl pregnant didn't we?"
"No, it was only my fun."
"Ah but you were made pregnant, weren't you? I was told they filmed the cum dripping out of your passage."
"But that was only a game."
"Not for you, my sweet one. You were going to spend last night being a baby and I'll bet you were going to wet yourself, too. Well, you are our baby, as long as we decide."
I couldn't think what to answer. Before i had gathered my thoughts, she suggested,
"Go and shower now and make sure you use the toilet."
"You're asking too many questions. Children do what they are told, or else," she added, "they get into trouble."
I decided I'd better play along. I was bound to get another chance eventually, and this time I would get away. I was determined not to fail again.
So I showered and used the loo. I was glad later I had been an obedient little girly.
"Can I be a boy?" I called out, hopefully.
"Certainly not. Put on your dress."
"My olive one?"
"No, no, the one you were wearing. It's Jill's."
It was even more frilly than my olive dress, but it was better than not wearing anything.
I emerged from the shower.
"Now lie on your bed," Sue ordered.
Slap. It was across my face.
I decided to lie down.
What occurred next was mystifying at first.
Dr Sue powdered my genitals, then added cream, more powder and covered it all up with a soft terrylene material. It was a nappy!
All the time I was asking questions and trying to get up. She was too strong for little me. But I did learn a few things.
She did explain Jill's absence- she had slept in my room. Why was not revealed.
I had to wear Jill's dress, as I was being Jill. My veil hid my face. In some ways we were similar, same height, same build and my blonde wig matched her hair.
I worked out, all on my ownsome, that if I was being her, she must be impersonating me.
"Now I'll fetch your breakfast," she told me.
Next moment she had gone. The door was locked.
I tried the window. It should easy to get out, being on ground level. But a window lock thwarted me.
I had a good view over the college quadrangle. In the near distance was the entrance, guarded no doubt by Baxter or his minion. A couple of girls were strolling some distance away and I shouted to attract their attention. Eventually, my screams drew their attention, and they came scurrying towards my window.
Sue returned.
"Sorry girls, Jill's upset and doesn't know what she's up to."
They accepted her story and walked off, exchanging looks of sympathy for poor little me.
"Right, missy."
What followed was even more painful than my arm twisting.  
My nappy temporarily removed I was taught "a thorough lesson," as Dr Sue promised, and I was aching with soreness when she refastened my nappy.
She had brought in my food, and proceeded to try and force a spoon of cornflakes into my mouth. As I resisted she gave it up, instead forcing the teat of a baby bottle into me. Holding the bottle in one hand, she forced back my head and tipped the contents down my throat. A lot got spilt down my neck and the top of my dress, or should I say Jill's dress, was soaking.
"As I can't trust you," she decided, "you will not be allowed to talk today."
A teat was forced into my mouth and tied so it was firmly in position. My veil was dropped, so the gag could hardly be discerned.
What now?

My day  was in many ways very normal. For Jill, that is. First, tied to Sue, I accompanied her to the first lecture of the morning. There was Jill- she did look like me, I had to admit. Slightly more graceful, and that mustache was an addition, but in my tweed suit, she had turned herself into me. As I hardly knew anyone very well, her deception was the easier.
As for me, I sat taking notes. When the lecturer asked me a question, Sue spoke up and explained about the veil, how distressed I was, that explanation served its purpose several times in the day.
I was ravenous by lunch time. 
In  Sue's room, Jill came to feed me while Sue ate. Despite my teat, I attempted to reason with Jill, but she seemed satisfied with her new role. She did take my teat temporarily out my mouth, and shoved the food she offered on a large spoon straight in. Rather than go starving, I ate it up like a good girly. The afternoon was once again spent in close proximity to Sue, tied to her, and after lectures, she enjoyed a drink in the students' bar.
Here she met up with Ray and Tom who laughed at my predicament, and Jill, now in girl's clothing, who excitedly rushed in with a newly developed film.
"Wanna see it?" she asked me in a much higher voice than yesterday. "I can get out the projector from the cupboard."
I shook my head vigorously. The place was crowded. She was taunting me, reminding me not to try anything on.
I had escaped that fate, but after dinner she came to Sue's room, dressed as herself, and proceeded to set up the projector.
With great relish they settled down to watch the short movie. I didn't know whether to shut my eyes. I was really hoping I could not be identified.
The opening shot dispelled any such idea. 
In glorious olive green, there I was, blindfolded.
The camera panned down to my dress, which was lifted up revealing my own penis .  A fat dick was seen in close-up, stroking against my anus.
It pushed seeking entrance.
"It's taking you little girly, enjoy it making you pregnant," shouted a deep voice I knew was one adopted by Jill.
The guy moaned as we watched him throbbing inside me.
"There, you'll be having a baby now, sissy girl!" cried Jill.
The final shot was of cum bubbling eagerly out my passage.
The girls applauded. I was too shocked. My only hope was to grab the film.  But they made sure I had no such opportunity. I tried once and received a slap for my troubles.
Jill took the film and they were discussing where to hide it. They were talking in whispers but I heard them reject the idea of leaving it here. They looked at me, I had my eyes half closed to make them believe I wasn't listening.
"Perhaps his room would be safest."
"Mmm, suppose he should get away?"
At least they thought it possible.
"Ray and Tom's room then?"
"No I don't trust them. I wouldn't put it past them to make prints from it and sell them!"
My body jolted at that suggestion. At least that horror didn't seem to be part of the girls' plan.
"I know who, I'll put it in an envelope," Jill was whispering even more quietly now, "and ask the chaplain to mind it for me. He won't know what it is of course."
"I wonder what he'd make of it if he watched it," Sue joked.
Jill had gone, the film had gone to this chaplain, whoever he was. At least I had some nebulous hope now.
Sue came over to me, I still seemingly immersed in my own reverie.
"Okay, let's see if baby needs changing."
I didn't as it turned out. I had managed to avoid weeing all day, though I was starting to wonder if I would ever get the chance, outside of my diaper.
"Well, that's a good girly!" exclaimed Sue, "you wanna go to the little room?"
I nodded and was soon relieving myself.
"That's a good girly," Sue repeated, "we wanna be at our best this evening."
For what, I asked. But she would not reveal what.

Dressed as a man again, Jill strode back into the room.
"This is it," Sue told me. "be a good girly."
Jill came up to my bed on which I was lying. I guess it was the bed she normally used. I sat up quickly.
"Hello little girl," Jill greeted me in her deep voice. "Dr Sue tells me you are growing up. You didn't use your diaper."
"No," I answered, unsure where this was leading.
"That's good. You're not a baby any longer, are you?"
I looked at my near-double, wondering what I should say.
"Well, little girly, as you're growing up, we think you need to know a few facts. We don't want you to make the same mistake your mummy did, do we?"
"No sir." That seemed my best response.
"Of course we don't, so that is why Dr Sue here is gonna tell you a few important things about not getting yourself pregnant."
I turned to Dr Sue, puzzled.
"Now," she began, "before you were born, darling, your mummy got a naughty man to squirt a special thing inside her back passage. We call it cum. It makes babies like you."
I wanted to correct her, but I dared not contradict her fantasy.
"Your mummy was playing babies all by herself when the naughty man squirted her full of cum, and lo and behold, here you are! Now you are ready yourself, darling, to have your own baby, and this man here," she pointed to Jill, "is gonna help."
I found it hard to grasp what she intended, though I loved the general idea- wasn't Jill offering to have sex with me? What else could she mean?  
I was to find out there was a big catch.
Jill put her arm round me. 
"I'll teach you how to do it, little girl," she told me, "so we can make a baby together."
"But you do need to agree," explained Dr Sue, "you see, little girl, your case is very unusual, being born the way you were. You need to take this special new drug, that will help you make your baby."
I was losing the plot by now. 
"So read this consent form," said Dr Sue, "it explains what we need to do to help you make a baby."
"We'll give you time to read it over," added Jill, "then, my darling, we can start teaching you how to make your baby."
 She got up and sat together with her friend on Sue's bed, watching me closely.
Ths fantasy was getting awfully serious! I began reading the page long document, which had space for my signature at the bottom.
I tried to clear my mind as I read. 
In my heart I was longing to have sex with the man Jill, my dick was more than keen for it also, but my mind soon grasped to where all these events had been leading.
"Why not ask Ray, or Tom?" was my first query.
"We tried," they answered together.
"Have you tried it out at all?"
"Only on a dog. It worked a treat."
"Oh.  Have you tried approaching a manufacturer?"
"Yeah, but they wouldn't consider it as they said we have no experience."
"I see. well, much as I like the fantasy you have created round me, my answer is the same. I can't sign."
"If you don't, then we're prepared to pass that film on to Ray and Tom. They wanna make copies of it and sell it. They reckon it'll make them a small fortune."
I shook my head. It was too big a risk.
I'll enlighten you. 
All of us are students on a chemistry course, and last month's assignment  had been to suggest substances that could create a drug for a specific purpose. Mine had been for a cure for the common cold, based on old wives' tales. My tutor had not thought it at all original.
Jill and Sue however had attempted to create a drug for assisting in pregnancy. Jill had suggested a formula for halping infertile women achieve pregnancy. Though this had been greeted with some scepticism, she had enthusiastically adopted Dr Sue's idea, which even impressed their tutor, of a drug that would help men who had a problem achieving erection.
In their spare time the pair had set about actually creating the drug. They wanted a guinea pig to test it. They assured me that the dog they had tested on a month ago had responded "terrifically," and that it had displayed no discernible after effects.
"I don't need to use the drug," I told them, "but I'm happy to have sex with Jill anyway!"
The two girls laughed. At least they saw the funny side. They conversed quietly together on Sue's bed.
I got up to leave.
"No you don't," cried Jill. "We don't want to force the drug on you,  it really won't harm you."
"Aren't you trying to force me," I retorted, "by holding that film over me?"
"Look," Dr Sue continued, "we wanna give you time to think of all the consequences. A drug that is safe as far as we know, you'll even get a share in the profits when it takes off."
"Yeah, I read that, but the answer's still no."
"Well think it over. In the meantime, you will remain a baby."
I struggled as they approached me, and Sue's powerful grip soon had been pinned back on the bed.
A nappy, a teat and an even frillier dress from Jill's wardrobe, with a bonnet and bootees for good measure. I was their little baby again. 
Jill stripped off. As I saw her naked form, it was clear she was a girl. A very attractive girl. I was tempted to offer her my services. But could I dare risk their untested drug?
She was soon dressed in one of her dresses, and bunding her male attire in a bag, she kissed Sue goodbye, without even acknowledging my presence again.

  Sleep did not come easily to me that night. This sissy girly had too many worries.
Did it matter so much if I was seen on that film? At times I decided it didn't matter, at times I was in a cold sweat when I thought of my family being sent a copy.
Was the drug harmless? They said it was. What did they know? We're only first year students. I liked the thought of sex with Jill, she was nice. I liked the idea of having my sexuality heightened. But others had turned down the opportunity of taking the drug, was I being naive?
By morning my mind had wavered a hundred times. My heart and my dick wanted me to say Yes. But my common sense urged me not to take such a risk.
When Sue asked if I was ready to try their drug out, I said I wasn't sure.
At least you didn't say no, she softly cooed.
Meanwhile, it was back to being a baby. But there was one big difference from yesterday.
When I went to use the little room, I was forbidden.
"It'll help you change your mind," Dr Sue said sternly.
"But I need to go!"
"Do what little babies do," was her unencouraging reply.
It was meant to bring me to my heels. The girls evidently didn't want to go so far as to use the film against me if they could avoid it. But this ordeal was their alternative.
And ordeal it became.
In my sissy outfit, plus the veil, knotted together with Sue, we went off to lectures, during which I found concentrating on the latest scientific discoveries hard to maintain in the face of my own urgent urinal problem. Taking notes was impossible. 
I normally love wetting myself, but in the lecture hall, surrounded by my fellow students, that was a different proposition.
As the learned professor expounded the solutions available for patients who have difficulty passing water, ironically, my problem was, how not to pass water! 
In the end I had to yield to nature, and actually, it was highly enjoyable wetting myself so thoroughly, and no-one around me aware of the fact.
It was during the last lecture of the morning that I think they became conscious of it. A slight aroma wafted around the stuffy atmosphere of the hall. I tried to look innocent, so that eyes would not turn towards me, but several of those nearby, with keen senses of smell, stared in my direction.
Sue only gave me a knowing wink.
Lunch was taken in the cafeteria. I had to sit watching Jill, Sue and their friends guzzling, while I like the poor dog in the rhyme, had none. Jill, in her tweed suit, my tweed suit, did offer to feed me, but that was rejected out of hand. But they did provide a glass of milk which I had to suck thru a straw.
By tea time my urine was smelling much staler and everyone knew I was the cause of the pungent aroma in the cafeteria. At least lectures were nearly over, but apart from a feeling of hunger, that I must have an evening meal, another problem arose, more wee was demanding release.
I was wet anyway, so what did it matter? It was very nice having more warm wee flow around my already sodden diaper.
Whoops! I heard a splash on the lino. The diaper's not that watertight.
Thankfully the others hadn't heard the splash above the noise of their chatting.
As we left for the final lecture of the day, I turned round and saw a little trail of drips behind me. Sue hurried me on.
The lecture on the latest drugs in urology focused uncomfortably, for me, on bowel movements. I hadn't passed a movement for  over thirty hours, but the lack of food today had not inflicted on me any desire to do so. However the talk about it was father to the thought, and I began to hold myself in. The smell of urine was bad enough, but excrement added to it would be awful!

Sue ignored my pleas for respite, indeed she delighted in dragging me to the main dining hall for evening meal. 
I was famished and swallowed my pride and told her quietly as best I could thru my teat, that I would "tink about de idea," but I would like to know more about how the experiment with the dog had worked out.
As this conversation took place on a table of six students, some of the girls had open mouths. They had already cast curious glances at me, on account of the smell wafting from me.
"I'll do better than that," promised Sue, "I'll show you the film we took of the experiment. You'll see the dog was okay, if a bit excitable, and as far as I know he has shown no after effects in the past month."
One of her friends asked about the experiment, and Sue explained in graphic detail. Then she added to me.
"In case this is just a ploy of yours, I'm not changing you just yet. If you want anything to eat, it will have to be in front of my friends.
I had little choice. Thankfully the veil hid my blushes. But Sue ordered me soup and proceeded to fill a tablespoon with the stuff, then lift my veil far enough to pop the spoon in. Actually, I was grateful to receive some nourishment. I comforted myself with the knowledge that they all thought this was Jill she was feeding.
That ordeal over, I felt a lot better, and gladly accepted another baby bottle of milk to suck, while Sue chatted with her friends.
The unfortunate thing was that though the soup was most acceptable, my inside had to find room for it. The simple method my body adopted was to demand that I eject some waste product, and I was holding myself in as the meal dragged on with a dessert, then cheese and biscuits, then coffee. 
By now I was busting.
Would they never leave off chattering?
An involuntary fart warned I could not hold off indefinitely. My eyes besought Sue, who ignored my urgent pleading.
"Another coffee anyone?" she asked.
When a couple of them assented, I could hold myself no longer.
I tried to let it out as quietly as possible, but though I succeeded in that, nothing could hide the terrible odor. Three friends got up quickly. Neighboring tables also showed signs of evacuation.
Sue rose at long last and gave her apologies. She was too late for me, as she had no doubt intended.
Several students whom we passed in the corridor gave us quizzical looks.
i was so thankful when the haven of her room was reached.
Here Jill was waiting. Sue had texted her to set up the film, and I found myself squelching down on a towel on Jill's bed to watch. My request "chage me, chage me," to be allowed to change first, was ignored.
The film began with shots of an average sized dog, which, as Sue played with him, appeared to have normal doggy reactions. A vet gave us technical measurements of the size of the dog's penis.
"See he's simply like any other dog," explained Jill, unnecessarily. She continued to add her comments as the film ran on.
We see him sniffing round a bitch.
"You can see he likes her, we separated them before he mounted her, so we could inject him."
We see Dr Sue with a needle, explaining what the injection contained in scientific language I won't bore you with. Then he is injected.
"We had to guess at the quantity that would be effective, but we wanted to make sure it worked if at all possible, so we gave him a 50 mg dose. You can watch how it affects him."
A speeded up sequence with a clock showed pictures of the dog at half minute intervals. After 27 minutes  had elapsed the film was slowed to normal speed, for the dog began acting as it had never done before.
He jumped up and down in an excited way, barking and the camera zoomed in to catch a few snatches of his penis which had enlarged substantially.
When the bitch was introduced, he went wild and copulation took place immediately.
The film ended with a close up of Dr Sue interviewing a vet later. He confirmed the bitch was pregnant. He added that her passage was swollen, an indication that the bitch had conceived thru a very large and forceful penetration. The dog's penis remained substantially larger in its unerect state.

"So will you do it?" asked Jill directly, as she turned off the projector.
Sue untied my gag.
"I can't," I replied, "honestly."
"What are you worried about?"
"Oh, one big concern is the dosage. That seems to me to be critical."
"Good point.  We have made numerous calculations about how much the dosage should be increased for humans. It is something we can only learn by more experimenting. That's why we need you."
I shifted uncomfortably in my poo.
"What also worries me is the fact that you stated you administered a dose on the large side to the dog."
"Yeah we felt it necessary to prove the efficacy of the drug."
"I might be persuaded if you gave a very low dose. After all, you can increase it by small amounts until you find the right level."
"The problem with that is that we have very limited funds and making up this drug is very expensive. We can't obtain any financial backing, but once we can show it works, then it will be a very different story."
"Well that's my answer. I am willing to be brave enough to try it, but only if you give me  the same dose as that dog."
"But- but you are much larger than the dog, such a small quantity would have no chance of proving effective."
"That's my final word," I said. I believed I had them beaten. I should not have been so cocky. I thought they needed me.
They conferred briefly, then told me that the dog had been given 50g and they only 250g of the potion left, they could not afford any more, and they reckoned they needed it all to try it out on a human.
"Gimme 25g," I offered, that'll leave plenty for experimenting on another guinea pig.
Jill and Sue discussed it again. Their response was swift.
The gag was replaced. 
Sue lifted me off the towel. They opened the door and out I was pushed.
I think they were expecting me to knock and beg to be let back in.
But I was free, even if a pariah in my present disgusting state.
But I had one idea I needed to execute immediately, even before attending to my personal hygiene.
Get that film, before they could pass it on to Ray and Tom!

My first inclination was to follow whoever left the room. I was  almost sure they would get the film back and maybe carry out their threat and hand it to the boys, or maybe do something less unpleasant with it themselves. 
I intended  to find the chaplain this way, then beg him not to  be a party to such pornography, but to destroy the film.
But then I hit on a quicker plan.
I went to the main door where a lady was on duty during the day. She might know who the chaplain is, or failing her, I could ask Old Baxter.
As it happened, she was just packing up, ready to leave the girls on their own, now that curfew had begun.
"Excuse me," I called down the corridor, "can you help me?"
I am uncertain whether she first was aware of my presence from this heartfelt cri de coeur, or whether my smell preceding me had warned her something unusual was in the offing.
She looked pitifully at me.
"You're not poor Jill, surely?" she exclaimed.
"Look, I need help-"
"I can see that!" she interrupted.
"Where's the chaplain?"
"Oh, don't you know?" I think you need more than a chaplain, my dear, you-"
"Please, where is he?"
"He may not be in, he goes home about now, but his office is next to the porter's lodge."
"Thanks," I gasped, and left her to complete her tidying away.
If only I could be in time!
Baxter stared at me from his lodge. My smell was simply not to be ignored.
I found the door marked Chaplain.
Rev Smith. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 9am to 8pm. A notice announced.
I had heard eight chiming as I spoke with that lady. Had he left?
My heart missed a beat as I knocked loudly on his door.

"Reverend Smith?"
It was an unneccasry question, for this young man in his late twenties was clearly a man of the cloth.
"Oh yes," he answered, "we've met before haven't we? Yes, you're Jill aren't you?"
"Er, sort of, yes."
"Oh do come in, I was just leaving, but no matter, you obviously need some help, what have you been up to?"
"Thank you sir."
I entered his small office and the smell was immediately overpowering.
"So, tell me Jill, how have you got in this state?"
"Some girls took me prisoner, sir, and-"
"Prisoner. What do you mean my child?"
"Yes sir," I blurted it out incoherently. "You were given a package, do you remember?"
"Oh yes, but that was you who gave it me!"
"No sir, that was another Jill. I mean they gave you this packet, and, and I need it back. Please."
"I don't quite follow, but tell you what, let's get you cleaned up shall we?"
"Yes sir, but please can I have the film?"
"Film. Oh that's what's in the packet is it?"
"Yes sir. Please."
"Well, as it's yours..."
He was fetching a roll of kitchen paper and soap as we talked.
"Look," he said, "you had better do it yourself. It wouldn't do for me to clean up a girl, would it?"
"No I suppose not sir."
"Specially one as pretty as you!"
"Thank you sir. Er, where shall I clean up? And can you get me the film please?"
"Of course, but let's get you freshened up first shall we."
He took my hand and I was whisked out of the room holding the soap and wipes. Where was he going?
There was a public toilet next to his office. 
"You go in there...."
He pointed to the door marked Ladies.
I gladly went in, only worried Jill or Sue might turn up on the reverend's trail soon.
The door led into a single cubicle.
"I'll stand outside," he warned, "in case someone else wants to use it. The lock doesn't work, I think."
As I cleaned up, he asked me questions. Whether he believed my story of being held prisoner, I doubt, but at least he was being a Good Samaritan and helping me. 
As I cleaned myself as fast as I could, conversation veered round to why I was wearing a veil. I explained I was in mourning. Then he talked about our first meeting. As I'd never met him before, this was a trifle awkward. Apparently I, or rather Jill, had come to him some weeks ago on a "delicate matter." He laughed over this,  then inquired if his answer had helped her "research."
I replied oh yes definitely, without knowing what I was saying. But I had hurried thru  my own task, and now presented myself reasonably spotless outside the toilet.
"Please can I have my package now?"
"Fine, I'll fetch it from my desk. Wait there."
As he popped back into his office, I waited impatiently. Across the quadrangle I saw Jill and Sue coming. When they spotted me, they started to run.
"Here you are," Rev Smith said, almost singing, "why, who's this?"
He look puzzled as the newcomer came puffing up to him. Sue was a little further behind. 
"I've come for my package," gasped the real Jill.
The reverend was looking from me to her, then back again.
Maybe he thought he had understood everything, but this new arrival was mystifying, as baffling as any theory of the origins of life.
I was starting to dispute with Jill as Sue reached us.
"Now girls,"  came the reverend's pacifying voice, "I think we need to sit down and sort this out."
In his office, he made us each a coffee then listened patiently as I repeated my story of Jill kidnapping me. Jill tried to interrupt but was silenced. Then Jill, with backing up from Sue, told him a pack of lies about my stealing her identity, I couldn't get a word in to explain she was lying. The trouble was some of it was true, and Sue's support made it look as though I were the liar.
Maybe I ought to have told the reverend everything. But I hated the idea of it coming out about my dressing as a girl, and I definitely didn't want him to know what I had been filmed doing. The result was my story didn't sound entirely plausible.
As we sipped the last of our coffees, the reverend summed it up.
"So you both say you are Jill?"
"Yes. Yes."
"You both want this film?"
"Yes. Yes."
"What's it about?" he asked innocently.
That quietened the both of us. But Sue confided to him it was a "girl's matter," and that satisfied him.
He pondered a while, then decided on what to do. He smiled at us both.
"You're very pretty. Far too pretty to get involved in such squabbles."
It sounded like a fatherly lecture was next in the menu.
"Okay, tell me," he asked me, "when we first met, what did you come and see me about?"
"It was a delicate matter," I replied, " I needed you to help my research."
"Good, good," he said. Thankfully he had forgotten he had given me that much information earlier! I was glad he didn't ask me for more details.
"Now," he turned to the other Jill, "what did you ask me about?"
The real Jill had looked surprised that I had supplied the information I had, but went on hesistantly,
"Sue and I had been given a project to suggest drugs that might alleviate any condition we chose."  She paused.
"What was your project?"
"Oh, I suppose I'd better tell. We had thought up some substances which might, if mixed in the right proportions, alleviate impotence in men and another to help cure infertility in women."
"I see. But you didn't tell me any of that," he said suspiciously.
"No, sorry. I was telling you why we wanted to know er, about your penis."
"Go on," he was half smiling, half blushing. I thought he might be aroused.
"I asked you," Jill went on, "what size your penis was. Then what size it was when erect! You said-"
"Okay, no need to repeat that now."
He paused again.
"You believe her, reverend?" Sue asked.
"Oh yes, but I believe her too!" He turned to me.
He seemed undecided.
"I think we'd better go to my flat," he declared. "I've a projector there, and we can watch the film that is at the heart of your dispute!"

The reverend had driven us, squashed in his Mini, to his flat.
I was desperately thinking of how to keep his innocent eyes off the film, though my greatest fear was of being recognized as the star of the show.
I still hadn't thought of a feasible plan as we settled down to watch the show.
I'd thought of snatching the film and running, but that would have been impossible. I had even thought of running for it as we left his car, but that was an admission that I was in the wrong, and surely, whatever I had done, it was they who were most in the wrong?
So I sat tight. I was banking on Jill not being utterly unscrupulous, and she spoke up as the reverend was threading the fatal film in the projector.
"I dont think you should watch it."
"No sir," I was for once in agreement with Jill. "It's a little bit rude."
"You intrigue me," he thought I was joking. "What's it about?"
"I made it," Jill admitted, "and I really don't think it is suitable for someone of your standing."
"No sir," I heartily agreed.
"Oh you pretty young things must take me for an innocent. I can assure you I've seen more than you'll ever guess, and am not easily shocked."
"How about this?"  Sue stood up and bared her breasts. They were large and inviting.
So she too has feelings. She was doing this to distract the reverend from his film.
As for the said reverend, he was as human as the rest of us, for though he shook his head, he was unable to resist Sue as she came up close to him.
I grabbed the film as Sue kissed him. Jill took me by the hand and we discreetly left together. How far is Sue prepared to go with him, I wondered.

I had possession of the precious film!
But I have a conscience too.
I was eternally grateful to Sue for sacrificing herself, maybe even now  making love to the reverend who clearly did not understand why Sue was making love to him.
Jill had not attempted to snatch the film from me.
I walked with her the mile back to college. I knew what I was gonna do.
Baxter smiled at us, then stared. Two identically dressed girls. Luckily, he took no more action, and we left him scratching his head.
In her room, Jill offered me a box of matches.
"Burn it," was all she said.
I did.
The last ashes of the film were glowing in the waste bin when I said to her,
"Thanks. I'll be your guinea pig Jill."
I was scared as soon as I said it, but her rapture was some compensation.
"Oh thanks, thank you so much."
"Well, shall we get it over with?" I nearly laughed, but I was shaking with doubts. "Can I kiss you?"
"Of course, of course, anything," she cried, as she fetched a phial from her drawers.
"Look, I know it's crazy, but would you mind awfully if I filmed you. I really promise to make sure your face cannot be identified."
"If you must."
"Well I need to provide some evidence to the pharmaceutical company, you see."
"I can tell them how it helped me," I suggested, sounding as positive as I dared.
"That'd be great, but don't you think film would give your information credibility?"
"Yeah, of course. Okay, get the cameras rolling, Polanski!"
Jill asked me to lie on her bed, after she covered it with a waterproof sheet. 
"Just lie there while I set up the camera and take your measurements."
"Yeah, this is scientific you know," she was laughing.
I found my penis being measured, "3 inches."
I settled down as she  stripped down.
Wow, what a turn on!  "6 inches."
"We'll make it look authentic," Jill said, "shall we?"
I agreed, not comprehending what she meant.
"I wonder how Sue's making out," Jill chatted to me, as she dipped a long needle into the phial. "That reverend looked randy enough to me to take her all the way."
This remark was accompanied by the naked girl inserting the needle gently into my arm.
"That's good," she whispered to me, "it's going in slowly. I hope it'll turn you into what the randy rev is up to."
"How long?" I asked, as the last of the drug entered my blood stream. I didn't feel any different as yet.
"We'll see, it took nearly half an hour on our dog, but I'll set the camera on stop frame until I see the first sign of it working."
"I feel okay."
"Good, try and relax, don't fight anything. Relax, that's it."
She stroked my brow, then went away.
She was dressing in the pin-striped suit she had worn on that fateful evening. A thin mustache was added.
"Might as well keep in character," she joked, "and make it authentic. Tell me if you feel anything."
We sat in silence, I admiring this strong willed girl who was half my double in that suit. I was pleased I had agreed to be her guinea pig. I wanted to please her.
A couple of times I told her I thought something was happening. But after one shudder, my body returned to its resting state. Then a jabbing sensation in my lower regions made me call out, "it's starting!" But a moment's searing pain passed quickly away, and it was another false alarm.
After three quarters of an hour, I was thinking the drug did not work on humans. I was expressing my loss of faith to Jill, when Sue returned.
She looked flushed. Then as she saw me on the bed and the camera rolling, she cried, "well done!"
"How did it go?" Jill asked what I'd been dying to ask.
"Oh, he's a sweetie," was Sue's enigmatic reply. She refused to be drawn further, but a girl knows what a girl knows, and I knew what she had been up to. My penis returned to a more erect size at the notion.
Wait a moment, I thought, that's nonsense, a girl knows what a girl  knows. I'm not a girl! Mmm, but I love being dressed like this, and even more  with these two girls with me, a situation I had only ever dreamed of, this was a reality!
My excitement mounted. I badly desired the drug to take effect.

Another jarring movement swept thru my body, then the same searing pain, which I think was in my balls. I told Sue and Jill.
Though I returned quickly to normality, a minute later the same two 
side effects made me wince.
Another minute of quiet passed, then it occurred again. Though the pain was no worse and subsided immediately, I was getting scared.
Sue examined me, my heart rate was fine, but it was Jill who noticed that my dick now was longer and fatter. Even in its floppy state, its size was nearly that when erect.
"It's often like that," I explained as though I knew all about these things.
As the three of us inspected the thing, another longer pain swept round  my body, finishing in my balls. It was becoming unbearable. This time the sensation was more intense and I became feverish.
"I think it's properly taking effect!" cried Jill excitedly.
It was.
Sue stood by the camera, ready for action.
Jill, with her manly mustache, came up and kissed me. Then she lifted my dress and my six inch dick was starting to stiffen up as my body was gripped by the drug they had invented.
It grew into a fearsome object. "11 inches," cried Jill as she measured it and tickled it.  Then she licked it. 
That's when I felt my penis stiffen enormously fully, stretched beyond belief, and lengthen so that it was aching. My balls felt red hot and I grabbed Jill and kissed her passionately,  bursting to have my release.
Jill pressed her hand on my writhing frame and watched me as I closed on an eruption of volcanic proportions.
"I'm cumming!" I groaned in my ecstasy, and out my cum spurted, like bubbling lava shooting upwards, then crashing back on my dress, my legs, my balls. The flow spluttered forth until a pool of cum floated over me, and as it continued unabated, my mustached man stuck her face over the pulsing penis and gorged on a delicious mouthful.
At last the flow died down.
"Phew!" I cried. "I'm glad I took it. Oooo!"
I hadn't finished, for another load spouted forth, even higher than the first. Though it was soon over, I had to cry out happily to them,
"That stuff is bound to make your fortune!"
"Ours," corrected Jill, "you have a part share for your bravery. We couldn't have done it without you!"
"There's more coming!" I yelled. 
And by way of thanks, Jill unbuttoned her pants and lay on top of my giant dick, allowing it to possess her sweet body, and with an ecstatic groan, took the full force of my final ejaculation.   
               THE END

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