XXX The Encounter
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Title: The Encounter


David Cheff - 24yo - aka Anna as the baby girl : Played by: annabella.cheff

All other characters played by: Miki Yamuri

Dawn Bekerson - 20yo

Arrianna - David's 19yo ex girlfriend

Dena Burton - 25yo: Tommy's mommy

Tommy Burton - 26yo Babydoll Love Pet

Scene: Walking in a mall one Saturday morning



One Saturday morning, David Cheff had decided he need to buy a new component for his computer.

As he left Babies of all Ages store and stopped to read over a pamphlet from there, a young 20yo woman, Dawn Bekerson, was walking slowly along and looking at the small Ipad in her hand. The 2 came together suddenly, right in front of Babies of all Ages.

They both looked at each other as they apologize for running into each other. Dawn Bekerson then saw that the pamphlet he was looking at was from Babies of all Ages. She tells him that her name was Dawn Bekerson. then she asks him what his name is.

Dawn was a very cute girl. She had shoulder length blond pony tails held together by ladybug barrettes. She wore short shorts, with a beige smock top that had cute poofy sleeves and open stretch collar draped across her shoulders.

David was wearing blue baggy jeans, an ugly t shirt with a dragon on it and black tennis shoes and socks.

David replied, "My name is David. Nice to met you."

Dawn looked at the brochure David was holding in his and, then looked around at where they were standing. She smiles as a thrill ran all through her. Fantasies ran rapidly through her mind before she said softly, "Hi. I see you are interested in those cute plushy toys. I have a few .... minutes if you need someone with you."

David said, " Wait; I'm too shy to go in there, and if I do, I don't think I'll ever come out here again." David had a very scared look as he glanced around to see who was there.

Dawn took David gently by the hand and began entering the huge store. Dawn smiled as she realized this was the perfect person. All she had to do ..., "It's OK, sugar puddles, I promise."

She moves close to David and pats him softly on his bottom as she once again takes him by the hand. Before he knew it, he was inside standing in the midst of the most adorable little girl outfits ... just his size.

Dawn said in a soft sexy coo, "I think this one is sooo adorable, don't you?" She removes a cute glowworm sundress and bloomer panties. She holds it up in front of him as she looks him from head to foot.

When David saw how he looked in one of the mirrored columns, he noticed how cute he looked and fainted out of joy. When he woke up he didn't know where he was.

Dawn leans in the crib and coos softly as if she's talking to a very small child, "Welcome back sweet heart. Mommy hopes your little boo boo no hurts too much." she bends in and kisses him softly on a spot on his forehead. A small insignificant sensation informed him a rather nasty contusion was there.

David looks down and saw he was in a diaper and a pink frilly onesie . He looked up at Dawn and asked, "What happened? Last thing I remember was seeing my reflection in a cute glowworm sundress and bloomer panty."

Dawn coos softly, "You fainted, I think. When you woke up, you were sooo adorable. Don't you remember, cutie cakes? You've been my baby girl for 2 years now. Everyone just adores you and several will be over in a while to see you."

David screeches in shock that it has been 2 years, "Really? I don't remember at all." then he burst into tears and can't seem to stop.

"Who's coming over? Are you my mommy now?" he asked

Dawn gently runs her hand through his very long hair. She smiles as she cooed, "You are the most wonderful little girl ever. And when you do fall down go boom ..." She rolls her head back with a large smile and closes her eyes, "It's the most precious thing and everyone loves it."

David asked, "Could you tell me what happened the last two years mommy?"

He gasped and put his hands to his mouth as he realized that he called Dawn mommy.

Dawn bends and picks David from the crib with ease. David was in shock. He watched with big eyes as Dawn carried him to a large arm chair and seated herself, arraigning him in her arms comfortably. He couldn't believe it as she undid her nursing blouse and bra, exposing her perfectly formed breast and large protruding nipple. She took the nipple between her thumb and forefinger, then gave it a squeeze, producing a large white drop on the tip of the gumdrop sized nipple.

She put it in David's mouth and cooed softly, "Just eat lunch baby, worry over the unimportant stuff later."

What are you doing ummmph mmm?" David asked when he saw the white liquid drop on her breast.

His words were interrupted as the nipple made it impossible to speak. Instinctively, he begins to nurse the moment he tasted the milk drop. All of a sudden, he realized what he was doing and thought to himself, 'Oh no! What am I doing? Am I nursing? What is going on?'

As he was doing this, his eyes became heavy as his tummy warmed and he started to drift off into a very girly princess dream.


David's eyes open. He is looking into the very concerned face of Dawn, and several women employees of Babies of all Ages. Dawn lifts David's head into her lap as she bends and gives his lips a soft, sensual brushing kiss.

She coos softly, "Is baby alright? You have a really nasty bump on you little head." She gently and with compassion dabs at an extremely sore place on his forehead.

"Oowwee! He gasped as she applied something wet and cold to the abrasion, " What year is it? Did I faint?" David asked as he looked around. He realized that he is still in the Baby of all Ages store.

Dawn coos softly as she kisses his nose like he was an infant. David looks up into her concerned eyes and asked, "Have I been out for two years? If not, I have just had the weirdest, but best dream I have ever had.

Debbie coos softly, Oh' baby took a nasty fall. What happened? Di baby faww down go boom? I think you would look so precious in that little romper though. Especially," she pulls open the front of his pants and peeks in. No way he could hide the fact he was in little girl's pull-ups.

David blushes bright red as he realized she must have know all along. He looked around in a wide eyed daze and started crying out of embarrassment. David tries to run into the changing room to hide until he could get his emotions in check.

Dawn wrapped her arms around the crying David and kept him from leaving. Dawn cooed reassuringly to him as if she were comforting a very little child. One of the attendants knelt beside them and dabbed something on his forehead, then put a really cute little Disney band aid over the small wound.

The woman said softly, "I bet, if we get you into a super thick Babykins Crawly diaper and that precious romper your mommy has, I think baby would feel so much better, don't you?" She smiled a radiant smile.

"What mommy? I don't have any family they all died when was 2. I never knew them or what it felt like to have a family." David said through sniffles and tears.

David looked up at Dawn's face and instantly felt like wanting to be diapered and loved by her. His emotional state was so far scrambled that he didn't realize he was wetting and pooping his girls pull up. with a start, David realized what he had done he tried to hide his face in Dawn's chest. David felt like his face was on fire from embarrassment.

After a few minutes crying in her chest, David fell asleep. For the first time in a long time, he dreams of being a sissy babydoll love pet with a loving caring mommy.

When David next awoke, he found himself snuggled into a huge fuzzy Teddy Bear plushy doll. He rolls back slightly, only to discover he was in some kind of barred thing when he felt them against his back. He sits up and takes a look around. His eyes get huge in amazement as he realizes he's in a nursery of some kind and in a crib.

David gets scared and starts to cry. Suddenly, the nursery door opened, Dawn walked in. All she had on was a sheer babydoll top that left nothing to the imagination and a pair of tie on bikini panties.

She came quickly over to the crib, hugged David in such a way his face was in her boobies, and cooed softly, "Is baby all right? Does cutums needs didy change? Humm, sugar plumb?" and tickles David in the ribs. David couldn't help but giggle as dawn tickled him.

When Dawn stoped, David asked, "Where am I? I woke up and didn't know where I was an gots scared."

As David said this, he wet his diaper so much it started to leak. He couldn't help it as he felt the warm wetness gather around his bottom.

Dawn smiled as she cooed, "Well, it seems you fainted and hit your head. I'm not real sure of the connection, but you were very infantile after that. You had wet and pooed you cute little pull-ups ... so I had to do something when you feel asleep in my arms."

"Oh no! That wasn't a dream?" David screeched in an infantile voice as he looked down out of embarrassment. "So what did you do?" David finally asked shyly with his head still down at the floor.

Dawn lifts his chin with her index finger as she cooed softly, 'why, silly baby, I did what any babysitter would do, I changed my little girl's diaper ... dressed her in an adorable little romper from Babies of all Ages, and then a wonderful stroller built just for babies like you. Now, here we are, in your own private nursery. I just knew you were perfect."She bends and kisses David on his nose.

"Perfect?" David asked out of curiosity blushing bright red. but then he suddenly surprised himself by asking "Would you be my Babydoll Love Pet owner?"

Dawn said softly as she undoes his diaper pins, "Funny you should say that cutie. You see, Babies of all Ages is Universally know for baby products ... for infants of all ages. That, dear heart, includes you." She quickly fastens a collar around his neck that IDed him has her Babydoll Love Pet.



David's entire life suddenly changed. He felt an intense sensation wash through his body over and over. Each one more intense than the last. David was rewritten into a very cute Babydoll Love Pet named Anna within her mind. Anna realizes this fulfilled one of his most wonderful fantasies and bounces up and down while thanking Dawn with all his heart. Anna screeched happily as the Love pet said, "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, so much" While Anna gave Dawn a big big hug.

Anna didn't understand what had happened a few minutes ago. She couldn't even remember what they were talking about, all Anna knew was she was with who she was supposed to be with.

Anna saw Dawn reach into a drawer below her line of site. She reached in and removed a devise ... that looked like a medium sized round ball with an opening of some kind in it. David's diaper was undone and open by this time. Dawn takes his manhood gently in her hands and begins to sensually massage it as she coos softly, "I have a devise here that makes little boys into the cutest little girls." Dawn rapidly pushed his hardening manhood into the opening in the sphere. He felt momentary stings all through his scrotum and penis, before the scariest sound of all, the high pitched sound of a metal saw cutting meat.

There was no pain. All there was, was an intense, very sexual sensation surging all through his body in time with the meat on metal cutting sounds. When Dawn removed the sphere from his crotch, all that was left was what appeared to be a cute little hairless vagina.

"Oh my god! Did you just take my penis and balls away?" David said incredulous at what was happening to him. "I thought that was nearly impossible to do."

Suddenly, David began to cry. Dawn picked David up and held him lovingly to her breasts.

Dawn cooed softly as she rocked him side to side, "It's OK, little girl. Babies of all Ages has many kinds of technology to help little baby girls like you realize who you truly are. She then bends and kisses the confused infant in her arms.

David starts to calm down and stopped crying. "Mommy, do you think you could alter my memory so I think you were always my mommy?" feeling hopeful from what mommy had told him about baby of all ages technology.

Dawn carried David back to the sofa and snuggled into it with him in her arms. She cooed softly, "I think that can be arranged."

Dawn reached into a small side drawer in an end table and removed a small zippered black case. She opened the case and removed a very small screwdriver. Dawn messed with the pet collar around David's neck for a moment. As she did this, David felt an irresistible and super intenseness rush all through his mind to the deepest core. He struggled hard to stop what was happening to him as he felt everything he used to be change and vanish. It almost hurt it was so intense and irresistible. David suddenly ceased to exist, and Anna, the Babydoll Pet was born.

Dawn undid her blouse and removed a very shapely and firm breast. Gave the gumdrop sized nipple a squeeze, and a large drop of white liquid forms. She smiled as she put it to Anna's lips.

Anna can't help herself as an intense rush runs all through her. She began to nurse as any hungry baby would. Her body acting just like any baby ... she can feel something slowly washing through her mind.

"This taste, I love it! Mommies milk is the best ever." Anna thinks as she slowly falls to sleep in mommies loving arms.

When Anna slightly awoke up a short time later, she noticed that she was still in mommy's arms. She thinks of Dawn as mommy. Anna remembers that she has always been her mommy and she is her living Babydoll.

The next time Anna awoke, she was in a soft carryall pouch strapped to Dawn's chest. It held her in a perfect position. A sales clerk was bent over cooing softly at how sweet Anna was as she gently tickled her under the chin.

Anna giggled, squirmed adorably, and kicked her bootied feet as she is tickled under the chin.

Anna looked up at mommy and saw that mommy was smiling down at her. Dawn said in an infantile cooing voice, "I have a surprise for you at home."

Dawn told the clerk to have the items delivered as soon as possible. She cooed softly to Anna, "Now, sugar bumps, it's time to make sure you never grow back up and stay my adorable little babydoll girl forever."

With this, Anna feels a sharp sting on her leg. She hears a hissing pop and feels something enter her leg, then spread slowly, intensely, inexorably through her body. Anna starts to cry from the sting in her leg. Dawn bent over and cooed softly and reassuringly to her baby.

Anna squeaks "Paci, paci." in an adorable baby girl voice that immediately got everyone's attention. Dawn smiled as she cliped a glow worm paccie to Anna's top and puts the nipple in her mouth. Anna's high pitched baby squeals end abruptly as she began to suck on it.

As Anna suckled on it, she started to think of pretty princess dresses and dollies and how much she loved her mommy.

As mommy took baby to the car, she noticed that baby was wetting herself without baby realizing it.

Right there for all to see, Dawn removed Anna from the baby pouch and placed her on her back on the seat. Anna could see many people walking by and sort of noticing. Dawn removed Anna's plastic bottoms, then the wet diaper. She re-diapered Anna and powdered her well. The car smelled wonderfully of baby powder as Dawn strapped Anna into her new car seat for the ride home.

Anna listened to the nursery music mommy had playing and was enjoying it. Anna began to wonder what the surprise could be that mommy had planned. By the time they pulled into the garage, Anna had forgotten about a surprise and wanted to play in the sand turtle in the back yard instead.

Dawn undid the straps for the car seat holding Anna in so she wouldn't fall out and carried her into the house. Dawn placed Anna on the floor and cooed softly, "Babies of all Ages specializes in many aspects of regression and childhood." Dawn picked up a small black box, opened it, and removed a beautifully hand made leather choke collar with a very sparkly diamond in the gold setting.

Dawn continues as she fastens the collar on with a soft click, "This collar has 2 golden tags on it. One, IDs you as my pet Babydoll named Anna. The other IDs me as your owner with contact information should you get lost."

Anna giggles and replied in an adorable baby girl voice"Me wuvs my collar mommy. "Me no hopes ever gets losted." with a pouty and scared look on her face.

Dawn smiles as she twirls Anna around several times making her scream with delight, before hugging her close and taking her back into the house.

Dawn cooed softly, "I'm calling all your old friends and inviting them over to see my new Pet." She placed Anna on a large, soft, pillow chair and picks up her cell. She began to push buttons furiously.

Anna giggles and smiles as her mommy set her down in her play pen with her dollies and blocks. After about 10 minutes of playing with her blocks, and especially her dollies, her mommy came over and leaned in.

Dawn cooed softly, "Sweetie, all of your old friends will be here shortly to see my new daughter." she giggles as she clasps her hands together, "And just think, only a few hours ago, you were a grown man." She kisses Anna on her nose and leaves.

After a couple minutes, Dawn returned with a bottle of apple juice. within it, a tasteless drug that makes Anna forget all her past. Dawn gives the bottle to Anna and turns on Barbie Princess Charm school. The moment the movie started to play, Anna's mind blinked. her entire existence was in what was happening on the screen as children do.

Anna didn't hear the knock on the door. The door opened, in walked his old boss, Mr. Edwards. Mr Edwards walked over to the crib and brought a lollipop from his coat. It was a huge one. Anna's eyes get large as her mouth falls open in surprise.

Mr. Edwards said softly, "Here you go, little girl. For being so cute you can have this." He hands it to Anna.

Anna looks at her mommy to make sure it as OK. After a small nod of approval from Dawn, Anna takes the lollipop and gives Mr. Edwards and big hug.

Anna said in her adorable baby voice, "Tank oo mister."

Anna puts the lolly in her mouth and sucks on it when a weird taste starts coming from it. Anna likes it so much she starts sucking on it faster while she returned to her movie.

Along came another knock on the door, in walks Anna's old girlfriend Arrianna. Anna recognized who it was and tried to waddle away and hide. Dawn smiled as she picked Anna up and brought her to the door where Arrianna stood with a large smile.

Arrianna said, "I can't believe how cute and adorable he is now. I want some of that Babydoll kit you bought for myself ... so if a guy gets out of hand." Both women look at each other for a second then giggle as Dawn takes Anna into the crowded living room, Arrianna following close behind.

Anna looks around and starts to get scared. She recognized everyone with a dim infant's mind, recognizing everyone in the room, and trying to hide in her mommies arms.

Dawn cooed softly to her Babydoll Pet, "There's nothing to be scared of, snuggle bug. Mommy will protect her baby girl." Dawn patted Anna on her hinny softly and reassuringly.

Anna looked up at mommy with tears in her eyes as her mommy put her to her shoulder and carried the now infant Babydoll Anna into the circle of people.

Dawn placed Anna in the middle of the living room on a large, thick, soft pillow chair. She gave Anna several plushy dolls to play with as everyone took notice of her. They gathered around and began saying really nice and cute things about Anna.

Anna giggled and smiled as they were being so nice. Suddenly, Anna gets a well recognized baby expression ... her adorably wide eyed poopy face showed to all she had just messed in her diaper. There was nothing Anna could do to stop it from happening as she felt the mass grow in her diaper as the waves pushed it out. Anna became very embarrassed and started to cry.

Arrianna was the first to notice as she came to Anna and cooed softly, "Is baby aww stinky? Let Aunti see." Arrianna pulls open the back of Anna's panties and diaper and cheks. She leans back and wrinkles up her nose in a cute way as she coos, "Baby aww tinky an needsa change ... huh?" The picked Anna up and started carrying her towards the bathroom. Anna started to become a little less embarrassed as the drugs and Pet Collar did their job and continued to transform Anna.

While on the way to the bathroom Anna asked " Why comes everyone bein so nice about this? I was so scared of how they would treat me. Thank oo for everyting, Auntie."

Arrianna looked down and smiled as she placed Anna on a soft padded surface and removed her rumba panties.

Arrianna cooed, "It's because we all feel this is the perfect arrangement for you. We all thought you were a girl anyway. This means, I get to change your diaper."

She removes the locking diaper pins, lifts Anna by her ankles, cleaned her hinny with a sweet smelling baby wipe, Then placed it in the warm and thick embrace of a crawly diaper.

Anna was so happy about her Auntie's response that she giggled and kicked her feet. Once Anna was changed, her auntie put her in a beautiful baby dress that was pink and had 'My Little Ponies on it from the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic show. Once Anna was dressed Arrianna put a blindfold on Anna and led her to the living room for a surprise.

Arrianna led Anna by the hand slowly into the living room. Anna had difficulty keeping her balance due to the massive thickness of the crawly diaper between her legs, and toddled adorably as a result. Arrianna let Anna's hand go, then slowly undid the blindfold. The room was filled with smiling people. There, in the middle of the room, was a brand new SuperFlyer tricycle with a little bell. It's shiny red glistened welcomingly as all the people cheered and clapped.

"Yaaaay." screams Anna as she ran over to the SuperFlyer tricycle. Anna didn't notice that there was a pile of presents and a birthday cake that said Happy Birthday Anna on it.

Anna was ringing the bell on the tricycle when Dawn came over and said with a huge smile "Happy Birthday baby girl!"

Dawn takes Anna by her shoulders and turns her around. She sees the formal dining table had a huge birthday cake sitting in the middle. A single candle burned from the center of the cake. At the far end, was a highchair, which had a huge pile of neatly and colorfully wrapped gifts staked high to one side. Dawn gently began pushing Anna towards the highchair as One of the people Anna remembered as living next door, undid the seat straps and lifted the tray. Anna remembered that the woman who lived next door's name was Rachel.

After Anna had been placed in the highchair with the tray down, Dawn came over with the cake and sang with everyone else "Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you; Happy Birth Day dear Anna, Happy Birthday to you."

Once the song ended , Dawn told Anna to make a wish and blow out the candle.

Anna wished with all her heart that she could make love with her mommy, Then she blew out the candle on her first try. Every one cheered again and clapped their hands as Dawn cut a large slice of cake for Anna. Dawn takes a large scoop of Neapolitan Ice cream and scoops it onto the plate beside the cake, then placed it on the highchair tray. Dawn ties a cute little pink bib with many colored balloons on it around Anna's neck.

Dawn cooed softly, "Now, since you are just a baby, you must do this with your fingers while we take adorable photos of you."

Dawn steps back, many of the women bring out their pads and begin taking pictures.

Anna starts with the cake. She tried to get a grip but couldn't quite seem to get the knack of it. Anna shrugged her shoulders as the answer popped into her mind suddenly, she plunged her face into it splattering everyone around her with cake. As Anna began to eat, everyone laughed. When Anna raised her face, she saw what a mess she made of herself and the surrounding area. It was so messy, in fact, that Dawn decided to feed Anna the ice cream herself.

Dawn brought out a large and soft, wet washcloth. She cleaned Anna's face and hands, then removed the messy bib. Dawn took a scoop of cake, then one of ice cream, and made whooshing noises as she mad a circuitous course to Anna's open and eager mouth.

After the ice cream was gone, the highchair tray had been cleaned, it was then time for presents. Dawn placed the first present in front of Anna. When Anna opened it, she saw that it was a complete Barbie movie collection.

Anna squealed with delight at the present as she clapped her hands together and bounced on her hinny. Another one had pretty pink dresses, others had toys.

After all the presents were opened, Anna asked "Mommy? Can we please make wuv tonight?"

Dawn sat with a smile on her face and looked lovingly at her new Babydoll Love Pet for a few seconds before she said softly, "Sure, but only as girls. You can't ever be a male again as long as you live. All the hormones and other things we are going to give you will ensure you are my little girl forever."

Dawn hugs Anna lovingly as she gives her a passionate kiss. Anna feels Dawn's tongue as it wiggles its way through her lips and into her mouth. Anna's eyes get large as she feels Dawns wiggly tongue seek her's out and wrap itself wiggly around it.

As Dawn's wiggly tongue passionately found Anna's, they both started to collapse into each others arms, and then onto the large and thick pillow chair as the intensity of the kiss increased. The kiss was so intense that they both forgot that they were in front of other people as they were lost in the heat of the moment.

Gasping, Dawn and Anna finally broke the kiss. At this point, everyone was staring at them with amazement in their eyes. The Babydoll Love Pet potent from Babies of all Ages worked to perfection. Dawn smiled as she held the nearly limp Anna in her arms.

Dawn said, "She not only a Babydoll for everyone to play with, she's a Love Pet just for me. I can do what ever I want with her. She is my property."

Everyone claps loudly as Dawn bends and kisses Anna softly on her lips once again.

Dawn cooed very quietly, "Relax, sweetness, Mommy will show you what it's like as soon as the party's over. Be patient cutie bumps." Dawn caresses Anna so gently in her new privacy. Anna shivers at the intensity of it as Dawn smiles lovingly at her.

Anna looks at her mommy with very deep and loving eyes.

A few seconds later one of the guests said "It's time for the party games everyone."

Anna realized suddenly that this guest's name was Silver, as he led Anna out to the backyard. Anna squeals with delight as she claps her hands together. Completely set up was a pin the tail on the Unicorn, a sand castle building pit in a huge sand turtle, and a bouncy castle filled with thousands of colored balls.

There were other Babydoll Children present. Anna's mind seemed to shift gears somehow, and she and the others fit right in. Tommy Burton even stole himself a cute kiss from Anna when she least expected it. All the little Babydoll Children snickered as some sang the song, "Anna and Tommy sittin inna tree ... K I S S I N G."

Anna blushed deep red as she toddled as fast as she could to escape to her nursery. Anna only got to the kitchen before her mommy caught her and asked" What's wrong, my baby girl?"

Anna responded by saying in cute little girl tears, " Tommy Burton kissed me." then poked out her bottom lip in an adorably kissable way that Babydoll Love pets have.

Dawn giggled softly as she cooed, "But, sweetie, you are such a pretty little girl."Dawn cuts her eyes to the side as she leans close and whispers conspiratorially, "I think he loves you. Be nice, you're a very beautiful girl Babydoll now."

Little Tommy Burton tried his very best to show Anna he liked her a lot. Many of the people present took some adorable pictures of Anna and her first boyfriend holding hands ... and even got one of Tommy getting another wonderful kiss on his lips from Anna.

One of the Adults came in and announced that the sprinklers were now on. The Babydoll toddlers were stripped to their panties and diapers, then released out to the wonderful multiattack sprays of the sprinkler defense system. The gleeful screeches of the Babydolls told the rest.

Anna was having so much fun that she even started to kiss Tommy ... on his lips ... a lot. It made Anna feel so weird and emotions she had never had before began to surface as was fitting for a Babydoll Love Pet. Anna lost track of the time until all the parents started to take their Babydoll Pets home for their nap.

Anna sort of heard the women talking as they said their goodbyes. Anna heard that Dawn was the President of the Babydoll Owners Club, and many of the women at this gathering were owners who obtained their Babydolls from a potent purchased from babies of all Ages. Anna shrugged her shoulders and giggled as Tommy tickled her in her tummy.

When it was only Tommy and Anna left outside. Anna's panties were very droopy in her hinny as was Tommy's Training pants. Anna leaned into his body softly as her Love Pet program took effect. Anna couldn't help herself as her eyes got big in wonder. She gently took hold of Tommy's poky thingy in the front of his under pants.

As she gently caressed it, she whispered in Tommy's ear, "I like you a lot Tommy."

When Anna said this, Tommy's Love Pet protocol went into effect as well. A nice and tingly shy ran all through him as he went bright red in the face.

As Tommy scuffled his feet adorably he said, "I like you too, Anna." he quickly leaned in and gave Anna a huge French kiss.

Anna watched with big longing eyes as Tommy was led off by his mommy to go home. Anna feels so strange. She realizes she's holding herself between her legs with both hands.

Dawn walked up on Anna as she watched Tommy leave with a forlorn expression on her cute face. Dawn smiled. Anna couldn't have been more adorable. Her panties and diaper drooped in the back with the water in them from the sprinklers. Her cute budding boobies with their gumdrop nipples poked out erect and excitedly.

Anna stood there with her hands folded in front, just under her chin as her wistful expression said all the rest. Jessica, managed to take a picture with her Ipad before Anna realized she was once again center attraction.

Anna toddled over to her mommy and asked"Mommy, I'm tired ... Can I take a nap now pwetty pwease?"

"Of course, sweet heart." Dawn replied as she took Anna by the hand, and escorted her into the house to the potty room.

Before Anna knew what was happening, she was on the padded counter and Dawn had removed her droopy wet panties and diaper. Dawn cleaned Anna's squeaky places well. Then, without warning, Dawn held Anna's knees bent and thighs spread as she began to softly, sensually, and lovingly explore Anna's brand new opening with her fingers and very wiggly intense tongue.

Anna was taken completely by surprise as she tensed up and squeaked adorably. As intense as the sexual feelings were for Tommy, these were mind blowingly intense as the Love Pet Program enabled Mommy Love. Anna squeaked and gasped softly as she felt Dawns fingers gently open her. Then an intense, wiggly, exploring tongue began to seek out all the pretty folds in Anna's new vagina.

Anna couldn't help herself as she lost what ever remaining maleness and masculinity there was in her spirit, and became the perfect Living Babydoll Love Pet. She lost her mind totally as she had her very first orgasm as her mommy ate her pussy. By the time Dawn had finished with Anna, Dawn diapered Anna and put the cutest pair of ruffled panties on her. Dawn wanted Anna to have her first accident in her panties so she could make a big deal of it. Dawn picked Anna from the counter and carried her to her Specially Made, Babies of all Ages Crib and tucked Anna in. When Anna woke up several hours later, she started to cry.

Dawn came into the nursery and gathered the whimpering Anna to her breast. She removed one of her lovely breasts from her nursing bra and put the nipple in Anna's mouth.

Dawn cooed softly, "There, there, my little love pet. Everything's going to be all right. All you have to do from now on, is be an adorable little girl Babydoll. All us adults will do the rest." Dawn pats Anna's hinny reassuringly before continuing, "I have taken care of everything and you are officially registered as my property with the Bureau of Babydoll Vital Statistics. I caught you fair and square in accordance with the Babydoll Owner's Club Charter."

In Anna's head, she knew something was terribly wrong, although everything seemed so right. Anna didn't have a clue what it was her mommy was talking about. The Babydoll program made absolute sure of that so there would never be any kind of issues with what the new Babydoll's life was.

When Anna had finished nursing, she told her mommy about the dream she had and was scared about it. Anna didn't know how her mommy would react when she discovered She was attracted to Tommy as well.

Dawn held Anna lovingly in her arms as she gave Anna a passionate and deep French Kiss. Dawn cooed softly, "Now, why would mommy be mad because her beautiful little girl Love Pet did what she is supposed to do and fell in love with a boy? That's kind of silly, don't you think, sweet heart?"

Anna whimpered in an adorable voice, "I was worried you would be mad because I'm your love pet." Anna thought about it for a second then said, "Yes, I suppose it's a little silly mommy.".

Dawn changed the wet and messy Anna. When she carried Anna to the playroom again, she smelled a whole lot like baby powder. Dawn placed Anna amid many soft and wonderful little girl toys, "Now, play nice and mommy will call Tommy's mom and see if she'll bring him over. He's only been a Babydoll for a week. His mommy caught him fooling around with another woman and she made him her Love Pet. Now, it's OK for him to fall in love ... that's what Love Pets do ... make love." Dawn left Anna to call Dena, Tommy's Mommy.

after Dawn left Anna in the play pen, Anna started to pretend with her dollies and stuffed wolf. Anna was just getting into the middle of the story when Dawn came back in. Dawn sat down in a chair with a big smile on her face.

Anna asked in her cute Babydoll voice, "Is Tommy commin over mama?"

Dawn replied in a soft cooing voice, "Yes, baby, Tommy will be here as soon as his mommy can get him here."

Anna watched as Dawn brought up an adorable Little Princess Babydoll Dress and matching rumba panties on the monitor of the laptop in Dawn's lap. Dawn chose a soft pastel peach color that was sort of pink with soft orange red overtures. The panties were the same color with very large white ruffles across the bottom, and periwinkle lace around the waist and leg openings.

Dawn said, "Mommy's getting her little princess a wonderful dress so we can go places and I can show you off."

Anna blushed at the sight of the outfit mommy was getting her. She toddled over to Dawn and gave her a big hug.

Anna said in a very cute Babydoll voice, "Tank oo so muchies mummy. Me wuv the outfit. M so gwateful oo gotteded me."

Anna returned to her pretend story and the make believe tea party with her dollies.

About an hour later, Anna heard the doorbell ring. Dawn went to the door. Anna could hear 2 women making joyful squeaks and other sounds of greeting. In a very few minutes, a very beautiful woman leading a boy dressed in a cute overall with butterflies embroidered on the legs, and the large words BABYDOLL embroidered across the front.

The woman led Tommy by the hand to the play area and cooed softly, "Tommy, this is Anna. She wants to be your Girlfriend Love Pet."

Tommy's face lights up as he grins at Anna. Many wonderful sexual things they could do together came to mind for him instantly as the Love Pet Protocol enabled.

Anna blushed deep red as her Love Pet Protocol enabled and she smiled adorably shyly at Tommy. Anna snuggles up to Tommy and gives him a big hug and kiss. Tommy started to kiss Anna back intensely.

Anna felt something hard begin to form between his legs. Anna broke the kiss and was looking very confused as she felt strange urges and needs rush through her body in magical and super wonderful waves. Goose bumps rose all over Anna's body as images of how she could please him danced in her mind.

Tommy plopped beside Anna on his thickly diapered hinny as he picked up a block, then another, and another. He began to stack them into a tower. Anna's eyes get big as she realizes what Tommy's doing. This is a game all Babydoll love and play often. Anna couldn't resist as she knocked it over. Tommy had a wide eyed open mouthed expression fora bit, then a broad smile crossed his face as he started to stack them once again.

Once the blocks were stacked up, Anna would knocked them down again.

Anna couldn't help herself. One of the prime functions of a Love Pet ... is to Love. Anna asked shyly asked if Tommy would like to play house with her. Anna stood up and pulled open the front of her panties. Tommy smiles as he peeks in. A feeling of awe and wonder rush through him as he sees Anna's privacy.

Tommy said, "I would love to play house with you."

So they began playing house. In the beginning, Anna would be the baby, Tommy would be the mommy, and the dolls would be their friends.

The mommies walked in with a smile on their faces. Dawn carried a large plate filled with freshly baked cookies. The aroma filled the playroom.

Dawn said softly as she held out a fresh oatmeal cookie for each Babydoll, "How would you kids like a snack?"

Tommy and Anna both screech with joy. Both of them said in their cute Babydoll voices, "Tank oo vewy muchies fur tha cookie."

Anna and Tommy each took a cookie and ate it ... well, got more in them than on them at any rate, then returned to their game

Dawn returned to Tommy's mommy to tell her that Tommy was playing the mommy in their game.

Dawn and Dena watched as their Babydolls played. Dena said softly, "I am so glad I found that store ... Babies of all Ages. They are the ones that gave me that wonderful Babydoll regression drug. Turned my Tom into a beautiful little toddler Babydoll Love pet in less than an hour."

Dawn nods as she says, "Same here. They also have chemicals to make them into girls. That's why my Anna is Anna." Both women giggles as they watch their new Love Pets play.


~~ A Babydoll Beginning ~~


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