All R Diaper Disciplined Dancing Girl
Inspired by, and expanding on, a caption by Baby Butch!
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 Author's Note: I loved Baby Butch's caption of me so much that I simply had to expand the story.  The first chapter is what I have so far.  Feedback and suggestions are welcome, as I hope to continue the story at some point.

Jaina Rollins, known onstage as "Princess Jaina", is widely considered the best dancer in the region, if not her state.  She is a constant winner in the recital circuit, with consistent near-perfect scores.  Her skill, grace, and feminine beauty turn heads at every show.  And her outfits always have a subtle fairy-tale-princess theme, complementing her princess moniker.

What the admiring judges and adoring fans do not know, however, is that Jaina's mother, Jane, is quite the stage mom.  Jane is constantly pushing Jaina to win, nitpicking and critiquing her every performance, even her scores of 9.9 or above.  To be sure, Jaina loves to dance.  She loves to perform, to express herself, and to entertain those who enjoy watching her.  Even so, she trains many hours every week at an elite studio near her home, she has little time to focus on school and homework, and even less for friendships and social life.

The stress of competition is almost overwhelming... to the point where Jaina wets her bed every night.  And that is why she sleeps in a diaper.  Her mother insists on it... telling her "if you're going to act like a baby and wet your bed, then you're going to wear diapers!"  Whether Jane actually thinks diaper discipline is an appropriate response to Jaina's wetting the bed, or she just wants her baby back, who can say...

Every night at 8 o'clock on the button, Jaina lies down and is made to suck on a pacifier while Jane tapes her into a thick and cushy, pink, Rearz Princess diaper.  Afterwards, Jaina is given a bottle of juice or chilled herbal tea to suck on, and she must drink the whole thing.  Suckling herbal tea actually does help Jaina relax and sleep better, but it also ensures she will wake up with a very, very full, wet, and soggy diaper in the morning... for Jane to check, dote on, and clean up.

This has gone on for many, many months.  And then, one day, the unthinkable happened.  Jaina's string of first-place finishes came to a sudden end... She came in second, through no fault of her own.  Jaina's performance was flawless, mesmerizing, as always.  However, a tall, trim, blonde bombshell named Kendra Parker simply blew the judges away with the performance of a lifetime and squeaked out a victory by less than half a point.

Jaina was disappointed but sweet and gracious in defeat, kindly congratulating Kendra.  (Kendra was so shocked by her win she couldn't even speak... she just shook Jaina's extended hand and gave her an appreciative hug and cheek kisses.)  Jane, however was mortified.  Her daughter was not supposed to lose.  If she had practiced harder, if she had gotten a 9.99 instead of a 9.985... well, you get the idea.

Jane diapered Jaina after the recital... right in the dressing room, right in front of her classmates!  She gave Jaina her bottle as soon as they got in the car, and Jane had made sure to add a certain herbal supplement.  Jaina was already quite wet when they got home, and just as she got inside she felt a powerful tug in her lower belly...
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Baby Butch
You have done a great job of expanding on your captioned piccie. The story is cute and sounds interesting so far. That unexpected diapering at the end was a nice touch leaving readers to wonder what happens next.

Princess Jaina
@ Baby Butch
Thank you so much Baby Butch.  I'm so glad you liked.  And, of course, I couldn't have done it without the adorable caption you made.

Even I'm not sure what happens next, aside from the obvious, lol.  I'll definitely have to ponder it for a while.
Have courage and be kind... and may the Force be with you, always! 
Princess Jaina
@ BimboBangs
Thank you :)
Have courage and be kind... and may the Force be with you, always! 
Hope you will find the time to update this it was fun :)
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