XXX THE COMPLETE SISSY From Conception to Conception
A week's pampering for the Sissy who needs everything!
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Chapter 1
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        Chapter 1 Opening Day

From the brochure:
'Seven Days of Heaven.
Arrive Saturday afternoon, leave a new and invigorated sissy!'

  Here I was, standing in the reception area of Paradise Hotel, ready to begin a week's holiday. All around me  was a sea of  pink, a very sissy pink!
  I was feeling somewhat bewildered and lost, before a pretty little girl, dressed in frilly pink, who introduced herself as Stephanie, materialized.
"Dis way, pwease," she smiled, "an' welcome to de Pawadise Hotel ."
 She led me past several sissy guests to the reception desk. A lady came gliding in, tall and forbidding, but with a welcoming look of warm greeting. She wore that look that told you to do what you were told or else.
"Welcome, you must be Noel, for our week's new Special?"
Without awaiting anything more than my nod, she continued,
"Stephanie dear, show our new arrival to the Welcome Room."
The petite girl gave me a sweet curtsy and smiled, "Follow me pwease." 
As we meandered along long pink corridors, I was asking myself, should I really be here? I was doubting my wisdom in yielding to my wife Erica's persuasion to enroll.
With another curtsy and a smile, she stopped at a door and indicated where I must go.
I gulped and stepped in.

   It was a surprisingly tiny room, more a large cupboard, about six foot square, in pink of course. One vacant chair I squeezed into, the other three were occupied.
 Squeezed in a huddle, I was staring at the others, when Stephanie returned announcing in her sing song voice, "coffee!" She passed down a mug, pink of course, to each of us, then as she departed, in burst a leather clad woman, thirty maybe, powerful red hair, her black dress sweeping its numerous tassels along with it, into our cupboard. She dominated the remainder of the space, towering over our seated selves, she must have been six foot six and had her head bent slightly to avoid hitting the ceiling.
 "My friends, I wanna welcome you to our first ever Complete Sissy course. I'm sure you'll be leaving at the end fully satisfied, except in one respect- for I'm sure you'll wanna come back again! 
My name is Miss Domizetti, and over the past months I have been refining the drugs we plan to use, to make sure you will leave with no side effects. You have read the warnings in our brochure, but I wanna assure you our staff who have tested the chemicals find they all are okay. O' course, where possible we use tried and tested medicines, like the one in your coffee, but you will have understood from our brochure what others you will receive, and agreed to have them administered to you."
I hadn't, to be honest. Drugged- what does she mean? Erica was the driving force behind my being here. I'd only come because she had threatened to leave me otherwise. 
Against my better judgement however, I was starting to relax.
"That's it, drink up your coffee." She waited while we did what she required. It was more her command really.
"Sian, you finished first, so come on, tell us why you are here."
 I'd already been attracted to the looks of this slim blonde next to me, who was oozing charm in her pink frilly dress. She must have been twenty, but looked maybe ten in her pigtails and her coy demeanor.
"Me like playing sissy," she explained, "me like dwessing as a sissy girlie, an' being young again. Me wanna learn how to be the bestest sissy in de world!"
"That's very good," responded Miss Domizetti with a nod of approval.
The next along the line, Joy, a bubbling girl with a winning beam of a smile, said much the same thing. Then it was the turn of Kris, at the far end of the line. Though she had two large pink bows in her frizzy black hair, I wasn't sure if she was actually a girl, and my suspicions were confirmed by her first remarks.
"I'm Kris," she began, "I've always been attracted to you girls who dress like real sweet girls should. I live in a block where there are three such pretty girls, and all have been so easy to have sex with. I found they were so accepting of being taken by me, so much so that I've become so very curious about what they must be experiencing when I'm taking them.
So I began dressing like them, you know, making myself real sweet looking, but if that tells me how gorgeous it is to dress like a sissy, I still couldn't begin to understand their sissy emotions when I pump them with my cum. Sorry I've made you  blush girls."
Sian had gone bright pink.
"Well anyway, they showed me this advert for your new course, and here I am!"
"That's very interesting Kris. I'm sure we can help you this week. Very honest of you too."
Miss Domizetti paused, and turned to me. I was conscious I was the only one not dressed as a girl. I'd refused my wife's offer to dress me in her clothes, instead, I wore a t-shirt and shorts. 
Perhaps it was Kris's openness, or probably it was the drug filled coffee, for I found myself baring my own soul to these strangers.
"I was empathizing with Kris, when he, sorry she, said she loves pumping them- I love filling my wife Erica with my cum. But she seems to have tired of our sex, she's been going on and on these past two years that I don't satisfy her, only myself. Isn't that what it's all about?" I looked at them with a look of accusation. They were hanging on my words. 
"She's been trying to get control, it's ridiculous isn't it, saying I must satisfy her, but..."
"So it's she who has sent you here?" interrupted Miss Domizetti.
I assented, and was about to go on.
"No- don't interrupt me. She wants you to understand how she feels, being treated as a sex object."
"I told you to shut up," she continued ruthlessly. "Kris wants to learn what it's like to be a sissy, you," she looked sternly, directly at me, "you must be shown what it's like to be a submissive sissy."
I squirmed, silenced by this powerful dominating character. She seemed like a very powerful version of my Erica.
"Tell me," she was still staring intently at me," which of these girls do you fancy filling?"
I stared back at her, surprised at her change of mood.
"Sian? Joy?" she asked.
I knew immediately which of them I fancied most.
"Then Kris, you hold hands with Joy. Sian, will you take this naughty boy's hand? From now on, you'll be known as Noelle."
"Yeth mith." Sian gazed at me with an appealing coyness.
I felt myself bursting with an erection as soon as her hand contacted mine.
It was as though the force of my passion had the opposite effect from what I craved, for I found myself sinking suddenly into oblivion....
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