PG 13 Chapter 19 – Johnny is Fed With Babying Syrup
Poor Johnny. His mind is so confused with hormone syrup he begs Pauline from school to make him her baby. She dresses him as the cutest big baby, then feeds him with a bottle of babyfying syrup. There is no possible return for him now.
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This is Chapter 19 (of 40) of the Helpless Adventures of Johnny. It follows Chapter 18 in Sissy Kiss on Sep 8th and Chapter 17 on Aug 30 below.

[  Orphan Johnny moves in with his Aunts Myrna and Barbara who run a ladies-wear business. There are dresses, blouses, skirts and lingerie in stock all over the house, and Johnny can’t resist trying them on – with great pleasure. He is discovered by his furious Aunts, who punish him by giving him a syrup which greatly increases his desire for dressing and for feeling ashamed in his dressed condition. They feed him his syrup through the teat of a baby pacifier, which makes him long to be dressed in baby dresses, diapers and very frilly bloomers. His Aunts are helped with enthusiasm by Miss Williams, headmistress of the girls school, and her friend Fiona and Fiona’s daughter Pauline.  ]

Chapter 19 – Johnny is Fed With Babying Syrup

Pauline was delighted with this chance to dress her victim as a helpless, silky baby, and immediately picked out a set of four matching petticoat slips in pink nylon. Each one was a full circle petticoat, with a single button at the back of the waist and a twelve inch frill around the hem. She lifted the first one above Johnny's head as he sat in the lap of her silk-taffeta dress and let it float around him until it was below his arms. A whimper of girlish submission escaped the boy as he saw its smooth pink shine spreading over his pretty baby bloomers. A second petticoat followed, adding to his pangs of feeble sweetness, made all the worse since his petticoat was being fastened behind his waist by a girl who knew him from school.

  "What a sweet little baby girl," cooed his Aunt Myrna as she slid a mitten of white satin over his hand and tied the little ribbon to secure it in place. "Who's a little sweetums den this evening, in his lovely white blouse and pink petticoats for mommy Pauline?"

  Tears welled into the wretched boy's eyes for her words rang true in his ears as his hands were mittened into helplessness and as a third and fourth nylon petticoat swelled into a spread of girlish frilliness around his knees. Aunt Barbara produced a lovely baby skirt for Pauline to dress him in.

  "Oh Barbara!" she thrilled, seeing the smoothness of the royal blue silk. "Isn't he going to be such a GIRL in his baby blouse and skirt! I just LOVE the little shoulder straps for him. Oh please help me to make him feel extra babyish and girlish as I'm dressing him in it."

  Aunt Barbara scarcely had to try to make Johnny feel more babyish; he was already crying in the middle of the women and his little penis and testicles were aching with baby girl sweetness as if they belonged to a girl.

  "Let's pretty your lovely skirt, my pet," oozed his Aunt as she arranged the blue silk over his bed of petticoats, "so that Pauline can fasten it for you behind your waist with your lovely little skirt button. Ahhhh, isn't that lovely!"

  She helped Pauline bring the two silk straps over his shoulders and over the swell of his breasts which they were responding richly to the influence of his pacifier juice.

  "Let me fasten your lovely skirt straps here at the front of your waist, darling," cried the girl, reaching each buttonhole to its button, "and there we are, sweetheart... a lovely baby girl in a pretty blouse and baby skirt".

  "But Johnny pet," said Myrna in mock surprise, as if she had just discovered some alarming bit of news. "What do we have to do before mommy Pauline can feed her baby girl with his babying syrup?"

  The boy's crying faltered for a moment, becoming barely controllable sobs, until Myrna enlightened him. "Why, mommy must put her baby into a lovely silk BABY FEEDING BONNET of course, you sexless fool. And here it is."

  There was a bit of a struggle as Johnny saw how big his pink feeding bonnet was going to be. It would encase his head completely in three layers of silk. He felt so babyish and ridiculous that he struggled to catch his breath between sobs.

  But before he could manage any resistance, Aunt Myrna had given Pauline a large bottle of warm milk laced with maximum strength humiliation juice... and the girl had it inside his bonnet. He spluttered and tried to close his mouth, but it was too late: the rubber teat was inside his lips, filling his mouth and forcing the sweet fluid down his throat. Oh no-o-ooo, what was he drinking?

  His arms and legs straightened in the best attempt he could make to prevent himself being fed with powerful medication. Unless he could resist, he knew he would be fed a whole bottleful, but Pauline was holding him well back on her arm and her mother and Miss Williams held his baby bootees across their skirts. There was nothing he could do as Pauline tipped the bottle deeply and he drank and drank and drank, with ladies grinning in at him inside his wide pink bonnet.

  "It's a concentrated transvestite hormone drink," explained Aunt Myrna as the ladies watched. "He is going to become a girl in a short while, and with this sort of daily intake, he will soon be acting like a real baby and wanting to be treated as one. It will develop in him an irrestible urge to be dressed and dressed in frilly feminine garments."

  The ladies all laughed, but Mrs Mitcham wanted to know exactly what it would do to him.

  "He will need to suck as a way of life," said Aunt Myrna. "Ladies' fingers, ladies' shoes, pacifiers, baby bottles. Then he will have far less control over his bladder. Those diaper changes are going to become essential. His control over his arms and legs will become poor and perhaps most important of all, he will respond with babyish desire towards soft, frilly little girls' wear and ladies' wear. Feminine softness and silkiness will be what he craves."

  Her words had the women clapping with delight, then Aunt Myrna, looking at her phone, called for their attention.

  "I've got a call from the Baby Blousing and Bloomering Clinic. They've got a space this evening for him. If we get him there for 6.30pm, he will be connected to a breast-conditioner for an hour, so that his sex changes will become permanent."

  There was an outburst of delight from everyone, and they helped Pauline to hold onto the boy, who had heard everything and was trying another feeble struggle. But his arms and legs were held out to the sides by the four women and his wriggles were easily brought under control. Between them, the ladies held him still on Pauline's lap as she made sure he drank every last drop of his sex-changing hormone drink.  


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