R It’s Changing Time, Babies
Simon and Jason are delivered to their Friday night sissy lesson by their wives, where Nurse Smooth knows how to bring the best out of sissy girly husbands who want to be babies in diapers and rubber panties in front of each other.
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 It’s Changing Time, Babies.             A story by Prim


Simon Hashmere couldn’t stop the moan of shame that swelled inside him. How weak and pathetic he was to have his wife delivering him to his baby class only an hour after he got home from the office. Any moment the door would open and he would be seen again by Nurse Smooth, a woman who knew all about sissy babies who wanted to be girls. That smile of contempt was never far beneath those thick ruby lips of hers.

Ohhhhh, the door opened and there she was, her short, permed hair gleaming red beneath her white starched nursing cap. “Marsha!” she said with a smile. “Bring the little sissy in for me and I’ll give him a little drinkies before his lesson begins.” She closed the door after the guests and led the way in her rippling nursing uniform of maroon rubber and the stiffened rubber apron that encased her ample figure from her shoulders to her calves. The scent of rubber and baby powder mingled with Marsha’s perfume, and Simon’s shameful pleasure grew stronger with every step.

In the sitting room he stood to have his flaring pink coat unfastened and removed. “And how is Sissy Susan today?” asked Nurse Smooth, setting his coat to one side and examining his little white blouse with its lace trimming. “Is she in the right mind for Nurse Smooth to make her more girly in her baby things this evening?”

Marsha sat to one side to watch and listen. The humourless set of her face was a warning to her husband. “Yeth pleathe Nurthe Thmooth. Pweathe make me a lickel baby girlie today, like latht week.”

The nurse played with the lace edging round his satin Peter Pan collar and ran her fingers down the length of both his baby blue shoulder straps that buttoned at front and back onto his little pleated skirt. “That’s a good girl,” she declared. “Nurse is pleased with sissies who want to become more and more girly. Up, into your baby chair.”

Simon’s lip quivered with shame as he clambered up into his baby high chair, inevitably showing his frilly panties to his watching wife. He sat in aching humiliation as the leather straps of the sling were clipped round him to make him a baby prisoner, then Nurse Smooth pumped the seat higher until his head was on a level with her chest. He found her cold fingers spreading over his throat, drawing his head back into the bib of her apron, and the teat of a bottle touched his lips. He opened, as he had to, and started to drink.

“Is it the usual?” he heard from Marsha. She was in front of him but he couldn’t look down.

“Yes,” began the nurse, but she got no further because the door bell sounded, and Marsha got up to answer it.

The next thing, to his horror, Simon felt the breeze of new arrivals in the room – new perfumes, and a tingling atmosphere of shame and disgrace. It must have been Jason, brought to his baby class as usual by his wife.

“Hannah, darling,” said Nurse Smooth over her sissy baby’s sucking head, “doesn’t my baby look cute in his tartan cape. I do love those elbow length capes. They’re so little girlish aren’t they?”

The women chuckled and discussed between them as Simon continued his drink. He heard sounds of undressing as the new sissy husband was prepared for his high chair and drink. These sissy lessons always began the same: the sissies were fed with the unavoidable Female-X, which made them more and more emotional under Nurse Smooth’s teasing, until they needed to cling to each other in a terribly girly way for moral support and comfort – and because they felt so excited to be girls together. There was movement in front of him and he tried to peer down. His heart was beating in his throat as Jason was wheeled towards him in his chair. Closer and closer, until they faced each other with their bare knees practically touching – just at the moment that Simon’s drink bubbled and slurped as he drained it.

“Well,” said Nurse Smooth. “We have one good girl already. Now shall we see if we can have two? How nice to have Sissy Jayne ready for her sissy drinkies for her Mommy.”

“I hope so, Nurse Smooth,” said Hannah in warning tone. “Sissies who grumble about having to come to baby class on a Friday night deserve a good smack rather than nice drinkies that make them soft and babyish for their sissy playtime. We had tears as I was getting him ready, Nurse, so I’ve ass-plugged him and locked him into his chastity so that he can’t share the pleasure of his sissy baby cuddles.” The others looked at her with open mouths, and Hannah relented. “I’ll leave the key with you, Nurse – but please unlock him only if there are no more grumbles. I want perfect little girl behaviour.”

“Very good,” said the nurse, standing behind her second sissy for the evening and bringing his head back to push his bottle between his lips. Her other hand supported his throat and jaw as she held him where she wanted him for rapid drinking. “We’ll be a very, very obedient girlie, won’t we, Baby Jayne?” she said, looking into his eyes beneath hers.

Nodding was out of the question, but there were grunts of obedience as he drank. It was Simon who had more to say as his drink began to work on his soft and weakened feelings.

“I feel ever so nice now, Nurse Smooth,” he confessed, sliding his knees against each other and wriggling his shoulders in his blouse. “I want to wear another baby dweth, pweathe! I want – I want – I want a diaper, Mommy,” and he turned to Marsha for help.

“Yes,” said his wife. “I’m sure Nurse will dress you nicely for your baby class when she’s ready. Just make sure you feel pretty for Sissy Jayne.”

Her husband wriggled all the more and stuck his thumb in his mouth, grunting and moaning through it as he hoped his sissy girlfriend would hurry up so that they could both be dressed. Hannah helped a little by passing him Samantha-Jo, one of his favourite dollies, who was dressed in a blue and white gingham dress today. She helped her friend’s husband cuddle her properly into his blouse as she asked Nurse Smooth about this evening’s class.

“What are you going to do to them today, nurse? I hope the two of them will be a lot further into sissy girliness when we come to pick them up.”

“As soon as I’ve fed Baby Jayne,” replied the nurse, “I’ll dress the darlings in their pretty dresses for their class. When they’re ready, we’ll have another drink of Female-X, to encourage sweetness together.”

“That’s good,” said Marsh with a grin. “It’ll fit in nicely for the weekend. We’ve arranged a get together tomorrow with some of our friends from the women’s couture society, so they can be entertained by a little show of intimacy between our two girlies.” She got up and the two wives got ready to go. “We’ll be back at 11, and by that time I’m sure our girls will be able to tell us what lovely girls’ games they’ve been playing in their diapers and plastic panties.”

They laughed, but Nurse Smooth wasn’t so sure. “I think you’ll find,” she said, “that they’ll be too shy to go into their playtime in any detail, ladies. Have a nice evening.”

When the wives had gone, Nurse Smooth fed her hand inside the diapers of both babies to inspect their condition. “Very good girls – still dry. In that case it’s time for baby sweetness in the Nursery.” She unfastened the babies and told them to hold hands and come with her. She led Simon by the hand and they crossed over the hall and up the stairs until the sissies found themselves in the familiar pinkness of the nursery. Ohhhh, their dolls were lined up and waiting for them on the huge pink satin bedspread: Mandy, Sukie, Flossie and Anthea. “You can hold a doll each, girls, while I’m changing you. And remember – you are girls, and girls feel very attached to their darling little dollies – as well as feeling very affectionate towards each other.”

Simon mewled with pleasure and pangs of girlishness fluttered through him as he watched Nurse Smooth lay out their baby clothes on the shiny bed. Then it was time for them to be undressed, until they were quite bare as they stood next to each other, each clutching his favourite doll in one arm. It was the most natural thing to hold each other’s hands as Nurse Smooth dressed them, item by item, for their sissy baby class of sweetness and pleasure.

But they had to let go so that Nurse Smooth could lay each of them on their separate changing tables. Oh how delicious it was to be wrapped in a soft, deep, dry diaper with its tapes sticking so securely all the way up the sides. A baby girl feels so helpless in her diaper. Then diaper covers with puppies and kittens all over them, in palest pink satin. Their petticoats swelled wider and wider as more were added, all with dainty shoulder ribbons and fastened with pretty ribbon bows. Simon loved his lacy anklets even more than Jason loved his, and they were both in raptures of sweetness over their lovely baby heels. Then their dresses were spread over their heads, their arms popping through the lovely poufy sleeves and the silk and satin spreading deliciously over their dainty petticoats. Ohhh, both their dresses buttoned down the back, with sash ribbons done into big, girly bows. And their bonnets! Both of them with fabulous lacy frilling. The girls were ready to lie on the bed and feel lovely in their dresses and bonnets and in their diapers and bare legs. They cried with utter joy as their Female-X flowed deliciously through every inch of their bodies. The only pity was that Baby Jayne couldn’t enjoy the freedom in his clittie that he so desired.

But after half an hour of examining each other’s dresses, and panties and feeling blissfully girly, side by side, Nurse Smooth announced that it was time to change the babies – into extra wide diapers and pretty see-thru plastic panties. And since Baby Jayne had been such a good and patient baby girl, she could have her chastity unlocked. Then the babies would be put into panties in satinized rubber.

Her babies squirmed and squealed with baby delight, holding hands and kissing each other with Baby Jayne sliding his bonnet inside Baby Susan’s so they could hold their lips together.

Nurse Smooth laughed at their pleasure. “Oh my little darlings,” she said, “I’m so pleased at how girly you both are. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do: I’ll dress you both in your satinized rubber panties without diapers first, so that you can feel nice in your panties together.”

The sissies laughed and clapped their hands and wriggled their poufy dress sleeves from side to side. They lay on their dressing tables and could hardly wait for Nurse Smooth to turn up their dresses and petticoats, then to undress their bottoms and clitties, until they were wearing nothing but their dresses, petticoats, bonnets, shoes and anklets. Apart from that they were bare from the waist down, waiting for their slippery, satin baby panties. How cold they were – how slithery and smooth – and how thin and soft they were as Nurse Smooth’s fingers shaped their clitties through the rubber gusset. Oh how awesome it was to find themselves again on the pink satin bedspread, their dresses failing to cover their rubber panties, and their clitties finding each other through two, thin layers of slippery girly rubber.



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Baby Butch
Nurse smooth knows what to do with sissies who need diapers. Rubber panties without a diaper is a surprise they seem to appreciate. Great job with the story!
Another great story. I think i would quite like to be under the control of a Nurse Smooth and have to be in that situation     
Baby Puss
I loved this! Great story, and imagery.  

my mummy keeps me in my rubber panties much of the time for sissy training ...giggle.....often in pink plastic ruffly frilly panties and a dollup of slipperly lube around my clitty.....

    she says i need to experience the baby sissy plastic fetish as my baby panties will be all im ever allowed as a sissy...

@ muffy
  I agree, Muffy darling. Plastic panties are so important for the way an AB feels. Hugs, P x
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