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  Big first date

It’s been awhile since I have been out and to honest not quite sure if this was a wise idea since we work at the same store. Saturday morning I woke up and it hit me I was going out when a nice man. I had butterflies in my tummy what to wear, how he is going to be, and dinner omgolly I don’t eat out often since I dont eat a lot of things.

I settle on a simple jean overall jumper pink polo shirt no outwardly baby stuff on the bib, and Winnie the pooh diaper cover just in case it showed. I must had tried one 10 outfits first.

Well when the knock at the door came I almost jumped out of skin. When I answered it, there was Steve in Dockers and a button-down shirt. He asked me if I was ready i said yes just need to get my bag. As I walked out the door he took the diaper bag from me and walked me over to his pickup it was one of the big ford four wheel drive things. he open the passenger door and moved the front seat forward and help me in the back buckling me in. ok this was so cool that he would think that I was not old enough to sit in the front. I asked him what’s first; he smile was and said a surprise. 

He drove down town as soon as I crossed under the freeway I knew were we were going. I was shocked I had just mentioned it in passing when we were at starbucks last week. 

He parked his truck and came around and got me out swinging my diaper bag over his shoulder and grabbing my hand. We walk to the front gate of Fairytale Land omgolly I love this place. He held my hand most of the time as we walked around I was so bummed I had forgot my phone in all my excitement, i so want pictures and he still used a flip phone,  he did take some picture but I have seen them yet I will share when he shares them with me. When I could without it being a big deal I would I would go and sit on things and slide down them slides happy I had on a cloth diaper cover or it would be a rough time on the slide. The whole time he asked like he was my parent even to the point once asking was my didee need to be changed. I was quick to say no, knowing I would be out for the afternoon and wore 2 boosters with my diapers didn’t want it to be weird with him. 

For early dinner he took me to Leatherby’s ice-cream shop. It’s better than a candy store. He asked me what I would like and pointed out on the children menu “for the young and young at heart” I giggle at this and told him I was going to have joseph’s clown Sunday and water. He asked me if that was going to be enough yes I had a protein drink in my bag I can drink I can drink later. He opens my bag and saw my bib and pulled it out would I like this, I told him no I would be careful.  I had my big girl panties on as my nana would say to me. after we ate I told him I need to go change and could I have my bag he told me he could change it in the pickup after we leave. I was shy about it tell him no I would go use the restroom. 

After our dinner we went to see The Secret Life of Pets I was surprised more people were not there. He asked me if I would like anything from the shack bar when I told him no Steve I'm good he lean over and told me to call him daddy. I smile and giggle some yes daddy.  

He took me back home afterwards it was late for me but it was an awesome day when I got me home I asked  “would daddy like to see my place”.  He came in and I showed him my nursery and all my toys. He told me he was surprised I didn’t wear something more baby looking I told him I didn’t want to embarrass him. He laughs at that. We chatted for around an hour he on the couch and me rocking on King. When he said it was late he needs to go. I asked him if he like to spend the night I have a master bedroom, he answered “no but next time he would” he came over and patted me on the head and kissed my forehead saying see you later littleone. 

What a day
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