R Bad Witch and Good Witch
Two adults over the age of 50 decide to go trick or treating as if they were young again. Things go wrong and like children they vandalize a womens house.
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Bad Witch and Good Witch

Part 1: It is Halloween night and 2 friends wanted to relive their childhood by going out trick or treating. They end up doing vandalism as if they were children. The result is surprising, but you never know what can happen on Halloween.

Both males are over 50 years old and live in the same subdivision as neighbors. One calls himself Shamrock, which is his official nickname. The other calls himself Krystalassissy since he has a mistress. The neighbors are home alone when they get together to dress up for Halloween.

Shamrock decides to put on one of his budget diapers called Depends. He has an adult size baby onesie that snaps at the crotch. This onesie is light blue with small trucks all over it. Shamrock puts this on over his diaper for a simple costume.

Krystalassissy comes up with a similar idea. He puts on an Attends diaper. This is low cost from the local Walgreens. He puts on a baby onesie which is light green with small bears all over the onesie.

The 2 neighbors live next door to each other. They meet outside with plastic pumpkins to put candy in. “Hello Shamrock, I see you are a baby tonight,” Krystalassissy said, “I chose to be a baby too.”

“Ha ha, we both came up with the same idea,” Shamrock stated, “I am a baby.” It was already 9 pm and most trick or treaters were back at home. Shamrock and Krystalassissy started at the house next to them and will go to the corner and hope to get yummy candy and snacks.

 At the first few houses the people are friendly, most of them recognize the two adults going out trick or treating. People are amused by the site of the older babies coming to their door.

“Look Rose it is Shamrock and Krystalassissy,” a man said, “get the candy dear.”

The two adults dressed as babies are given an assortment of miniature candy bars. At the next house they are given a brownie with chocolate icing. At the next house Shamrock and Krystalassissy are greeted kindly and given bags of candy corn and bubble gum. The house after that gives them cookies.

“Gee the neighbors are nice and we already got lots of treats,” Shamrock said.

“Yes and we have candy, brownies, and cookies,” Krystalassissy bragged, “We are getting the best snacks from our neighbors who love our costumes.”

After going to ten houses an hour has gone by. The adult babies reach the large house on the corner where the unmarried middle aged woman Ms. Hawkins lives. She does not come outside very much and keeps to herself.

“The house looks dark and spooky outside,” Shamrock said, “I see some lights are on inside the house.”

“Let’s knock at the door and see if she answers,” Krystalassissy suggested.

The 2 adult babies go up to the large double doors and ring the buzzer. “Trick or treat,” they both speak rather loudly. They say it again and think they hear someone coming.

The door opens with a creaking sound. Ms. Hawkins checks to see who is at her door. “I left the lights out since I ran out of candy an hour ago,” she said. Ms. Hawkins notices the age of the visitors dressed as babies.

“You are both over 50 years old,” Ms. Hawkins scolded, “how dare you ring my buzzer and ask for candy like children.” “Be gone before I sick my dog on you.”

Shamrock and Krystalassissy are startled by her behavior, they exit quickly and decide to go back home. “Ms. Hawkins is as mean as a witch,” Shamrock said.

Once they arrived at their homes Shamrock and Krystalassissy decide to put away their candy but meet outside with a half dozen eggs each. They are going to egg Ms. Hawkins house to get back at her for being so mean.

“Do you have the eggs Shamrock?” Krystalassissy asked, “I brought a half dozen.”

At this point the 2 adults who wanted to go trick or treating like when they were young are acting like children. They remain in the baby costume and walk back to the corner home. The house is still dark and only a few dim lights are on inside.

Shamrock and Krystalassissy do not notice that Ms. Hawkins is sitting on her very dark front porch. She does not trust children on a night like Halloween and is looking for vandals. Some kids have called her names in the past like “witch”.

The adult babies throw their eggs at the garage door and eventually the front door. Ms. Hawkins recognizes them as the adults she ran off earlier.

“You nasty adult babies will regret egging my house,” Ms. Hawkins yelled, “I will get you for this!”

The dark sky suddenly lights up with lightning and a loud clap of thunder occurs. Suddenly Shamrock and Krystalassissy feel a tingling sensation, they walk directly up to Ms. Hawkins house. She is a witch and put them in a trance.

“Oh no! We should not have done this!” Krystalassissy said, “I can’t control my movement when I walk.”

“You are right, egging Ms. Hawkins house was a mistake,” Shamrock said, “she is a witch and has us under her power.”

Shamrock and Krystalassissy without wanting to walk right up to Ms. Hawkins front door. The 2 large doors open mysteriously by themselves while Ms. Hawkins watches on the porch.

“Come on in my nasty neighbors,” Ms. Hawkins said, “Ha ha ha ha ha,” she laughs with a cacking sound in her voice. The adult babies go inside in some kind of a trance. Both walk into the dimly light living room and lay down in some type of crib made with steel bars.

“Relax and take a nap my adult babies,” Ms. Hawkins said, “Ha ha ha ha ha,”

Krystalassissy and Shamrock can no longer move at this time. Ms. Hawkins raises the open side of each steel crib, it is 5’ feet high and locks in place. It is around 11 pm and 2 hours since the adult babies started this trick or treat idea. They live alone at home and won’t be missed any time soon.

A steel cage top was put over each crib to make sure there is no escape. Suddenly both Shamrock and Krystalassissy come out of the trance and can move again. “Let us out of these steel cribs,” Shamrock hollered, “you can’t kidnap us!”

There is a mattress with plain white sheets to lay on in each crib. The adult babies are both still diapered and wearing their onesies. The witch said a few words and suddenly there is a baby bottle in each of her hands. Ms. Hawkins wants to make sure each adult baby has a warm bottle of formula to drink.

The baby bottles appeared like magic and both glowed for a few seconds. Ms. Hawkins puts a bottle in each baby’s mouth, they cannot resist and drink this.

The formula contains a medication that will make Krystalassissy and Shamrock incontinent. Both will need their diapers until the formula wears off in a few days. If just 1 baby bottle of this formula is drank daily, the formula keeps working.

Shamrock and Krystalassissy are not told anything about this. They are surprised they could not stop themselves from nursing down the formula. Both held the bottle in two hands and drank it.

“That stuff tasted bad and is kind of sweet compared to milk,” Shamrock said.

“I think it was real baby formula,” Krystalassissy said, “I am wondering what else might have been in the bottle.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,” the witch cackled, “You will use those diapers like babies.”

The adult babies are both frightened and want to go back home. It is not long before both Shamrock and Krystalassissy wet their diaper without warning. Ms. Hawkins has informed them they will be her baby slaves and keep the inside of her home spotless. They will do the laundry, cook, and serve Ms. Hawkins.

“Don’t worry my babies I will conjure up some much better adult diapers and plastic baby panties,” the witch said. Ms. Hawkins waves her arms in a circle and “poof” a stack of adult diapers appears with a cloud of smoke.

The diapers are size medium Bambino diapers with the words “Baby” on the front written with blocks. There is 2 full cases of these along with a box that contains baby powder and diaper rash cream.

Once again the witch waves her arms, “poof” a stack of Babykins medium plastic panties appears on top the pile of diapers. There are 6 pairs of clear blue and 6 pairs of clear white soft vinyl baby panties in a size medium. You can see thru them and read the diaper if you tried.

The witch conjures up a half dozen plain white medium adult baby onesies that are good quality and snap at the crotch. Her baby slaves will stay diapered with plastic panties and wear a baby onesie at all times.

“The front and back door are locked and won’t open except for me,” the witch said to her baby slaves, “there are bars over all the windows.” “My dog Horace will leave you alone unless you try to escape!”

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Source: Complete story with Shamrock and Krystalassissy as the characters.
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I think this was totally different for you.  Was totally surprised did not catch on till i saw my name...giggles.  I did however liked it.
krystala's sissy baby
Baby Butch
@ krystalassissy
 Yes this was different writing the Halloween story. I  see you were surprised to be in the story. Glad you liked the story!
dear baby butch,,, I  to surprised my name came up in the story and I like it real good,,,, and thank you baby butch and DEAR KRYSTALASSISSY,,,, I like having you my friend in the story ,,,,,,,,,,, happy Halloween you all    
HI,,,, I am shamrock & I am a male ,,,,  I wear diapers and i love to be bandaged up from head to toe by student female nurses and student female nurses can diaper up like a baby girl too,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU ALL    
Baby Butch
@ shamrock
 *Big Smile* I am glad you were surprised by being in this story. It is great to see that you liked the story a lot. Happy Halloween to Shamrock, Krystalassissy, and everyone! (Repeated my comment to make it show as latest comment in this thread.)
Baby Butch
@ shamrock
 *Big Smile* I am glad you were surprised by being in this story. It is great to see that you liked the story a lot. Happy Halloween to Shamrock, Krystalassissy, and everyone!
Baby Butch
i like your story,,,, baby butch,,,,,, and I wish it me  
 I like to wear maternity dresses and dress as a baby girl with diapers by female nurses
Baby Butch
@ mistysshamrock
 Thank you MIstysshamrock for the nice feedback on my Halloween story!
is fun :)
Baby Butch
@ sarahpenguin
 Thanks it was fun to write!
Baby Butch
My first Halloween story.

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