R Baby Bernard's Satin Party
Business magnate Chesney Fitzwallingham got married recently – to a clever woman who wanted a satin baby husband. Now its time to meet all his women employees in their satin dresses, blouses and skirts.
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Baby Bernard’s Satin Party                    a story by Prim

For the women who laughed and bubbled in the south sitting room of Fitzwallingham Hall, today was their first visit. It would become the first of many. Only Rhianna had visited before, in her capacity as director of the company, and Cassandra of course, Marguerite's companion, who had helped her to install the new baby. Now he was ready to be brought in, dressed all in satin, and fastened into his pink buggy with his hands buttoned upwards and his legs buttoned outwards. As they wheeled him into the room, into the group of expectant faces, the girls united in shrieks of laughter. This was the great Chesney Fitzwallingham. The employer from hell. Just look at him now!
"But Marguerite, how did you get the great Fitzwallingham to marry you?" cried one girl after another.
"With careful planning over three months of honey-trap courtship," grinned the bride, leaning over her capture in her lilac satin blouse and plucking his button bonnet all round his hair, "then whisking him off to a wedding night in the mysterious Satin Snooks Korner. Once there, he was taken off my hands by the nurses, and now here he is - conditioned as you see." She looked from one marvelling face to another and swelled with pride. She had nailed their boss into position, and swallowed his whole empire, all in one swoop. "My new baby has had a legal change of name, Ladies. From now on he is Fenella Frillycock, - and he is thrilled that you could all come to his first satin party." She paused for everyone to enjoy gales of power laughter. "Shall we open his bonnet," she said with a grin of cool control, "and see Fenella - so's we can make him cry?"
"Oh yes." "We'll be able to laugh at him better."
Marguerite leaned over her husband, wriggling in his satin dress, and undid the blue buttons down his face, starting at the top. An expectant silence fell in the room as all eyes watched the white frills parting, the white satin lining coming into view, then those callous eyes they all hated, followed by a ridiculous pink plastic, heart-shaped pacifier. They broke into a roar on all sides of him as Marguerite opened the wings of his bonnet as wide as they would go, and Fenella Frillycock was revealed.
"Ha-ha, not so bossy now, is he?" cried Candida in charge of customer relations. She gleamed in a high neck blouse of emerald dupionne. "I think he's probably wetting himself inside those girly panties right now," said Juliette in charge of recruitment, standing behind her in a purple blouse and white satin skirt.
"Hello Baby Fenella," laughed Rhianna, laying her hands on the baby's bare leg at her knees. "Let me just say what a pathetic little baby you look for us in your satin dress and bonnet." Her black satin sleeves slid up and down his leg as his pacifier bobbed up and down in his mouth and tears ran down both sides of the big, heart-shaped saucer.
Hermione Goulding, his personal secretary, was beside her, in a silver blouse and black satin skirt. "Wasn't it nice of Baby Fenella to invite all his girl friends to enjoy seeing how babyish he is now?" she said. "But Marguerite, does this mean we won't be seeing Baby Fenella at work any more?"
Marguerite slid her fingers round his cheeks to hold him under the chin. "Not at all. The sissy will be in the middle of us every day, only he'll be in dresses and plastic pants."
"Marguerite is installing a new nursery room for him in her office - his former office, that is," said Cassandra beside her. "It'll be glass fronted onto the main office, so that we can all watch the baby being dressed and changed and teased and punished."
"Oh yes, I hope he gets lots of punishment," cried Davinia, the other director of the company, who was sitting right next to the baby. She reached forward and grasped the plastic knob shaped point at the top of his plastic baby pants. "Frilly sissy babies have to be taught how nasty all males are, don't they, Babykins?"
The sissy jerked and wriggled through all his arms and legs, so that his buggy bounced on its wheels, and everyone shrieked and cheered as Davinia fondled and massaged his unprotected baby pants.
"Is baby feeling weally babyish den?" said Alice from accounts, who had come to the party in a pink satin cocktail dress. "Maybe we'll all take it in turns to play with the lickel baby in his new pink nursery room?"
"You certainly will," said Marguerite. "There'll be a rota, so that there are always two of us playing with Frillykins at any time. He'll have a lovely pink playpen, and dangle harnesses for our precious little girlie."
Everyone laughed and laughed until they ached, and the baby cried and cried in his opened bonnet. "Shall I do an article to publicise the baby's new position as company baby?" cried Beatrice, of publicity. "I can see it now - daily visits from women's groups to sit in his nursery, changing the baby and tickling him in his baby dresses and diapers."
The room filled with peals of laughter once again and Marguerite turned the buggy this way and that so that everyone could see the helpless tears running down inside his bonnet. She partly buttoned him up again inside his bonnet so that the girls could all see the top of his pink pacifier and his miserable eyes, then Cassandra helped her undo his legs and pull his panties down, and un-diaper him, so that they could refasten his legs out wide and display how conditioned his cock was to thrill with wretched pleasure when he was being laughed at. It was the high point of the party, to see one squirt of cum after another as everyone gathered round him in their satin blouses and skirts and fondled his helpless penis. Not at all what Chesney Fitzwallingham would have seen happening, but that was before he became Fenella Frillycock.



This is one of over 50 babyfication stories in Prim’s Petticoat Wendyhouse.

Source: primspetticoatwendyhouse.com
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Baby Butch
Great story with captioned image. A lot of babying and humiliation by females for the former boss.
Yes Baby Butch, he will be such a frilly baby amongst the ladies in satin. Do you think he will like being so humiliated?@ Baby Butch
Baby Butch
@ AbbySweetness
 YES, he already appears to like being humiliated.
I wish that was me!
~ Items ~

@ sissyjj
  That's nice, Sissy JJ. Perhaps you could write to Rhianna and she could put you in touch with one her satin friends? x
Hiya Abby! Now that has to be the most wonderful way to take a very controlling interest in a company I have ever seen - and with the ladies rota, it brings a whole new meaning to stocks and shares. :-)
    Absolutely delightful (and very exciting) - thank you so much sweetie.
       Huge hugs! xxx 
    MU-WAH!!! luv and hugs from Kay Kandyfloss   xxx
@ kay3070
  Thank you Kay darling. So glad you liked it. I like satin parties myself, lol. x
 it a good story and I hope you do more of the story
HI,,,, I am shamrock & I am a male ,,,,  I wear diapers and i love to be bandaged up from head to toe by student female nurses and student female nurses can diaper up like a baby girl too,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU ALL    
@ shamrock
  Oh thank you Shamrock. Not more of the same story, I'm afraid, but another one like it soon. Hugs x
Good story,now that is a new and interesting way to  get rid of a boss ! I like it!
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