PG 13 His Afternoon Spankies
Dan Wimpole plays contentedly with Dolly Jemima on his plastic play mat, until Nurse Wimpole opens her chest of rubber clothing, then everything changes.
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Miss Ripples got to her feet and towered over Dan Wimpole as he played with Dolly Jemima on his plastic play mat. A wave of submissiveness swept over him as he looked up at his governess in her traditional narrow dress, almost floor length and contained within her crisp pinafore of white linen. "Well, Master Dandy, it is time for Nurse Ripples to fasten her little boy to the bed post."

  Dan's penis was stiff from sitting in his lovely little-girl silk dress and playing with Dolly Jemima on the white fur rug, but her announcement gave it even more sweet sissy hardness. He dropped Jemima to the floor as her strong hands lifted him under the arms and stood him in position to be strapped to the post by his meekly outstretched wrists. The accordion pleats of his primrose dress were pushed out embarrassingly by his erect sissified manhood, pointing upwards towards the beautifully dominant white bust of Miss Ripples. A smile of satisfaction played beneath the curl of her full, crimson lips as she chucked his cheek in her fingers and began undoing the back of her starched pinafore.

  "Shall Nurse Ripples let Master Dandy watch her getting changed for his spankies?" she said, laying her apron over the chair and undoing the little buttons of her charcoal grey silk dress, "because he has been such a good ickel girlie for his governess, wearing his sweetest frilly panties and petticoats, and looking such a doll in his pretty ickel girl dress this afternoon."

  "Yes please Nurse Ripples". Dan's penis jerked in his pale blue see-through nylon panties, not only from seeing his strict governess appear in her adorable white silk lingerie, but because he knew what she was going to put on next. Nurse Ripples had a deep love of rubber wear and often used rubber feminisation on her sissy clients. Dan's pansy little brain could smell the rubber dresses and panties, even though they weren't even in the room yet. Miss Ripples dropped her petticoat to the floor and stepped elegantly out of her cream silk panties. Ohhhhh, her legs! How desirable they were in their womanly strength and in their rounded curves and precious pantyhose. She threaded her hose down her legs and allowed him to gawp on her intoxicating beauty. "Now, is my little dollykins going to wait here like a good little boy while nursey brings some lovely feminine things for him to look at?"

  "Y-Yes please, Nurse Ripples."

  He watched her spiky high heels press deep into the carpet as she wiggled to the door. Dan could barely wait to see her in her sizzling blue latex uniform. It was all the more exciting for being secret... Nurse Ripples' special secret that she shared only with her little sissy clients. Secret even from Dan's wife and her mother, neither of whom knew a thing about the girly rubber clothes nurse put him in after they had left him in her care and gone out. One day she had marched him into her bedroom and pointed out the large trunk under the bed. It contained her embroidery – until she folded back the layers of embroidered petticoat and an inner box appeared – containing layers of sweet, pungent rubber in the form of petticoats, stockings, corsets, dresses, and several gorgeous pairs of rubber bloomers!

  Dan was dribbling from his chin when she returned, still naked, with sets of hangers in both hands. "I think my little latex sissy is going to feel very nice indeed wearing this yellow petticoat," and she hung it from the top of the door. "His little clitty will love these latex pink panties, too won't it, precious?"

  "Oh yes, Nurse Ripples."

  "And I'm going to put him into this pretty dress in ice blue latex, to make his panties feel very sweet."

  Dan whimpered and his knees slid together with rubber sissyness. His whimpers turned to blubbers as she laid his rubber stockings and rubber gloves over the back of an armchair. "Look at your nice rubbers, little pansy, while Nurse Ripples gets changed... and don't go anywhere will you?" She disappeared with a tinkling laugh, and Dan's primrose pleats were pushed sky high by his bulging panties. It seemed like half an hour before she returned, but it was really only five minutes before he heard that wonderful, rubbery swish and ripple that he was waiting for. When the door moved and Nurse Ripples appeared, his knees collapsed and he hung crookedly from his wrists as he stared at rubber heaven.

  She wasn't wearing blue. She had a delicious new uniform, in thick emerald green latex, edged at neck and cuffs with stiffened white rubber. He could tell from the thrilling rubbery squeaking as she approached him that her white rubber apron was just as thick. Oh, how his penis ached. Maybe she would sit his bare bottom across her lap. Maybe she would turn him over, and his excited sissy penis would slip and slide and slither in the lap of her cool white rubber pinafore.

  "It's time to dress my perverted little rubber pumpkin," she said as he gazed into her blue eyes and breathed the power of her rubber bust so near his face. "Oh dear, soppy sissy Dandy," she laughed as he collapsed with sissy weakness when his wrists were undone. She picked him up, carried him effortlessly to the armchair, and sat him on her slippery knee while she undid his dress, threaded his arms out of it and drew it off over his head. His petticoats followed, then his pretty camisole with its lace brassiere, followed by his pink panties, and oooohh yes! – he found his girlish bottom sitting deliciously on Nurse Ripples white rubber apron.

  "Let's put my slippery little sissy boy into his lovely latex garter belt", she said, hooking the white belt at the back of his waist, "and slip him into his sissy latex stockings."

  Dan warbled like a baby as his helpless body slithered this way and that between the squeaking, billowy sleeves of his nurse's uniform.

  "His little baby handies in here," she declared, working the squeaky rubber of his gloves onto his fingers, then rolling the rubber up to his elbows. "And won't my little cherub feel nice inside these pretty pink rubber panties?"

  Dan wanted to say "Yes, Nurse Ripples, yes yes!" but his words got mixed up and blubbery as the cool panty latex slid slowly up over his rubber stockings.

"Rub-bub-ber panteeeees, please – rub-ba-rub-ba-ber, rubber!" he bleated.

He was lying half across her lap and half across her armchair as she dressed him in his latex petticoat and his rubber dress with puffed rubber sleeves at the shoulders and a wide, enclosing collar of stiffened blue rubber.

  "It's time for Dolly Dandy to have his sissy smackies, my little rubber pervert," she said, straightening him up and depositing him like a slippery rag doll on the armchair. "Watch Nurse Ripples slide her dress up high, right to the top of her rubber stockings, pet. Are you watching dear?"

  She needn't have asked. Dan's eyes were like dinner plates.

  "Well. What have we here? Is it Nurse's rubber bloomers? Are they going to stay here, round Nurse's bottom, Dolly? Or are we going to pull them over Dolly's head, so he can breath in their lovely feminine sweetness?"

  Dan's lips did their best to talk like a grown-up. "D-D-Dolly's head!Pleeeeath!"

  The bloomers squeaked their way down his nurse's latex pantyhose and off her high heels. Dan was a jibbering jelly as she held him under the arms and half carried him to her upright chair, where she pulled his panties down to his knees and laid him over her lap.

  His rigid penis nestled deeply into her latex pinafore as she slipped his dress up to his shoulders, then his petticoat. She turned up his dress collar round his burning cheeks, bringing a wail of fetish pleasure from his throat. The next thing would be Nurse Ripples' latex panties. He saw them beneath him, held open at the waist. The odour of perfumed rubber... and of Nurse Ripples' juicy labia from times when she had had him squeazed tightly between her legs. The waist elastic opened round his head... and snapped shut round his collar. He knew what he had to do. A sissy in rubber training, Nurse always told him, must be punished over his nurse's rubber lap, while holding her rubber panties out wide, so that he could look at every inch of latex panty and admire the rubber that had been sloshing and sliding over his nurse's feminine secrets.

  "Breathe your nurse's panties, little pansy" came the sharp order from above, followed instantly by the sharp spank of Nurse Ripples' rubber paddle.

  Dan shuddered across her lap. Another smack... then another, and he was lost in his governess's voluminous bloomers. His punishment required him to spend his sissy-cream worship into Nurse Ripples' rubber apron. It never took very long. With his small sissy brain filled with rubber dresses, rubber stockings and rubber panties, he very soon gave a gasp and a shudder and began squirting his jism into the sofy cool folds of her latex pinafore.

  The only interruption came while he was still spurting, with his wife's phone call to his governess to see how her Baby Danielle was behaving that day. Once she had said when she would be home, Nurse Ripples knew they still had an exciting hour for more lovely rubber fetish punishments before she had to clear their rubber things away and dress him in his evening frillies and little-girl frock. By the time Amanda and her mother got home, he would be their cute, sexless little sissy girl again.

  No wonder Sissy Dolly Dandy loved his governess, and was always a submissive and obedient little girl for her. That way he could be sure that she would open her special trunk, bring out her rubbers and his, to dress and fondle and punish her precious latex cherub again.



This story comes from Prim’s Petticoat Wendyhouse

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Baby Butch
Master Dan seems delighted when the Governess brings out the special trunk of rubber stuff. I hope his wife approves of this, he he.
@ Baby Butch
  Uh-oh, I don't think she would, Baby Butch. It might mean another smacking for our little sweetie.
Never mind Master Dandy being hard,my little sissy clit exploded in my nappies 
@ bill19192005
  That's nice Bill darling
 love, Prim x
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