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Play dress, but not play panties!
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Walk On The Leash - Play dress, but not play panties! , Play Dress, Adult Babies Walk On The Leash - Play dress, but not play panties! , Play Dress, Adult Babies
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Going to be a nice day. Mommy might want to go for a walk. I know this cause, I’m wearing frilly plastic panties. You don’t play in the garden wearing these! 
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Baby Butch
You cannot escape your FATE: The development of events beyond a person's control. LOL Love the outfit, diaper, diaper cover, and leash. First one to comment : )
At least I know Im not the only one still having to hide my face from work firing me, or bullies posting face pics on business sites with captions saying, look who has a mental illness and is a pedophile playing in diapers. I wanna move to England where social acceptance is more the word. Im sure you have a pretty face!
Lovely dress and frilly baby pants .It  is nice to see that your Mummy might take you for a walk too show everyone what a cute baby you are  
Baby Puss
@ sissybabysamantha2
  Thanks! You hope it’s only a short walk, at night! 😬
Hiya Baby Puss! Oh no no no, such fancy frilly baby panties are not for grubbing up in the garden - they are made to be displayed. I think the ultra short baby dress is the second clue there - no better way to show off your pretty panties. Ah, do excuse me, your Mommy is on the phone - apparently there's going to be some fun on at the local park this afternoon .... Oooh ... erm, nevermind I said anything. xxxxx
    MU-WAH!!! luv and hugs from Kay Kandyfloss   xxx
Baby Puss
@ kay3070
  Oh no! Must be the playground too. My favorite spot is the playground. But mommy would never allow me there, not with frilly panties. Sometimes she’s tease me, and bring me over near the playground, then set down a blanket on the grass. She says, that’s when my harness really comes in handy. Cause she’ll then attach my leash to a stake in the ground, so I can’t bolt for the dirty playground area. It amuses her greatly, when I tug and strain at my leash trying to get to the playground. After a while, I’ll collapse onto the blanket, and if I’m lucky, play with whatever toys she might see fit to bring in my diaper bag. Then I can’t help but to fall asleep. All this behavior does not go unnoticed by everyone around either. They love to over, and pay compliments to mommy about my cute outfit and what a great idea it is too have the harness and leash on me. 🙄
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