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R Sharing pullups
She dropped me off and told her I need pullups for tonight but she ran out. She laughed and said I could use one of her daughters. She said she well leave two out just incase
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Source: How embarrassing having to share little girl Pull-Ups
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Thats a good little sissy just remember when your in bed fast asleep your mommy is going to be having a great time with her new man when she gets home from her date and is going to get the fucking of her life while your in the land of princesses   
@ Bell
  How can I forget. Especially having to wear this pullup and her panties to remind me am a little girl who don't deserve a baby mama. That why she has a big biker boy friend now. Who loves to keep me in little girl pampers now that she told him I wered her panties when she finger me5755900459
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