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 Some of our very early sissies may like this cappie! I made this rocking horse in photoshop around 2005 when Sissy Kiss was just starting out because, oh my goshies, this would be so much fun for sissy babies! I found it again in my pics, and made it into a cappie. *giggle*
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I would love to be on the rocking horse. I would be dress in my sissy dress .I will very much enjoying having the butt plug in my butt. My butt is virgin. You will probably have to restrain on my rocking horse. 
Baby Butch
The mistress knows the rocking horse will get a lot of use. It would make an excellent time out for an adult toddler or sissybaby. 
Hi! my slut name is Julie and I am searching for a mistress to serve on a permanent basis. sissywhorejuliehart@gmail.com 
I am the true definition of beauty & elegance with a twist. A Passionate player, enticingly provocative & intoxicatingly sultry. Discretion & professionalism are instrumental in my practice. I am the most authentic London dominatrix you will ever have the pleasure of associating with.   Well educated, well traveled, well trained, well off.  My thirst for knowledge & curious nature has lead me to delve deep into this fascinating world & continuously update my skills.  My wild imagination adopts to alternative realities naturally, like a chameleon. I have cultivated my own unique style of domination. You are going to love it.   I am quirky, fun, eccentric, energetic & sassy.  My sessions are exhilarating & intense. Nobody would suspect a creature as gorgeous, delightful & charming as me, could be so very cruel & inhumane. Ooooh…But I am & when it feels this good, why should I have it any other way? 
love the rocking horse wish I had one for myself 
Princess Erin
Wow, Christie! This is one of my favorite pictures, that you've made!!! Thank you so much, that you decided to re edit this work, It's so pleasant for me to see it! Because this rocking horse in your edition - was one of those things, that pushed me to design my own artworks and captions! Also I love this picture because I'm a big fan of rocking horses and different riding toys. I think that the riding on the cute girlish toy with a plug on the saddle - is a first and primary type of playing for every sissy little girl! ;) 
I would love to ride that. 
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