R His Incontinent Diaper Training
Now that her son-in-law Edward is being rendered helplessly weak and incontinent, Monica Forster is going to be able to tease him endlessly, at bed-time and when her friends come to visit.
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His Incontinent Diaper Training - Now that her son-in-law Edward is being rendered helplessly weak and incontinent, Monica Forster is going to be able to tease him endlessly, at bed-time and when her friends come to visit., her pleated skirt and heavy petticoats,baby humiliation parties,introduce the anal probe,frantic moaning,pale blue silk blouse,rubber baby bib,powder blue latex mittens and bootees,rubber-lined footsie leggings, Adult Babies,Feminization,Dominating Mistress Or Master,Str8 Orientation,Oral Sex,Bondage
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Monica Forster shuffled into a more comfortable position on her chair, arranging her pleated skirt and heavy petticoats over her knees. "Yes, nurse," she explained, “I want my son-in-law Edward to undergo your thorough incontinence training, to prepare him for the life of babying he is going to live in my apartment."

"Oh it will be an ideal training," returned Nurse Freshwood as she made adjustments on her hand console before popping it into the pocket of her white cire-nylon apron, "he will wet himself continually for you, just like a baby."

"And for my guests," said Monica, brightening at the thought. "I'll be having plenty of baby humiliation parties for my friends."

The occupant of the high, pink urination conditioner broke into a spasm of whimpering which had him choking as he drank. He wriggled in desperation in his purple rubber suspension slings so that his arms and legs swung in all directions, bouncing wildly but limited by the length of his bonds. Monica was worried.

"Will he get out of the equipment?" she wondered, fingering the ruffles of her blouse. "Can you fasten him into the machine more securely, Nurse?"

"I will introduce the anal probe into his private passage," said the nurse, keying her console to bring a phallic feature into view from the base unit. "It will lock his ass in position, and it can also be used to impress on him how lovely it is to drink for his Mammy, and then wet himself copiously."

"Oh how lovely. Yes nurse, do it to him please."

Nurse Freshwood gelled her fingers and pushed one of them up through the access slot in the seat of his rectal sling, bringing moans from Monica's bobbing son-in-law. She inserted a second finger and then a third, bringing more frantic moaning. Then the phallus was raised, and the nurse guided it into his rectum. "To be honest, ma'am," she said, "there's no need to worry about your son-in-law getting free. He's drinking Infant Babycalm in his milk, with the result that his whole body is greatly weakened." She adjusted the intensity slide in the palm of her hand, raising the pleasure level in the patient's anus to maximum.

"There, that's better, baby Edward, isn't it?"

Edward swayed and gurgled, his legs swinging more gently and his almost naked body swaying pleasantly in his equipment. He was wearing a little boy, pale blue silk blouse, a pink rubber baby bonnet with a white frill and a rubber baby bib edged with pink latex. His hands and feet were fastened into powder blue latex mittens and bootees. His mother-in-law settled more comfortably to watch him having his drink.

"Are you feeling that glow of happy baby feelings, Teddy darling?" she asked. She got no reply of course, since her son-in-law's mouth was otherwise occupied.

"His nursery at home is all ready," she went on to the nurse, "and Governess Anderson starts on Saturday, the day he will come home from the clinic. Her methods are delightfully strict; he'll spend much of his time in rubber-lined footsie leggings filled with warm water while he is in his stroller, or with his bottom filled like now with a vibrator. Nurse Anderson will give him daily enemas."

She paused as the patient responded to these words with a spasm of wriggling, but this time he could only move his arms and his feet. He had to make do with gurgles of protest in his throat.

"His new Mammy will dress him three or four times a day," said Monica, "and play dollies with him." Her voice became more confidential. "Of course at night, Baby Teddy will come to beddybyes with Mammy, with his head inside her lovely Mammy panties." She watched him sagging in his rubber slings, with a lot of gurgling drinking going on, punctuated with moans of intense pleasure as his anus enjoyed the rhythmic pushing and pulling of the cock-like instrument.

"Is Diddums nearly ready to come and live with Mammy Monica, darling?" she asked airily. "How is his incontinence coming along, Nurse?

"Very well Mrs Forster. He's passed the point of no return now: he'll never be able to control his bladder again, and he'll wet himself quite often." The patient's eyes widened with agonised alarm as he drank. "You wanted regular self-wetting: was it three times an hour?"

"Oh yes, that will be lovely."

"He'll reach that level in a day or two, well in time for going home."

"What other baby training still lies ahead of him?"

"More dress conditioning, adoration of diapers and of course the important one we'll move onto after lunch today: Baby Teddy's submissiveness while his face is between Mammy's lovely legs. In her panties - isn't that right, darling."

The big baby started to sob as Nurse Freshwood chucked his cheek between finger and thumb, but she adjusted the valves so that he drank and drank again.

"Yes, I'm looking forward to having my baby son-in-law between my legs," said Monica, spreading her pleats again and chuckling as she heard squelches of his jism passing through Edward's down-tubes into his rubber reservoir: squirt after squirt after squirt. It was as if his baby pleasure would be unending, now that he was ready to be Mammy-In-Law’s little panty baby.



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