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I've been going out dressed every day now for 12 days in a row! Its been scary but it's also been exposure therapy :) I think I'm ready to go full time now :) I can go out dressed now without really thinking about it, I'm still a little nervous but its got a lot easier :) you know when they say "it get's better" they're not lying!
More and more in my life do I spend time going out as female and the best advice of all is just be comfortable in who you are -  if you walk round looking like a rabbit caught in headlights then that is how others will view you - as if you are out of place and doing something wrong. Be confident (but not over the top - that draws the wrong attention) - you have every right to be there just as much a anybody else.
   Some good tips and advice here - not just for trans but just generally in life I would say. Only one that seems a bit dodgy to me is reading porn on the bus - depending just how far along you are of course but if it's a real racy book you might just give the game away when your skirt suddenly rises in the middle - ah well, you can always sit your handbag on your lap! (lol).
    MU-WAH!!! luv and hugs from Kay Kandyfloss   xxx
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