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bigbabykimberlyjane's posing in her pretty pink baby's dress with teddy bears on it
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Baby Butch
Nice job posing in your pink baby dress with teddy bears. I see the teddy bear friend at the side of you. 
thank you for your kind remarks
I am a post-opp MALE 2 FEMALE transsexual very submissive adult baby girl who is looking to make on-line friends only  so will you please read my profile because I don't want to actually meet anyone in person I'm single and i would like to stay that way. I like to play as a 12month old adult baby girl i wear nappies & plastic baby knickers 24/7 i am also nappy dependant & still a bed wetter & i have been all my life. I just love to dress-up in my frilly pink baby dresses & matching frilly pink baby knickers & sucking on my dummy or drinking my bottle of babyformula i also still sleep in my baby's cot  

Adult Babies
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