All R The Awakening of a Sissy Baby (On Going)
Remember to check back, I like to add and embelish the story
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The Awakening of a Sissy Baby (On Going)  - Remember to check back, I like to add and embelish the story , petticoating,femdom,sissy baby,humiliation, Adult Babies,Feminization,Masterbation,Sissy Fashion
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  You wake in a bedroom decorated for a little girl, a bratty little girl. Worse yet, the bratty little girl is you! 

Are you a powerful, macho male? If you haven't taken your wife or daughter across your knees, hauled her skirt up and spanked her on her pantied bottom, you dreamed about it. Oh, you are not a brute; you wouldn't paddle very hard, just enough to make them squirm.  Payback is so sweet, Missy. 

You teased the pretty girl across the street, didn't you?  Maybe she found out about how much you liked panties and nylon stockings? Did she also find your Sissy Kiss account?  Imagine her knowing about your "inner baby girl?" I bet she has dolls, party dresses, training end...or works, still left over from a few years back! 

 And look! They fade when wet!!!! Sweet!!!!

Did you brag to your male friends and their wives and girlfriends how you couldn't stand "fairies" or lesbians?  But you secretly loved watching Tinkerbell and wondered what it would be like to mince around in her skimpy dress. You'd look cute flitting around sprinkling fairy dust on all the boys? Yes, you want to be a pretty little "fairy," don't you, darling?

Did you want Terrence to kiss Miss Tinkie! Or did you want to kiss Terrence's tinkie! Naughty little sissy!! I can see you being in love with a cute fairy boy!! 

 I can tell you are excited, your leaf is starting to spot!!

Confession: "I wear Little Girl Panties" - I wore a pair of little girl Tinkerbell panties under one of my most macho outfits....I am too embarrassed to say any more (unless you order me to in this thread), And yes, they were so tight! All day long I was painfully aware i was a Tinkerbell Girlie!  

You can feel so sissy wearing girls panties!!!!!! It was almost worse buying them! i knew it wold maybe be humiliating so I resolved to buy a few other items: pantyhose with a black lacy panty insert (in my size), girlie hair ribbons, the largest trainging bra I could find, KY Jelly and Tampons!  also sprayed myself with a girlie sweet perfume on the way to pay for my treasures. 

Do you think the girl at the checkout counter knew? 


Of course she knew. She knew you were standing there, pretending to be a man, but you had already wet your end...or a thimble full, but still wet. She knew!!! And she was giggling at you!


You are a "man's man" who loves football, but spends just a little too much time looking at end...or, more accurately you looking at their panties and short end...or getting more than a little turned on. Did you want to be a little Song Girl too? Pleated skirts! Swoon! Those cute end...or spankable, aren't they?

Speaking of spankable!!! The next thing you know, they move their hands up leg of the boy in front of them and gently tug on the elastic of his white panty to inch it down! Just so his "rose bud' is visible! (giggle).  And then what? Wiggle a middle finger (you know where) to make him squirm! Wiggle it enough and he will sissy squirt his panty to the cheers of the crowd!
But hey! The same thing is happening to you!! The boy behind you has inched YOUR panty down and put his finger in your bottom!!!! OH!! You feel his hand reach around and touch your little panty bump! Sissies like YOU have 'panty bumps' while men have a penis. He whispers your "boy name" in your ear and asks "How does it feel to be fingered  and jacked while thousands of lauching people watch? Does it make you want to shoot your sissy cream?" And you do!!!!

But back to the first did you get there, who tied you up? You can feel your tinkie against the soft nylon of a panty. You can feel several rows or ruffles on the seat of "your" panty.  Yes, little one, you are wearing a "baby girl" panty! 

Confession: I Kinda Had an "Accident" in My Big Girl Panties - I don't know how  I got started on the "baby girl" thing. I thought i was a black lace and smokey nylons kind of girl.  Then one day end...or an accident. Yes, an accident?  

Please, please don't make me explain. But I might. Just ask; no DEMAND. Make me tell in part two of this caption story? did Missy make wetums? A!!!Panty down, thighs together, hand at her gusset and then "splash!" Wetums!!!

WHAT A WISSY SISSY!!!! I pulled this caption cause I was way too embarrassed to post it again (gulp) but...(giggle) you have to post some naughty comments to get a repost. (giggle) 
Yes, the "censored" cappie explains in detail WHY I need to be disciplined in baby panties!! Shall I post it here?


Imagine, a grown man forced to wear panties that were ment for a baby girl!!

 But what choice does your baby sitter have? You wet your big girl panty!!!! This pretty girl loved sitting for you, but all good things have to come to an end...or do they?
 "Now, now, Missy. You make piddles and we can't have that, can we? No! Of course not! But now your baby sitter needs to leave and her replacement wil take over. But who shall it be?

11Meet Marsha - the boy across the street!!!! The boy he shamed and mocked for being a "trap." 

 John was burning with shame. How humiliating!!!! But the girls got it right! They knew how to totally emasculate him!!! MARSHA was perfect!!!

Marsha picked the perfect panties for Missy!!!!!!! Dripping with lace and ribbons and in bridal satin to keep his tinkie hard. (giggle) He cried like a baby as he stepped into the baby panties that Marsha sweetly held in front of him! 
Confession - I Love Mommy Marsha!  Should I do a cappie about us?

Confession "Sissy Babying Myself" - When I make sissybaby panties  (cum in my panties), I just want to tear off my sissy outfit, clean myself and be a "man" again!!! To have to sit there, tied up like a toddler in a wet panty would drive me crazy!! 

And after you cum, every time, you desperately need to make pee-pee!  DO you have to make pee-pee now, little girl? Can you hold it? What if Macho Man wets the bed too?!!!

My other baby sitter, Kelly knows!!! 

You know someone, maybe even several people are going to burst through that door and catch you in a spunky panty!  What is the worst or maybe the most exciting case? Wife and daughter?  Yes, they know, you silly goose; who do you think dressed you up like Miss Sissy Baby?  Maybe they have that femmy boy across the street in tow....giggling and laughing at you!

More? Like? Comment please?    
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Baby Butch
ROBYN you are a sissy and a baby so why try to act MACHO. My oh my I can relate to your story. I also wear sissy panties and have wet on occasions. A diaper is the best solution and frilly plastic panties. I love the caption story with all the details and pictures. You put yourself into this one! MORE

@ diaprbayb
  Thank you, ideas on what should come next?
 Shall I post it uncensored? Read the on going story additions please. (giggle) 
Love   It!
I am such a can just make out some of the words in the cappie. Like "Suck Simlac from a baby bottle." 
Baby Butch
@ Robyn
 Are you going to post it again without the heart blocking the humiliating text? Nice pic Missy Marine!
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