All R TL;DR and his art thread
I doodle and draw and may do a request or two.
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Been doodling quite a bit as of late and been meaning to post.  So I'm starting. 

Never had much of a story behind this but it would seem that this girl just doesn't have much care for her modesty or who is watching her.  Well duh! 
babies have no use for modesty.

Another one that didn't have much of a story.  Just one happy and very excited baby.  What is she so hyped about?  A new plush toy?  MLP marathon on The HUB?  She gets to start potty training?  Who knows.

Ladies have to pay close attention to their figure.  I mean what would be worse than a diaper that doesn't match your top!  And sometimes puffy is not always better, but them again thickness over style.       

Will Draw for Diaper Changes!
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Baby Butch
Does this diaper make my butt look big? she asked giggling.

I like the drawings, very nice job on these!
Really nice art work, the second with the hyped girl is my favourite. But do not think she is hyped about potty training (atleast I would not be, I like my daipers).

Hope too see more of your work in the future.
 "It's impossible, ''
said pride.
"It's risky, "
said experience
"It's piontless, "
said reason.
"Give it a try, "
whispered the heart.
Perhaps  trip to the Waterpark?  Maybe a new playmate to play with?  Feel free to caption.   

Either way I draw some more:

The Bad: Being forced to wear diapers for the next foreseeable future. 
The Worse: Having your diapers in full display for the world to see. 
The Ugly: That suppository in your bum has just kicked in.

The Good:  After a few months you don't seem to mind your situation so much.     
Will Draw for Diaper Changes!
Dear TL;DR:

I think your doodles are great!  Will you really draw for diaper changes?  I just reread Pet Baby Amy's old story about "The Girl in the Mirror", and I had an idea for a drawing I'd like to see.

A male is standing in front of a mirror, reaching out to the almost touch the figure reflected there, which is his sissy self.  In my case it would be a guy in jeans and T-shirt almost touching his inner sissy-ballerina in a tutu and diapers.  They guy would be scared, perhaps, the sissy blissful.

How many diaper changes would such a picture cost, and are they the stinky kind?
Meh, I draw for free.  It's ok. 

I already started drawing it.  That tutu is kicking my butt.  I can't get the puffiness down on it.  But I like a challenge.  I'll have it done by Friday I think. 
Will Draw for Diaper Changes!
lovely drawing look my butt much big with diaper
Love & kisses
What is this?  More art?  My God TL! 

Magic is a dangerous thing, even worse when there is nothing you can do about it, like this poor girl. 

Not even her own mother recognizes that she is a teenager anymore.  Also why is she so strong? 

Poor Miss Grumpy Pants, not a fan of being treated like a baby again.

Will Draw for Diaper Changes!
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