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Hey there all you Babies and Sissies!

Today I'd been spending some time reading one of my favorite author's stories and captions, all nice and padded like the cute piccies she posts, and I got to thinking for a minute; Whenever I looked for AB/DL stories out there on SK, DD, or the Interwebs, I'd always found a bunch of stories that were good. Some interested me, some not so much. Some made me smile, some kept me subscribed for it until the very end, but then there's that one story: There's one story that just really kept me on the Edge of my seat, always eager and checking every day to see when it would update, and what would happen to the protagonist next! These stories sucked me in, and have become some of my favorite diaper stories ever!

The problem is, I've only found 3 of them!

As someone who just LOVES to read and enjoy a good book from time to time, I think it might be fun if we share our favorite stories, favorite authors, and maybe our favorite scenes and scenarios that we love to see when reading AB/DL and Sissy Stories! Our own little Diapered Book Club!

To go ahead and start, I'll show you all my 3 favorite stories I found:

1. "Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension" by PrincessPottyPants - It's no secret that AB/DL stories usually have some sort of setting that gains a diapered twist to it. A gigantic mechanical nursery taking care of adults as babies, a school that punishes naughty girls with diapers and spankings, a group of girls who accept the lifestyle and enforce it with their new friends, or maybe even a mad scientist who develops a shrink ray to turn you into her dolly. Well, this story has almost ALL OF THEM. Not kidding. I absolutely loved how this story incorporated each and every aspect of an AB/DL story into it, and even one or two I'd never even considered before! After reading this, it's become my absolute favorite AB/DL story out there. (Even took a little time to doll it up with a pretty pink/purple style and add pictures in my own personal Word book.

Link: Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension

2. "Laura and Holly" by PrincessPottyPants - This one was a newer one by the same author as before. This one focuses on the life of Laura, a young businesswoman who has a role in a play, being the twin of Holly, a young high-schooler. She goes to take the girl home one night, and tries to talk to her parents about letting her stay in the play after having bad grades, but the woman inside the house, who was hired to be Holly's caretaker, to try and discipline her, believes that Laura is actually Holly. Her constant insistence on the opposite slowly marks her descent back into High school, then to Daycare, then to becoming a full-on baby. This one was an interesting read, and I loved the continuous regression through schools into daycare; I couldn't help but laugh at the unknown regression she went through, taking the mean actions of a young girl there so seriously, when she'd earlier tried to state how she was an adult! A Great read for anyone who wants a School-themed story!

Link: Laura and Holly

3. "Dollies" by PrincessPottyPants - Finally, an AB/DL story group isn't complete without... a Christmas story! This one follows the events of a young girl who finds a mysterious package addressed from her Father (someone whom she'd never known) on her doorstep, and opens it to find a Baby Dolly containing instructions on how to take care of it. After not following them, she suddenly finds herself being Mothered and taken care of by someone strange, with her own actions slowly growing more and more childish, with her body growing a bit smaller each time, and the Doll's body slowly growing in turn. A Surprisingly Creepy Christmas story that I was just enraptured by; particularly the doll's changing from innocent and cute, to a teasing and mean demeanor! This story has a bit of an edge to it, and while I don't want to spoil anything in it, if you're interested in something to read about EARLY in december, I'd suggest this one!

Link: Dollies

I know that most of these stories are by PrincessPottyPants, which leads me to say that I hadn't found absolutely addicting stories until I'd read her work! Now she does mostly captions, which are good little short stories to read, and are usually a bit interesting, but whenever she does do a story, I always make sure to stay on her site to read and keep up with what interesting idea she comes up with next!

She's one of my favorite authors, yes, BUT! I'm always on the lookout for more, which is why I made this post in the first place! Let us know what your true favorite stories and authors are involving Diapers, Sissies, Crossdressing, and basically anything that gives you those adorable girlish tingles! Whether it be Fanfiction, Original works, Epic Novels, to Cute short stories, tell us your favorites!
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Dear Mirajane:

You should definitely include Molly in your list.  It's a story by little-jenny  about a wonderful woman who helps a boy become himself.  I remember it seemed like it was being added to FOREVER back when it came out on SK and we all keep pleading for more.

This is probably the best AB sissy story I've ever read. It really takes its time, and there's a lot of really creative stuff here, and great focus on the diapers and feelings of sissyness lol! Fair warning there's some messing in there that I'm not partial to, but the rest is great!
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I have read many stories and what I don't like is most of them appear on all the different sites. Sissy Kiss stories are more exclusive and not usually found elsewhere.

My favorite is still Unexpected Journey by PetBabyAmy. It is about a boy and his love of frilly plastic panties and desire to be loved and taken care of as a Sissybaby.

I guess my second choice is by Kita Sparkles. It is called Yard Sale and involves a boy who gets himself in an embarrassing situation by putting on a diaper and plastic pants at a yard sale.

Both are here somewhere in all the pages of Storytime!
Preemie and Miki Yamuri are both my absolute favorite authors on SK.

Just soooo adorable...and so sexy! I never thought those things would go together.
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