PG Self~made Diaper Prints!
I found out a cheap and effective way to make your own diaper prints and wanted to share.~
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For a while I've wished there was a way to make cuter prints for AB diapers. They can be expensive depending on the customized print, so me and a friend started thinking of ways to cheaply print any design onto different cloth-based diapers. (I tested this on Assurance Briefs)

I found a way using Ink Jet Fabric Transfers. Usually these are used for t-shirts and cotton-based fabrics, but if you print your design and heat it onto the diaper using the "Synthetic" setting on the iron, it works perfectly! (Note: It says in the instructions for the fabric transfers that only a "cotton" setting on the iron will work. That's wrong in this case, and do not try that because it will melt the waxy coating off of the diapers instantly. So be weary of heat!)

The transfer sheets are 6 sheets for $8 at Walmart, and it's a full printer page, so the smaller the design you wish to print, the more diapers one sheet could potentially cover! Just thought this was worth sharing.~ I was very pleased with my result, at least!
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Great DIY, girl!! Thank you for sharing it with us!!

Baby Butch

That is very nice and I like the princess diaper you created. I never heard of this before, it seems like a great idea.


I think the old way was to apply stickers to the front of the diaper. Better yet buy some printed diapers if you have the money.

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