PG On the run pt 2
mother and son on the run 2 years later.
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   This is my son Tommy, but for the past 2 years he has been my daughter Tara and I have been "her" father, even though I am his mother. I have been posing as a man, a smallish effeminate man with a beautiful young daughter and we have evaded my monster of a husband thank God. The result of our success has produced a totally feminized son, I have had Tommy on hormone therapy to keep him girly and have dressed him in the sweetest little outfits that I could find. I took these picture of him today, my darling always wears the frilliest training bras and panties! Soon I will stop posing as a man, Tommy is so girly now his father would not recognize him and I can changed my look too. I think Tara wants to be a real girl and I am going to let her, s/he has gone too far to turn back now, and I must say I love my sweet little daughter very much!  

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Baby Butch
I am glad to see the story with a happy ending!
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