PG Putting clique Images on my Signature (How?)
How do I show my clique images?
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 I bet it has been asked before, but I can't seem to find it. How do I put clique images into my signature? I've tried copying and pasting, using the drag and drop, and the browse, but the small images I have end up large and grossly distorted. Any advice?
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~*Christie Luv*~
Hi Intermitten Princess! I fixed the part of the code that was making the images big, and distorted. They won't be doing that anymore!

You can save the image to your computer, and then go to the message editor for your signature, and click the area in your signature where you want the image to be. Then click the image button that looks like this:
   The area where you can browse for images on your computer, and select the images you uploaded will show up. When your ready to add your selected images to your post press the button that says, "Add the selected images to your post" at the top.
@ ~*Christie Luv*~
  Yay! Than you!  
"You are free to sever the chains of fate that bind you..... " - Legend of Dragoon 
~*Christie Luv*~
@ IntermittentPrincess
  You're very welcome hun!  
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