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Extreme Poufy Gowns are so Lovely!
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This precious little thing is the average boi in the year 2678   Thanks to extreme gene therapy, males are now precious little parodies of old femininity, with powerful, muscular masculine females having total control over their little sissy wives. Bois are even made to have babies! Over the years, the male penis and balls receded into the body, first becoming a sensitive little penilla tucked in a penile sheath. But as the penile sheath became more and more deeply placed into their shrinking bodies, and female vaginas became longer, thicker, and more penis-like, their penillas shrunk into little g-spots deep, Deep inside their penile cavities-now called a venera, because it's as sensitive as old female vaginas but without any muscles whatsoever! So now without even an external erogenous zone, bois can only cum by being penetrated by their powerful female guides  

And with males completely unfit for any physical or mental tasks, there's only one job for them left; being pretty! This isn't a formal gown, this is actually a 35 year old boi in his everyday clothes; an ultra tight corset, 8-inch ball slippers, goose down-stuffed sleeve puffs, and a 12 foot wide gown propped up entirely by petticoats!! With each passing year, the styles that Bois are given become more and more extravagant wedding-style ball gowns! In a few years, this gown will be replaced with even bigger stuffed sleeves, and skirts that go up to 15, 18, maybe even 20 feet in diameter! And with these new smart petticoats that constrict around the wearers legs to reduce the space they take up, this helpless little boi is wearing 20 feet worth of petticoat layers already, and the poor dear can barely mince as it is!
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