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 New to the site and I am having difficulty navigating around... are there any secrets?  I am trying to search for a friend that I know has an account and I can't figure it out...

Help please 
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When you get to the HOME PAGE - this

one here browse the panel to the left.

Check out what you can do and what

each function will do.   I like stories

so I click on stories and a new page

opens similar to this home page and

reveals recent stories. Page down to

the bottom and you will note that

there about 100 pages of stories

of various lengths. The longer ones

at the bottom have a box to click on

SHOW MORE. At the bottom you can

go directly to a page by putting that

page number in an clicking on GO.

Fool around a bit nothing is fragile

here !

Also notice the bottom of this page

for quick browsing !

NOW as to locating your mutual friend

you have to know his user (handle)

name to find him. Perchance you

might come across one or more of

his posts to follow him. Also note the

FRIENDS section in the PROFILE at

the left of this page - finding him and

you can bookmark him and request

him to be your friend.

Good luck in your chance meeting

and of course 'WELCOME ABOARD' ! 

Miss Renée
@ sissywanabe2
Thank you for your help. I am definitely enjoying playing around in the site... 
~*Christie Luv*~
@ sissywanabe2
  Just a side note, the gender neutral term is "them". Miss Renée didn't say what sex her friend is. We do have women, including many trans women who visit the site. :) Thank you so much for your wonderful explanation though!
Pink Balloon
Enjoy yourself, from a frilly,balloon loving sissy. *giggle*
~*Christie Luv*~
Welcome to Sissy Kiss Miss Renée! ^_^ I'm the webmissy, and I hope you have a lovely time here! I see you're finding your way around, but if you need any help just let me know! I'd love to see you around!
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