Neko Yosledri
THis is Me as a neko ^-^
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Serina: "Common!! Diapers.. diapers... AWWW stupid panties.. god, i wish i could find some diapers, i mean "Adult Baby Adventure" ud think diapers be involved!

Soon after finding yet another pair of panties in her Tresure chest, she got agrivated.. then threw her controller away and started to mummble and curse, un aware of what was comeing out of the screen...

She went to her room, going to take a nap, maybe shell find the diapers next time.. she hopes..

When she woke up she felt weird, but it happens alot.. she hopped down and went to put the disk into the Concle when she realized whats happened.

"oh noes!! mes a witte neko again!" her voie small and squeaky as she had been turned into the Form of Neko beauty and Infancy.

I hope everyone enjoys this pic, cause i love it!!!!!!!!!! its such a awsome picture, and it potrays me 100%+100% =D

CAnt wait to see what ppl say  
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looks real cute ;-) and innocent.

*hugs Lisa
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