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Boy becomes fashion model for Mama
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  "Mama I know I need a summer job and I know you need a model for your dresses and yes I know I look like a girl, but I feel funny dressed like this."                "Well baby I never told you to grow your hair long, you did that on your own, and you make such a pretty little lady."                                                                               "But Mama why can't Terry do this, and why do I have to wear girly pull up diapers!"                                                                                
 "Because Terry looks too much like a boy, really Kelly it is not my fault that I have a girly son with a weak bladder and a Tomboy daughter, now sweetie smile and pose pretty for Mama."       "Yes Mama."

                                                                                                            "Oh cheer up Terry, this will be fun and you get to keep all the dresses I make for you to model."   
      "Keep them! Why?"
      "Because you were born to wear them my darling that's why."
      "Mama! I am NOT a girl!"
      "Well honey I beg to differ, now lets get some pretty shots of you and then have lunch, we have a busy afternoon I have 5 more little dresses for you to model.......and keep."
      "Mama, I don't know......"
      "Terry I saw you pose and twirl in front of the mirror when you thought I wasn't looking, so baby stop pretending you don't love this as much as I do."
      "Well......I do kinda like it......"
      "Of course you do poppet. Mama knows best, that is why today is a sort of a practice, tomorrow we go to the studio where you will be in a shoot that will launch my new YOUNG LADY line of dresses with you as the Star!"
        "I guess I better get used to being a girl huh Mama?
      "Yes Baby, I guess you better had do. Now Poppet lets see a pretty pose and a smile.......Good Girl! :)
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Nice pics and very good dialogues...If Terry's Mama needs one more model for her new dresses line I'd love to be that one! That dress is just too cute I LOVE IT!
Thanks Chiara! I love that dress too :)
Baby Butch
 I like the idea of having a girlish son and a tomboy daughter.

Nice images and well written story!

Thanks BB :)
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