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 I'm hoping all you lovelies can help me. I can't find a caption series I used to love on this site! I've scrolled through all the caption galleries, but must have passed it up, and that took a long time!

The series involved a 'spy' of some kind infiltrating a secret base where everyone was made into adult babies. The pictures were of a pretty ABDL girl who was in the kitchen and was pretending to be one of the babies, but one of the 'masters' already knew she was a spy. She gives her a bottle and forces her to drink the mind regression drug turning her into one of the babies she was in there to save.

Hopefully someone remember this caption, if I had to guess, it would have been from around 5 years ago. Thanks for your help!
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~*Christie Luv*~
 Hi hun! Sorry I tried looking with keywords and I couldn't find anything like that. :\ It sounds like a fun caption story though!
Your correct its called  "the Spy" its in "the princess's Castle by princess pottypants, .
posted in July 2011.
@ njdean
  Thank you so much! Been looking for so long! Could have sworn I saw it on this site at some point but I guess I didn't remember correctly. Really appreciate it :-)
~*Christie Luv*~
Here it is! I think she may have just linked to it in a post here because I don't see it here, but this is where it is on Princess Pottypant's blog. I love it!

*The Spy* 
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