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 My name is th'issy Tinytinkle and I love being a th'issy th'o much! I can't even wemember the lath't time I th'tood up to pee, I always th'it like a good th'issy girl, and I weaw pwetty pink pantieth' like all the time! I th'till think giwls are pwetty and I love kith'ing giwls butts coz I'm not like a weal man but the idea of th'ex with giwls makes me a lil th'cared coz I wowwy that I couldn't get it up and they would be mad at me...and I like it when giwls are happy! I twy to fight being a th'issy thometimes but I know its like a lil thilly ath I'm thuper thubmithive!

No one in my life knows that Im a thissy only online! Though lately I have been loving the idea of being a thissy baby! Weawing a diaper kinda like makes thense to me ath its not likely i will be having thex with a giwl anytime and I imagine it feels weally comfowting like my panties but like even more tho! I love hypnothis and brainwathhing too ath I feel like it can weally help people be more like confident with ideas that they might find thcarey or aren't normal, pluth its weally hot too! Thowwy if thith is a wittle hawd to wead but Im like twying to wite with a lithp ath its thuper humiliating to me! I mean no offenthe to anyone that hath a lithp.
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 Welcome to sissykiss! 
"You are free to sever the chains of fate that bind you..... " - Legend of Dragoon 
Pink Balloon
Hello there, enjoy yourself, trust a frilly balloon loving sissy. 
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby who wears diapers.

Welcome,you will enjoy this sight 
know im late but welcome
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